Would You Wear It – Blue or Pink?

Would You Wear It - Blue or Pink

Time for the mid-week pop up with Would You Wear It – Blue or Pink?

Happy St.Patrick’s Day….and sorry there is no green here! 

However, blues and pinks are showing up this season in interesting ways!

Would You Wear It - Blue or Pink

As always, a reminder, to look this display over and tell us personally if you would or would not wear it? 

Explain with constructive thought exactly why it works or doesn’t work for you.  Please be sensitive to those who may believe differently from you.

Today’s display is from Macy’s.

Would You Wear It Blue or Pink

There is a lot here to scrutinize and think about.  So look each mannequin over and tell us…..


Next is a Springtime slideshow of new items on the market!  Enjoy…

Have fun celebrating the green…like the display or not, tell us what you think…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I would not wear any of these outfits as they appear on the mannequins. I definitely wear pink and blue, typically separately, but not this way. The pink outfit would be aging on me, I would feel far less than my best wearing that, mostly because of the print on the shirt, and the bottoms are a little too close to capris, which I don’t wear. The outfit in the middle looks like they just piled pieces on. I don’t care for the ombre look of the skirt because the colors are jarring. It just doesn’t flow. The outfit with the tunic is okay, but I would not bother with it. The bottoms are something I’d probably wear because they are close-fitting, but I’m not inspired by the overall look. I would not stop to consider anything if I saw this display in the store. The display itself has no flow either. Each mannequin seems to clash with the others. Obviously, just how it appears to me. I’ll be interested to see if anyone comes up with a way to make the skirt work. I know someone will, which is why I enjoy this feature so much!

    1. I agree with Karen that the mannequin display doesn’t flow or work together. I’m more of a Plain Jane… these patterns don’t appeal to me personally but they may for someone else. I’d walk by…… the pleated skirt seems very retro 1980s. I guess the ombré updates it. These aren’t my colors or personal aesthetic. .

    2. Challenge accepted. I think the skirt could be taken into the casual realm with a T-shirt in one of the blues, from outside this collection. I would choose the stripe pair of sneakers here:


      Top it off with a jean jacket and a denim tote bag. TBH, this collection isn’t for me.

  2. I would wear the shirt on the left because I wear a lot of shirts, tops, etc. I like interesting prints,color mixes,etc. Feel that they express my creative side. I should have investigated a career making fabric prints. The other items I would take a pass. No green!

  3. I do wear both pink and blue but the first two outfits just don’t appeal to me fir my body or my lifestyle. The skirt and tops would probably look better in a more statuesque body. The jacket might be okay and I do wear lots of navy, but the rest is not for me.
    The slack outfit look more peach than pink but that aside- the cut is a bit full on the pant and I don’t care fir the blouse-too full and too long as I’m short. If the pant were more jeggibg I’d say yes but I’d pair with a bateau neck 3/4 sleeve tee in pretty small print or paisley.

  4. In wouldn’t wear any of the outfits due to scale and pattern. I like the pink and blue combinations. The print on the blouse for me is too large and I would feel overwhelmed in it. I liked the pants and see many opportunities to wear them. I don’t like the skirt look amend think it’s too much for my frame. I’m a maybe on the tunic and pants. I would style with sandals or tennis shoes.

  5. I would most likely walk right on by these outfits. The pink is a bit too warm for my liking and also too close to skin colour for me. The skirt is a bit too jarring with that lighter stripe across the middle and looks to draw the eye right there. If it was an ombre with the blues I might try it on to see, but as styled it is not shown to the best advantage. I really like the dress in the slide show. Happy St. Patricks to all.

  6. i like the blue and the black… but i would want the blue pants in a capri, a little shorter, and the top to be a little shorter as well.
    the middle outfit is just not for me..i was never able to wear pleats. although i still like the ombre styling of color.
    the print top and pants on the other side, is pretty, just not for me…im not fond of the print or the length of the pants.

  7. My screen is off colour today as the pink outfits look peach, which doesn’t suit my colouring and the outfit on the right looks grey and black, which I would consider. I like geometric prints, the interest at the neckline and it looks like it may have slits in the sides which would make it more comfortable. It would have to come in Petite though or it would be more of a dress on me. My favourite piece is the chucky blue necklace which I would wear to highlight a classic navy pant and white T or sweater.

