Would You Wear It – Spring Denim

Would You Wear It - Spring Denim

Welcome to Would You Wear It – Spring Denim!

This is the day that my California friend, Jennifer, and I find fashion displays which make us want to know what you think of the styles.

It has been fun to find more displays which are ready for spring!

Would You Wear It Spring Denim

Remember, that we ask that you tell us if you would or would not personally wear the styles and constructively explain your answers.

We are not asking if you would purchase the styles, we are asking if you would wear them…there is a difference in how you think about this.

You are always welcome to share styling ideas for the different looks as well.  The comments are read and enjoyed by many!

Would You Wear It Spring Denim

So, look my display over and tell us……………………………………………………………………………………………


This display is from our local Soft Surroundings, and I found these pieces online.  These are not affiliate links.






Would you Wear It spring denim

When I stopped by the grocery this week, one of the workers was setting out these beauties.  It made me smile, breath deep, and have excitement for spring!  

Take time this week to look around you and see if you can spy spring beginning to show up…it is a great joy boost!

Now, let’s look at a few of the new spring fashions now on the markets…..enjoy….

I hope you will take time to go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s display.  Then. make sure you have a day where you……………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. The floral topper is a no. I don’t wear flowers especially that big. The white top is cute. I would like it with less fabric. It looks very billowy which I avoid. The jeans are fine. I have lots of tops for those.

      1. The colors are beautiful. I think it would be fun to wear the entire outfit! Pam, thank you for your article yesterday. I appreciate you.

      2. Oh, goodness – what a perfectly happy and lovely display!! Makes me want to hop right into the scene. YES to that gorgeous jacket – even if I needed to de-pouf the sleeves a bit, it is so striking, it would be worth it. I see that with jeans, black slacks, column of white, and would wear it for any special spring or summer events, like a recital or garden party. I would also take it to Mexico for wearing out to dinner somewhere very posh. Lovely!!! I also adore the casual white blouse with cut work and jeans, though I might fuss with that raw hem a little, possibly adding an embroidered tape or something. I have several blouses just like this and get lots of wear. Up here in southern Oregon we are seeing daffodils in full bloom everywhere, and all the flowering trees are in bud. Our local seasonal pop-up garden shop started setting up this week! 😁🤸‍♀️

  2. something about the floral topper throws me off…its the sleeves for one thing, the poofy sleeves in that cut of a jacket, im pretty sure wont work for me…the print is a little loud, could be cute in a ruana or cardigan…the blouse under it, sometimes the double hem works for me but usually when its a high/low type of hem…the white blouse for me also is too much material, but my eye is drawn to the pink print on the hangar between the mannequins and also the pink/white top on the display folded beside the big white top.

    1. Neither top WOWS me. I don’t wear large florals and the cut of this floral topper us all wrong for me. I’m short and slim and that shawl collar plus length of the topper would certainly overwhelm me. The second top on right is cute but too full and long. Again, I need clothes to try to create the illusion of height (I’m only 5 ft3.5) so this white too is wrong for me.
      I do love the two pair of dark jeans! I’d pair with a shorter top/sweater and maybe even top that with a shorter ruana, no shawl collar.

  3. I looked on the Soft Surroundings web site and the color of the rose print looks a lot different – much more subdued than your photo. This highlights one of the problems of online shopping for those of us who have limited in person shopping options. I know that florals are “in” for spring, but this is one trend I plan to pass on. I also was around for Boho the first time it was popular and I don’t like it any more this time around. I also just cannot get into the cuffed denim look. To me, it looks like your jeans are too long and you haven’t bothered to have them hemmed.

  4. I would wear it all! I have been ill for some time and my self-confidence has taken several knocks, so not too sure about the floral jacket but I love it and would like it my wardrobe to look at and dream of being in a place to wear it.
    It is quite hard to work my way back into being me again but I am taking it a day at a time and who knows, one day it will come naturally and not be so much of an effort.

    1. Hi Gillian, I am glad you are here and hope you can stop by often. I want to help you in your journey! Be excited for this day and enjoy your life one day at a time! Blessings!

  5. I so love this soft spring look, I’d wear it! I just bought some jeans at J Jill similar to the cuffed jeans you show. I love the fit and feel. While I’d wear the spring topper, it’s not something I’d buy, it’s too season specific for me, thus not enough of a closet staple. If I had something special to attend this spring, I’d buy it though. Heavy sigh….not yet….it’s coming though, when we gather again! Amy

  6. At first I thought no on the topper but then thought I may reconsider. I would need to try it on to see what I thought but it would be more of a statement piece in my wardrobe. I like both jeans and the tops with them. I like some floral and smaller print. The spring clothing makes me smile and excited for spring to arrive.

