Advantages of Plant-Based Skincare

Advantages of Plant-Based Skincare

Today let’s look deeper at the advantages of plant-based skincare.

Two and half years ago I switched all of my facial skincare to Chamonix, plant-based products with plant-based stem cell technology.

Below, you will see that currently they are having a big springtime sale!

I was amazed at the immediate change in my skin, so I have never looked back, or been tempted to try something new.




Advantages of Plant Based Skincare

Chamonix’s plant-based skincare products are rich in antioxidants. 

These are all -natural substances proven to help repair and prevent damage which we have been subject to in the sun, wind, pollution, and stress!  The products were created by a pharmacist and endorsed by many physicians.

That is why now is a great time to consider Chamonix…the stress over the past year has more than likely taken its on many complexions.  Winter and stress together creates a brown, dry effect much like the dead leaves in this picture.

However, plant-based products will help our skin thrive.  I know, because I have witnessed these products doing that for me.



Advantages of Plant-Based Skincare

Plant-based products have proven to help skin look younger.

For me, these products have softened wrinkles, tightened skin, brightened my complexion, eased puffiness around the eyes, and softened wrinkles around the eyes.  Also, it has tightened my skin around my neck.

Many skin care products use mineral oil (known as paraffin and petroleum) as a base.  This allows the products to be produced cheaply and fast.  Chamonix uses NO mineral oil.  They only use natural, plant-based potent antioxidants.

You can LEARN MORE here.


Advantages of Plant-Based Skincare

The best advantage to plant-based skincare…you will get compliments!

I love it when people tell me that I do not look my age of 67! Makes my day!


Advantages of Plant-Based Skincare

Here is how I use my products every day:

I care for my face twice a day…morning and at bedtime.

  1. First I cleanse with the Cristalles Microdermabrasion from the Spa Collection.
  2. I immediately follow it with the Genucel Deep Firming Serum (my favorite product!)
  3. Then I use the Genucel XV moisturizer.  (my friend Leigh Ann likes the IMMEDIATE EFFECTS at this point)
  4. In the morning, I use Genucel for bags and puffiness around the eyes.  At night, I use Genucel Dark Circle Treatment.
  5. Last thing, both times I use Jawline Treatment around my neck and jawline.

This is what works for me and has for almost three years.  

Advantages of Plant-Based Skincare

BIG NEWS! For March and April, if you buy two products you can receive two free!  This is the best time to give your complexion a refresh for spring and new life after a pandemic!

I am so thankful to Chamonix for giving me a youthful glow.  Helps me to……………………………………………………………..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own!


  1. I have heard great comments about Chamonix for years but never tried their products. I’m 5 months shy of 70 and feeling my skincare routine needs changing. Just placed an order; thanks for the reminder!

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