  8. I must agree with Karen, above, about the mannequins seeming to clash with each other. This display doesn’t appeal to me in a way that would make me stop and look.

    I am not a fan of ombre and the mix of blue with pink (or peach) is not a color combination that works for me.

    However, the top on the right is pretty and I like the draping of the neckline. I think I would like it better paired with navy full-length pants. Capris with tunic tops is not flattering for my shorter height.

  9. I do not look good in peach (it washes me out so thoroughly I look blanked out!), and though I’m often drawn to ombré on a hanger, I never, ever seem to like it on me in person. I find these outfits, even though colorful, somewhat dull, and I’m not quite sure why … maybe I can figure it out by reading what others say. I also don’t think any of these pieces would mix and match well with what else is in my wardrobe. The Alfani brand is one I do buy … they are well cut for a thick middle, giving some shape to the waistline without being clingy.

  10. I do wear pink and blue. I just purchased a top from Macy’s online a couple weeks ago with pale pink background and pale blue line drawings. The blue capris in this mannequin display would be a workhorse in my wardrobe. Add a white top, and I’d be ready to wear any of my pastel sweaters. The other display pieces don’t interest me. I avoid pleated skirts, and the blouse far left is pretty for someone else, just not me. I haven’t worn pink pants since childhood, but would absolutely wear this shade – if it were cut like the capris.

  11. I don’t find any of these outfits particularly appealing & agree with others that the display is not well thought out. I do like pink & blue & have seen other pieces in catalogs that looked attractive but don’t care for these.

  12. The light and dark blue top appeals to me. I think the neckline would be flattering. I’m not sure about the pattern and whether it would draw attention to my midriff, or if the pattern would help disguise it. That would be a “try on” and decide. I tend to gravitate toward darker colors in pants and capris so I don’t know if I would pair it with the bottoms shown, or try to find a navy that works. I tend to have good luck with the brand Alfani for both fit and price.

  13. Pink is one of those colours I have a love/hate relationship with — I like it, but aside from the fuchsia/magenta family (which looks great on me) I never wear it because it washes me out. And unless it’s denim, I rarely wear blue. In fact, I have no blue (but jeans & a denim jacket) in my closet, not even navy. I don’t have blue in my house decor, either. It’s just not a colour I’m fond of. So nothing here works for me (even if the colour did, none of the necklines would) Two things I WOULD take a closer look at: the jacket & the necklaces on the outfit with the pleated skirt.

    What jumps out at me is something I’ve noticed on other displays & that’s how sloppily the outfits are put together. No woman is going to wear that pink blouse all twisted like it is here, nor the patterned blouse rucked up on one side & I suspect most of us would press those blue capris before wearing them out of the house. These displays are supposed to catch the eye & make you want to buy the outfit so you’d think the sales’ staff would make them as appealing as possible, but most of the time all I notice is how carelessly they’ve been put together — I’m hoping someone from the stores you showcase will see this & take it to heart 🙂

  14. My favourite is the two pieces on the far right, however even being slender (long legs and arms) I would not pair the two pieces together as too chopped. In other words 3/4 length sleeves do not work for my body type as have to be long sleeved or even sleeveless when wearing capris. Though do like the peach/pink color of the other pants and top, it is a color that I find I cannot wear since I am fair in complexion and since I have aged as washes me out. As to the pleated ‘skirt’ it is a style that I have always avoided as I do have a good set of hips which they only accentuate though will wear an unfitted pleated garment as in a dress/gown. As to the blouse a definite ‘no’ as do not care for its pattern/style but do like the statement necklace shown with it. Last but not least, the jacket also is a ‘no’ as I seldom wear navy so it would not be a worthwhile investment for me. HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY to you as well Pamela. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

  15. I like shades of pink and blue but I would walk past this display. The prints and pleats are too much and the jewelery is big. I like simple 3/4 solid color vneck or crew tshirts with white/dark blue jeans, simple jewelery, maybe a scarf, black strappy sandals, gym shoes or booties. Good to go!
    I just bought a geometric print blue/pink faux wrap maxi dress at Penneys! Can’t wait to wear it.

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