  7. When I first saw this jacket I thought garden party, a column of white underneath, cinched waist & high pink sandals. I could see this styled beautifully but sadly it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. The white popover is perfect for the hot days ahead and if it’s not too voluminous I would wear it with a lighter pants. As for cuffing jeans it just seems to add bulk; I prefer slim jeans with no embellishments or striating that would draw the eye.

  8. I think the floral jacket is better styled on the website.
    Without the waist tie it looks too long. However, the puffy sleeves do me no favors, and get in the way when reaching for the dip.
    The white eyelet top is cute but I would wear it with lighter jeans.

  9. I would definitely wear the jeans and the white top. The jacket/topper is very pretty but I have no place to wear a piece like this these days. I’m trying to be practical about my wardrobe, rather than buying something just because. I have lots of those purchases in my closet😀

  10. I was drawn to the white top and jeans right away, though I do agree with the writer who said it might be too much fabric. I would need to try it on. I like the floral topper, but think it might be too much for me as I am fairly short.

  11. Though one not to lean towards floral prints, I feel the jacket is definitely a show-stopper however due to its sleeve style I would pass on it as would prefer a straight/traditional/ wrist length cut that would give the option of cuffing etc. if I wished to. As to the tunic/longer length tops; regardless that I have long legs I seldom wear either unless they are paired with leggings as preference is to accentuate their length which in turn IMO gives the illusion of even more height balancing out my overall proportions. Last but not least re the jeans; since I do wear them I would have to try them on for both comfort and fit.

  12. I love it! Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. Not sure if it would work with my height, 5’. But I love it! I need to go to Soft Surroundings and see them in person.

  13. These do not fit my style adjectives, and would work better on someone who is looking for boho, feminine or romantic styles. That said, they look to be good quality, and I appreciate that the jeans look modern and straight without being exaggerated. I bought a pair like that and am surprised to find I like them on my apple shape. I did buy the shorter version of the tank dress from soft Surroundings through Pam’s link the other day, and am waiting for it to arrive. One thing that I didn’t like was having to pay for shipping and potential return … what amounts to a $20 try-on that I would not risk except for a very basic piece from this brand (we don’t have a store in NW Ohio). I wish retailers would learn this is not the way to do it nowadays, with Amazon Prime offering free shipping.

  14. The floral topper certainly looks like spring, but I wouldn’t wear. The length is a bit long for my short legs, & the poufy sleeves are not a good look for me. I’m not a fan of tops that looks like an under piece is hanging out. They look a bit unfinished to me. I would wear the jeans. I would wear the white top. It looks feminine & fresh for spring. I would not wear the cuffed jeans as they would make my short legs look shorter.

  15. The jeans are nice, I could wear those with other tops but I wouldn’t choose either of these particular tops. While I like the shawl collar on the jacket on the left, I don’t like the blousy sleeve and the print is a bit large for my frame. I like the shoulder seams and the front detail on the white top to the right but I don’t like the overall billowy look (too much fabric for me), the sleeves, and the large paisley cut work around the bottom half. I would check-out the tunic underneath the on the left, the length and double hem is appealing and the tops hanging behind (centered between the two) mannequins. Love your cheerful plant, gerbera daisies shout happiness and joy!

  16. While the floral jacket isn’t my style, it’s very pretty! I think I’d like it much better paired with a “true” white tank underneath instead of the ivory color. It would make for a more striking look.

    I like the white top on the right but I’d wear it with skinny jeans as the top is fuller.

    I like the button fly jeans very much, although you can’t see them with the top pictured.

  17. I would admire the floral peony print jacket on another woman. It’s beautiful! Just not sure I’d pull it off. I don’t have the lifestyle for the jacket. Maybe if it was a ruana? With a pure white top underneath, it would look even better. While I love Boho style tops, being an hour glass shape I look better in more fitted clothes. Thanks for the “Would you wear this?” Posts. I enjoy them. Hope your allergies are better managed with your shots. 😊

  18. I would wear the floral coat with the white top, but not cropped jeans. I like my jeans full-length, especially with a coat that is the star attraction. The coat would be nice with a column of white. It needs to be allowed to steal the show.

  19. I absolutely love the floral print jacket, but of course I would want to try it on to see if the proportion of the sleeves work well for me. But the colors are fantastic! The jeans are a definite “no” I have never cared for jeans and have worn them only rarely in my life. For some reason, I feel frumpy in them. As for the gypsy top, meh. Wore these too much in the 70’s to want to revisit the look.

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