Would You Wear It – Floral Tops

Would you Wear It - Floral Tops

Time for our mid-week pop up and today we have Would You Wear It – Floral Tops.

I told you that the floral trend is everywhere!  A few weeks ago, I showed a similar display but it was a different retailer and different tops.

Would You Wear It - Floral Tops

There are many, many different versions of floral tops this year.

Remember, to keep your comments personal and constructive.  Would these work or not work for you and explain why!

Would You Wear It- Floral Tops

I chose this display for the floral tops, but. if you would like to also comment on the third one, please do!

So, look these mannequins over and tell us, ladies……..


Here is a slideshow for you of florals at Macy’s in all prices…that is where this display was located…

Let us know what you think, ladies! And write in such a way as to help others who are reading the comments.  Then, as always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. The off-white top and cardigan is something I’d wear. Also the black floral top, depending on the placement of the pink flowers. They are almost wrong on the top shown, but I know prints often vary. The brighter floral top would not work for me. It’s just a little too much for my frame, and too bright for my personal taste. I do like the style of it, just not the colors.

      1. The ruffle collar and elastic waist and sleeves on the yellow top I wouldn’t buy. I will only wear one of these features but not all together. The “off “sleeveless top I would try since it often looks better than straight sleeveless with out of tone arms and the print is subtle. The cream set is very appealing if the design is embroidered or pearls rather than rhinestones. I also would wear straight slim legs instead of leggings with these shorter tops. I only wear leggings with tunic tops.

  2. the sparkle set looks like it might be a clingy fabric, so in my constant quest to keep attention away from my middle, it probably wouldnt work for me…i do like the pants they have it paired with.
    the middle shirt is not for me…the waist elastic again, i would be readjusting that every time i moved..and while i have had ruffled blouses, this year for me theyve gone to far with the ruffles down the sleeve…and the print on that one, just doesnt appeal to me. i do like the cut of the sleeveless top on the other side…like the other person said, the flower placement is a no..but i like the shape of the blouse, the neckline would work for me, as i think it would broaden my shoulders, creating a balance for my hips.

  3. If definitely wear the white layered top shown with my new beige tweed/plaid slacks from Loft. But I’m not a fan of large florals- they overwhelm me and I just don’t try them on anymore. Smaller florals as Talbots had a month or so ago I could be interested in. But I do simply prefer a stripe or to wear my pops of color in a floral scarf knotted over my solid sweater or shirt. It’s a personal thing.

  4. Good Morning All. I really like and would wear the black print top with the pants as shown. I am attracted to the straight lines of this outfit. The dark floral top with the dark pants would give me an option of wearing a print which I usually stay away from. I can see this outfit as a way to update my monochromatic wardrobe without a lot of risk of overwhelming prints. The other two are not something I would choose for myself. The blouse has too much material for me and the elastic waist would be too bulky on me. They are attractive and I am sure would look great on others.

  5. I do like prints with a black background as they are so easy to pair with black pants or skirts. The center blouse has too much going on for me but I am attracted to several of the options in the slideshow. Being one year out since my last shopping experience and the beginning of quarantine rules I am anxiously waiting to wear what I purchased last year. Unfortunately not likely to be vaccinated here until June.

  6. I am a fan of florals as long as they are a smaller print.

    The top on the right is so pretty — and I think the style would be flattering for me. The middle top is not for me as the print is bigger and a bit too much with the ruffles. I’m sure it would beautiful on the right person.

    The top on the left is not one that appeals to me, but I definitely like those paisley pants!

  7. I have always liked florals, but not just any pattern. The ones out now are especially appealing to me as they are subtle, even if the florals are large. In fact, after I looked at the ones featured in today’s blog, I went online to Macy’s and bought two of them. I have a gift card from Christmas I hadn’t used–not ready to hit the malls just yet. Second Covid vaccine tomorrow and then I may venture out. Thanks for the suggestions. The two I purchased will be great for Spring Break in Florida at the end of the month.

  8. I really don’t wear florals. I have 1 white blouse with blue floral outlines — that’s it. It’s more abstract than floral. The tops here are too much for me. I know ladies who would wear these well — just not me.

  9. Happy Wednesday! 🌼 I like this display, and it makes me feel like getting out and shopping. 😁 That said, these particular pieces don’t feel like me. The large floral I love, but all the ruffles and elastic waist detail means I would hang it in my closet and just admire the print. The sleeveless top is cute, but there’s too much black and that would make my complexion look even more pale. The cream with sparkles looks fine, but I don’t need any more pieces like that – something that to me looks like “special event” wear. DO really like the pale pink Tommy Hilfiger blouse from the slide show, and will snap that up later today, and maybe further peruse your links (I’m in a shopping mood!).

    1. Thanks Connie! I so appreciate you shopping with the links and there are more at the top of the page under Shopping Links!
      You are the best!

  10. I’m surprised I’m saying this, because I generally avoid flowers and prints in general, but I really like the black top. The neckline flatters my smaller breast and distracts from the tummy. And the print feels very grown up.

  11. I would definitely wear the small print sleeveless top and pants. A cardigan could be added depending on weather. TBE other print is larger than I would like and the white set is thinner than I would wear in white in particular. Might consider it in another color, though.

  12. The cheery yellow & black print blouse is pretty. That said, I would not buy it because of the elastic waist. I always want the option of wearing a top un-tucked or tucking it in.

  13. I usually prefer solids. If I do a pattern it’s usually stripes but the black floral pattern is lovely! The leaves are pretty. May have to get out of my comfort zone. The bright floral pattern is too busy and bright for me personally. I’m a Winter so only the black top would suit me. The other two tops would wash me out.

  14. I love beautiful printed or floral tops! They’re perfect to mix and match with solid bottoms and top with a light sweater or jacket if needed. I think I would wear everything in the slide show and the display except for anything with elastic or pleating around the waist. I probably would not wear the cardigan set on the mannequin either. It seems like it hangs “heavy”, so I think it would make me look very square and frumpy.

  15. I wouldn’t wear the ruffled sleeve floral top because it has too much going on with it, & I prefer simpler styles. I would wear the sleeveless top under a jacket or cardigan as I don’t wear sleeveless tops without a third piece. Several of the floral tops in the slide show caught my eye.

  16. I prefer the floral prints you wore in a previous post with a black or navy blazer as a third layer. Lighter colors don’t flatter me, but the cobalt/turquoise colors are two of my favorites. I just don’t need any new, dressier blouses right now. I agree that flower placement on the chest is an important consideration when it is a bigger pattern..

  17. I WANT to wear the floral tops! The dark floral looks like it would be a great layering piece. I would not normally be drawn to the lighter floral but the details are what drew my attention. The peplum is usually figure flattering and the puff sleeve is on trend in a good way. The deal breaker would be all of the ruffles . If they we’re just the collar I would try on in a second, but with a larger bust I don’t need to draw attention to my chest.

  18. I would wear the sleeveless floral top with a blazer. The other floral blouse is too busy for me but it does bring thoughts of Spring up here in Canada.

  19. I like all three tops but unfortunately black, off-white, yellow and pale green make my complexion look sallow, so I would need a different color palette. I find myself saying this repeatedly, which is starting to make me think that this is not going to be a big shopping year for me. That is fine as I have plenty of clothing, especially while I continue to work at home in lockdown.

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