Stopping by Chico’s

Stopping by Chico's

Happy Sunday!  Let’s discuss Stopping by Chico’s!

Stopping by Chico’s often is one of my favorite activities.

It is really the only place where I can take great pieces and accessories into the dressing room, have my sizes available and have styling fun! 


Stopping by Chico's

On this trip, I walked in wearing my Chico’s Girlfriend So Slimming Jeans, and a white Chico’s necklace from a past purchase.

I like to have linen toppers in the spring and summer.  I like the style they give over a column of color and it can step up a casual look over just wearing the top.

I really like this Fresh Chic Linen Floral Tunic.  The color is called Pale Apricot, and it is soft, cool, comfy…and on sale 40% off.  I am a fan…and just might have to pick this one up.

Stopping by Chico's

I also liked the Botantical-Print Cotton-Blend Slub Henley Tee.  I like to have attractive, casual tee shirts in the wardrobe and with a V-neck style…this one works for me. 

Stopping by Chico's

This beautiful navy top is perfect for an evening out and is also 40% off at the moment.  It is the Faux-Pleat Dolman-Sleeve Pullover Sweater.


Stopping by Chico's

Stopping by Chico's

Of the pants I tried on, I thought these were super cute and would be fun.  They have little buttons at the bottom…the only picture is better. They were very comfy.

Check out, The Brigitte Striped Button Ankle Pants. 


Stopping by Chico's

I thought this top online was super cute and definitely my style (even has the word drama in Its name).  But after stopping by and trying it on, I think my middle is too much for it.  

It would look awesome on a smaller women…in fact a tall, smaller woman.  But, I really like the design of the top and the material felt great.  It is the Striped Drama Tunic Blouse.

Here’s more fun in a slideshow with more reasons to Stop by Chico’s!  I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, enjoy the post, and always……




By Pamela Lutrell


  1. What fun!! You chose some great pieces to try, and it’s so nice to see spring colors and patterns. This is also one of my favorite activities, going into my favorite stores and trying the new offerings. My sister and I did that yesterday. Chico’s always has such creative, stylish choices and amazing jewelry, and you seem to find things that are so true to your personal style. I always enjoy seeing what you find in your try-on sessions!

    1. Thanks Karen! I enjoy getting out and seeing the clothes up close and personal too. Helps so much to touch the fabrics too!

  2. i like everything you tried on. those pinstripe pants are such an interesting neutral, you really could do a lot with them.
    i think the striped top would appeal to more of us, if they had made the stripes smaller…because of the interesting slanted design on the front.
    love the slub T line, and especially the henleys…ive got two so far, and as those pop up sales come along i will add to those.

  3. The first picture/look is definitely a great look for you! You should have brought it home……it’s very slenderizing and the color is good on you. As you said, it adds just that bit of polish.

  4. What great pieces you modeled today!! I just ordered the navy dolman sleeve pullover. Plan to wear with white capris. Thank you for sharing.

    1. It is a beautiful top…quite chic and will look amazing with white on the bottom! Thanks Janet!

  5. Pam, you look smashing in the dramatic striped top. It is very slimming on you! Maybe it doesn’t suit your personality, but you are gorgeous in it!

  6. I liked almost everything you tried on. The striped pants were my favorite because I could see many styling options (red top, big straw bag, etc etc), and they looked really good on you. With the linen and other toppers you wear, they would still look cool and effortless. The linen print top is something I could see you wearing, and I use them similarly. However, they were part of my work wardrobe and I have a lot of them already. The last top … I don’t think the issue is you. I think it’s the proportion of the top. Especially in such a dramatic stripe, it appears that it’s designed to be in an awkward place. I always feel (as an average height woman) that I look better if I am 1/3-2/3 top and bottoms, or 2/3-1/1/3 tunic and fitted pant. The collection looks great this spring, and you were a lovely model!

  7. I really like the linen top & the Henley top. Both are very spring like. The linen top would be lovely for Easter. I am hoping to do some in store shopping after Easter. I gave up extraneous shopping for Lent. It is giving me time to be grateful for all that I have & to think about what I really need.

  8. Oh I really like those striped ankle pants! I imagine they could become a real wardrobe workhorse this summer — paired with a with white cardigan, white blouse or white t-shirt. What a great look that would be!!!

    Love that “pale apricot” color — just gorgeous on you!

  9. I probably enjoyed your trip to Chico’s as much as you did 🙂 I haven’t been in store selling anything but groceries, hardware or motorcycles (& that last only as a favour for my husband if I’m going out anyway) for over a year! As I’m not into shopping as a recreational activity, I can’t say I miss it, but I do enjoy watching *other* people do it when a fashion show is involved! I like all of the looks on you except for that last one & I agree with Linda M: I don’t think the problem is you. I should love that top as it’s everything I like — B&W, stripes, asymmetry, drama — but I don’t. I think it’s too long. All you see is the top & nothing else. Dramatic clothing should enhance us, not take over the whole show! A perfect example is that gorgeous red & black outfit from yesterday (I got there too late to comment). I’d have bought that in a Montreal minute had I seen it on a shopping excursion because no one part of it — not even those vividly patterned pants — dominated. Of course red’s my power colour & red & black have been wardrobe staples of mine since I was still in high school, but it worked 100% for me where this striped top doesn’t.

  10. Most of my wardrobe is from Chico’s. I really liked the faux pleat top and the striped top as well as the linen shirt. However, the 40% off sale is over and, as I know Chico’’s runs sales all the time, I will wait to order the two tops. I’m not sure if I could wear the shirt as I’m a bit busty and linen tends to wrinkle quickly.

    This is my first post, but I am a regularly reader. Love your blog!

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