Foxcroft Friends & Family Event Begins Today!

Foxcroft Friends Family Event Begins Today

Ok, everyone, get excited because the Foxcroft Friends & Family Event begins today!

What that means is…everything on the site is 30% off.

I have that special savings code at the end of the post…because YOU are my family and friends!

And you will find some exciting pieces online….as usual.



Foxcroft Friends Family Event Begins Today

I am really enjoying the Modern Dots Non-Iron Tunic.

It is cool, and soft, and versatile to wear as a top or as a topper.

I occasionally like the topper styling with a column of solid color underneath for a more slimming style.

In the heat, non-iron shirts are a must for me in order not to be wrinkled from the elements!


Foxcroft Friends Family Event Begins Today

Foxcroft has just answered a huge need in my wardrobe with the Taylor Essential Stretch Non-Iron Sleeveless Shirt.

In fact, I think I need these in more than one color.

There are times in warmer weather when I have meetings or events and want to step up my game with a more polished style.

That is when I like to wear a sleeveless style under a jacket.  This white shirt is perfect!

It has a gorgeous neckline, seams for a great slim fit, and, of course, is non-iron.

I love it!


Foxcroft Friends Family Event Begins Today

This past year I fell hard for Foxcroft pants.  The fit and wear are excellent.

Today, I am wearing the Uptown Plus Slim Leg Pull On pant in silver…this color is on-trend this year and I wanted to have it in my closet.  Looks so chic with many styles.

Foxcroft Friends Family Event Begins Today

Recently, I showed you the Downtown Straight Leg Pant in white.  Truly a beautiful pant.

All of these pieces are currently 30% off or go to FOXCROFT FRIENDS & FAMILY EVENT to see it all.  If you are in the mood for color and spring, you will find great options there.

At Checkout through April 13, use this code FRIENDOFPAM, to get the Friends and Family 30% off.

Regular readers know I am a huge fan of Foxcroft, and they just get better and better.



By Pamela Lutrell

 Disclaimer:  I received product and affiliate compensation for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. I love Foxcroft also !
    I tried to click on the highlighted name of each item in your post, but they are not links and will not take me to Foxcroft to view the item. I’m not sure if that is what you wanted or if there is a glitch. I will write down the name of the items and see if I can find them on the Foxcroft site. If you can make them clickable that would be so much easier ! Thank you for showing them to us !

    1. Hi Beth…just click on the link for the sale and search these items and you will find them. They preferred that I link straight to their site. That is why I highlighted the item names so you would have them for the site search.

  2. No-iron is a huge plus! Those silver pants…just gorgeous! I like the fun shirt with the contrasting cuffs too. They do have wonderful quality. Last year I purchased a no-iron sleeveless (also the long sleeves) white shirt from Talbots. Both have been real workhorses in my wardrobe. You’re right about the sleeveless one adding polish without overheating. I’ll bet you’re warming up in Texas! Thank you for the heads up on the sale!

    1. Yes…it is in the 90s and will go close to 100 tomorrow. I love this sleeveless top. The neckline and slimming front seams are just the perfect details. Thanks Karen!

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