Why I work at age 67


Today I want to explain why I work at age 67, and did not completely retire in 2020.

It was right about now, one year ago, that everything changed.

I was sent home with all of the other employees at the university where I worked to hold our meetings and tackle our projects from home. You see me above on that campus.

I honestly thought it would be a couple of weeks and we would return.  I had no idea what I was facing. 

No idea that my home would become an office building with Mr. B in one office, and me in the other.  We call the kitchen our cafeteria!

No idea that my meetings would all be virtual.

And no idea that I would be faced with huge decisions as an over-60 professional in the workplace.

Why I am working at 67


I have shared this quote before by Adrianne Hemenway: “Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us to the place where we are meant to be.”

My plight became clear by May 2020 that I would be a part of a large layoff at the University of Texas San Antonio due to the pandemic.  While the financial side of the layoff caused me some concern, the loss of the actual work did not.  I simply was not enjoying working there for many, many reasons.

Mr. B and I looked at the financial side and knew we really needed me to generate more income than retirement would allow.  But I was done with working for other people on their visions and giving second chair to my own.  I did not want to return to the process of submitting resumes and going through interviews.

Thank goodness I was able to convince my husband to give me a chance at monetizing my work online full time.  I love blogging and reporting stories for my wonderful over 50 audience.  While I have not hit the salary I was making before, I am close and so appreciate those who support me through reading every day, purchases with my shopping links, and donations through the coffee app.  Now we are facing increases in energy, gas and groceries and my salary is a must have at this time.


Why I work at 67

But I also work for other reasons beside financial security.  I work because I love it and know it keeps my mind sharp.  I am constantly studying how to be exceptional at what I do.  Which means, I study how to serve the audience at a high level and how to run a profitable business online.

This article from the Harvard Medical School in 2018 reveals how important work is for the over 60 crowd.  It actually can extend our lives.  WORKING LATER IN LIFE CAN PAY OFF IN MORE THAN JUST INCOME.

Also, it has been a benefit to me to come home to work.  I did not realize how much I missed being home until I came back for an extended period of time.  When my three children were very young, I stayed home with them and loved it.

But, once school began, I needed to work at the school in order for them to have the type of education I desired for them.  That opened the door to a teaching career which was truly amazing.

Reflections of 2020 and benefits of working after 60

Now, I am back home…in charge of my own schedule…mixing work with home-work around the house…and staying mentally and physically healthy.

Doing work I love, keeping very busy, being more available to family and friends, and being home has been a huge JOY BOOST for me.

I know it has been a difficult year for many…financially and physically due to COVID-19.  However, I always choose to focus on the silver linings of any situation. In the midst of difficulties, I have been blessed beyond all measure.

I am one over 60 individual who needs to work…yes for the finances, but just as much for mental and physical health. 

I look at someone like Betty White who has worked through her 90s.  I believe that her decision to keep going with her work though financially secure has extended her life.  The same with Dolly Parton.  Work gives us a reason to keep taking care of ourselves on the outside and on the inside.  I might not do the self care so easily if it were not for work. 

It can keep us loving life and in the game!

Once again, thank you for joining me on this journey.  You are the best audience on the web! 

CLOTHING NOTE:  The images are professional workplace outfits I wore in the last two years.  These are all pieces I have kept and avoided the initial (done with the professional office) cut!  We will see how they fair in round two…but there are at least three which may be cut!

Anything you see here that you would say…absolutely DO NOT toss that?


By Pamela Lutrell

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