Would You Wear It – Wide Leg Pants

Would You Wear It - Wide Leg Pants

Already mid-week and time for the pop-up: Would You Wear It – Wide Leg Pants!

Pant lengths are all over the place, and we are certainly seeing more full or wide leg pant versions.

This is the day I ask you to look at a fashion display and tell our audience what you think.

Would You Wear It - Wide Leg pants

Make sure you keep your observation personal to you…would you or would not wear it and explain constructively why or why not.

So, look over this display I discovered at Kohl’s and tell us, ladies…….



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Now, here is a slideshow of Items on sale from the Elizabeth and James line at KOHL’s.  That is where our mannequin was located.  So tell us what you think and always…..



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Not a fan of wide leg pants or skinnies. They are both extreme. Depending on the fabric, wide legs add bulk which I don’t need. I do like the ribbed v neck sweater enough to check into it. Happy Wednesday.

  2. I’m just not feeling it yet. I’m sure I’ll be trying some on and will no doubt love the look, but right now it’s a pass for me. I think the wide leg look calls for a more fitted top. The mannequin here just looks kind of sloppy to me, like all the clothes are several sizes too big. The oversized tops look best with narrow bottoms, and the wide legs need a fitted top. Just my opinion and personal style. I did try flare jeans and liked them, but the length wasn’t right, and these wider legs are hard to hem because it can change the overall look in a weird way. I can’t wear petite pants due to the rise, so I’m just better off in straight legs. But I’ll try some on. Just wouldn’t invest a lot because of the way trends come and go.

  3. I agree with Karen that wide legged pants should be worn with a closer fitting top. Either
    Cropped or fully tucked in. I love soft, flowy wide legged pants especially for summer. So much cooler! And if you keep them long, it’s a flattering look even for us short women. I do always wear a heel to get the maximum leg length. And soft material is a must because it doesn’t add bulk.

  4. Like Karen I’m just not feeling tge wide leg pants though I do like the mannequin’s outfit. I think if I were taller and statuesque with a bit more in the way of curves I’d jump on this look. Sadly I’m not.
    Thus outfit would overwhelm me.
    Fir now I’ll stay with straight leg and slim ankle in jeans and pants in general.

  5. Since life seems to be shrinking me, I try to be careful about how much fabric I wear on me. I really prefer straight legs, but will try the wide legs as soon as my eye adjusts to the new look. . Like the sweater, but not for our hot humid weather. So will pass and wait for now. WE are experiencing very cool mornings and very warm afternoons, so hard to plan outfits right now, just layers! Best to you all in Texas! and Happy St. Patrick’s day to you all too!

  6. I do like a wide leg pant for a change at times. However, the pleats must be sown down over the tummy area and no cuffs at the bottom. I personally like my fuller pants to be full length and cover the top of the shoe to elongate the leg and balance the look. I would like them to be in a softer colour for spring and summer also.

  7. I am all for the wider legged pants as long as they are fitted and slim at the waist and hips. Paperbag and pleated waists on pants add too much material to an area of my body that does not need any more added to it. I love a fuller legged linen pant to wear in the summer. I am actually looking for the perfect straight, or looser legged pair of jeans to wear instead of skinnies all of the time.

  8. i like the look…i have probably 3 pairs of palazzos left, and have had others through the years…if the material is flowy, i can make them work, with some low heels and as others have said, the top needs to be low key and slimmer cut..i achieve that with matching tanks.

  9. Nix on the cuffed pant, I’ve tried them on in all widths and I feel that the cuff cuts the line and makes me look “dumpy”. Also, if the length isn’t just right, there is a danger of catching the shoe on the cuff and tripping. Can’t quite make out the sweater, it looks like a classic look but is it heavy? There’s always a need for a white sweater, may have to stop by my local Kohl’s this afternoon and check it out😊

  10. I have one pair of striped wide leg summer pants in a soft fabric. I tried them on for a lark but was pleasantly surprised that I liked the look and bought them. They are extremely comfortable to wear.

  11. I’m struggling to like these on me. I’m on the shorter side at 5’5” (actually, that’s average in America, but retailers do not seem to know that) and an Apple shape. This silhouette hides my slimmer legs, and when I fit them to my thicker waist, I just feel shapeless. I also think they look better breaking over a pair of shoes and are not flat shoe friendly. I may sit this out a while, and see if, over time, some smart retailer that caters to grown women can tweak them subtly to make them work. Right now, I’m ok with a looser, straight leg jean to nod to the trend without embracing it.

  12. I don’t care for wide legged pants on my short legged figure. They make me look shorter & wider, & that’s not a look that I want. I like the sweater with its V-neck & ribbed pattern.

  13. A definite ‘yes’ to the sweater being a relaxed fit for casual wear, neutral in colour, has a v-neck and is long sleeved.

    As to wide leg pants; though I do like them and own a few pair a ‘no’ to this particular style namely due to their tie at the front as don’t need another bulge … ☺. Also for casual wear I prefer those that will deliver ‘a comfortable soft drape’ (i.e.: rayon, a lightweight knit etc.) with less fabric through the tummy and derriere but I do applaud their reasonable inseam length. That said; with those that are suitable for street/special occasion wear and/or are cropped, I prefer a medium to heavy weight fabric that is fitted through the waistline ‘n hip areas thus resulting in a more structured style. (i.e.: linen, a chambray etc.)

  14. I love this look! The display is well thought out. It works because of the V-neck in white and strappy shoes in black, also with a V-shape.

    I have been wearing wear wide-leg pants for a few years now, especially in the summer months. With the right flowy fabric, this look is so comfortable in the heat. I also wear wide-leg jeans. This is a good look for women with a triangle shape and some height. I try to match my shoe color to the pants. Wedge shoes/sandals or platform heels work, too. A lighter color on top works well for us triangles by creating the optical illusion of more width.

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