Would You Wear It - Black & White Styles

Happy Saturday! Welcome to Would You Wear It – Black & White Styles!

This is the day that my friend Jennifer and I bring you fashion displays which make us wonder what you would think. 

I recently went to Nordstrom and they had a section focusing on Black & White Styles.

So, I photographed all five mannequins.

Would You Wear It - Black & White Styles

I am giving you a lot to evaluate and think about today, but you do not have to comment on all of the mannequins.

Just make sure your comments are constructive, helpful, and hopefully detailed.  

Remember to comment in such a way as not to offend others who might feel differently from you.

Would You Wear It - Black & White Styles

So, give these five lovely ladies your best fashion-stylist eye, and tell us…………………………………………………………………….


Now, here is some more black and white inspiration…..


Would You Wear It - Black White Styles


I am so pleased to work today for one of my favorite people, Karen A. 

Karen has been a long time reader of this blog,,,I so wish we could meet one day.  She lives far north and is a firm believer and follower of the Foundational Five: Personal Style Building Blocks created by me.

Years ago, I determined that if you select the five messages you want to say with your clothing about you, and stay true to them, then you will develop a personal style.

Karen says that this has worked great for her and saved her money.  She carries a laminated card with her style adjective on it for shopping.

Like many of us, Karen is in a new phase of life and has adjusted her adjectives and what she wants her clothing to tell the world about her.

Her new adjectives are: classic, modern, comfortable, and approachable/friendly. 

Here is a slideshow to inspire you, Karen, and women like you…..thanks for joining in:

Also, Karen, I know you like JJill, so I thought you might check out:

Wearever Open Front Jacket

Wearever 3/4 sleeve length hi/low top

Luxe linen stretch straight leg crops

Now, make sure you stop by A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display…comment on mine…and always……..


By Pamela Lutrell


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