Would You Wear It – Black & White Styles

Would You Wear It - Black & White Styles

Happy Saturday! Welcome to Would You Wear It – Black & White Styles!

This is the day that my friend Jennifer and I bring you fashion displays which make us wonder what you would think. 

I recently went to Nordstrom and they had a section focusing on Black & White Styles.

So, I photographed all five mannequins.

Would You Wear It - Black & White Styles

I am giving you a lot to evaluate and think about today, but you do not have to comment on all of the mannequins.

Just make sure your comments are constructive, helpful, and hopefully detailed.  

Remember to comment in such a way as not to offend others who might feel differently from you.

Would You Wear It - Black & White Styles

So, give these five lovely ladies your best fashion-stylist eye, and tell us…………………………………………………………………….


Now, here is some more black and white inspiration…..


Would You Wear It - Black White Styles


I am so pleased to work today for one of my favorite people, Karen A. 

Karen has been a long time reader of this blog,,,I so wish we could meet one day.  She lives far north and is a firm believer and follower of the Foundational Five: Personal Style Building Blocks created by me.

Years ago, I determined that if you select the five messages you want to say with your clothing about you, and stay true to them, then you will develop a personal style.

Karen says that this has worked great for her and saved her money.  She carries a laminated card with her style adjective on it for shopping.

Like many of us, Karen is in a new phase of life and has adjusted her adjectives and what she wants her clothing to tell the world about her.

Her new adjectives are: classic, modern, comfortable, and approachable/friendly. 

Here is a slideshow to inspire you, Karen, and women like you…..thanks for joining in:

Also, Karen, I know you like JJill, so I thought you might check out:

Wearever Open Front Jacket

Wearever 3/4 sleeve length hi/low top

Luxe linen stretch straight leg crops

Now, make sure you stop by A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display…comment on mine…and always……..


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. The things you chose for the slide show are perfect Pam! I’m going to go back and revisit these. You really nailed my personal style, thank you!
    About the displays today. Distressing is out from the start for me, so no to those. I do like the cardigan with the shirt tied in front and the jeans and would definitely wear something like that. The shorter cardigan looks classic, yet fresh since we see so many long ones (which I do like.). The middle outfit with the oversized jacket kind of appeals to me too, as does the striped sweater on the other mannequin, but the long shirt and ripped jeans, no to those for me. I think the days are gone for me for wearing the top with the cut-in sides. It would maybe work under a jacket, but I wouldn’t bother. The sleeves are interesting on the other top, but I’d pass on that too. I like it, but it’s too fluffy for me!
    Thank you for interpreting my style so well in the slideshow! I’d love to travel your way and see your beautiful city and go shopping with you! It would be such a pleasure to meet you in person!!

  2. I like the jacket and jeans but the tops and the jogger-style pants are not me. The decision to style the loose bulky sweater over a long tunic is a bit baffling to me but to each her own. We jumped right from winter to summer this week so enjoying lots of sunshine.

  3. Black and white is my favorite warm weather color combination! It’s fresh, sophisticated, and simple. A good quality, nice fitting t-shirt is a summer essential- and yet they’re hard to find. I like the styling on some of these mannequins and want to get a closer look at them I’d love to see this in my Nordstrom.

  4. The mannequin on the left is styled so oddly. I might try the sweater, and I’d love to see the blue tunic separately, but I don’t wear distressed jeans. I thought I liked the jeans in the middle until I saw the elastic in the hem…just weird, but I like the higher rise. I LOVE the mannequin on the right and would wear all of this! The 4th mannequin is a no as I don’t like strapless bras or distressed jeans. I do like the last mannequin although I probably wouldn’t tuck in the shirt. It might be nice as an over shirt with a black tank underneath.

  5. The only things that appeals to me are the black coat and the black jeans in the last photo. I see interesting seaming on the jeans. Some of the jeans are cute but I don’t wear denim joggers or ripped anything. The double striped outfit makes me dizzy.
    Happy Saturday!!

  6. I like the black rain coat. I like black with denim so most of the outfits look good.
    Not sure about the knotted blouse under the short sweater. It would be easy enough to tuck that sweater in instead.

  7. I find black & white is always classy & classic, but I prefer the palette to be strictly black & white with maybe a pop (but just a pop) of color, like your pink shirt cuffs. Pairing it with washed out denim dilutes it’s crispness. The stripe sweater, cardigan combo & silky halter top, in my opinion, would be stand-out looks with white jeans or pants.

  8. I find black & white is always classy & classic, but I prefer the palette to be strictly black & white with maybe a pop (but just a pop) of color, like your pink shirt cuffs. Pairing it with washed out denim dilutes it’s crispness. The stripe sweater, cardigan combo & silky halter top, in my opinion, would be stand-out looks with white jeans or pants.

  9. I love black and white for summer, but these mannequins don’t do much to inspire me. The distressed jeans under a dress topped with a sweater is a combination I would not wear. I honestly don’t get that look at all. I would style the sweater with a pair of white pants for a classic black & white outfit. The jeans that have the jogger style pant leg intrigue me. This would be a silhouette I would try, and as long as they fit well, would be a way to add a modern twist to my denim wardrobe. The black raincoat is fine, but I tend to save my black coats for winter and wear a lighter, or brighter, rain coat in the spring. I do like the style since I am not a trench coat person. The cardigan is such a classic design with the white trim and I would definitely wear this…so many possibilities…you could wear almost anything under it. Of all the pieces on the 5 mannequins, this is my favorite. Your slideshow is more inspiring than these mannequins.

  10. Dueling stripes, distressed or skinny jeans, crop length tops and too much black are all on my no list.
    I am on a mission to find those pieces that will stand up to heat and humidity and still appeal to my personal sense of style.
    This display would not have sparked my interest to look any further.
    What a fun Saturday morning blog!

  11. Like Karen’s comments. The outfit with the tied shirt is my kind of outfit. Think one has to be careful when combing two or more colors that things don’t get too busy. I do wonder at times what the designers/stylists are thinking of with some of their offerings. -too fussy and or too gimmicky! Women are not going to buy something that looks as if they will need a dresser to help them get into an item! (At least I won’t) Always enjoy seeing what you select for these. You do manage to be selective and not just pick what you would wear , different strokes,etc. It is hard for us to get out of our boxes and be objective.

  12. NOW we’re talking! I love black and white (and blue) clothing. Two years. ago I started a new career and my dream job. In the spirit of reinvention (and some panic), I donated or disposed of 95% of my clothes. Now I look very critically at my closet to make sure every piece is versatile and suitable for work. Most of the clothes you chose would fit in on the more casual days of managing an arts center for a small city. However, I could also wear them hanging out with my friends in the backyard. I would try on all of the featured clothes except the ripped jeans and the sleeveless top. ((At 64, nope, not happening.) I love the stripes and tiny polka dots, versatile and fresh. The polka dot shirt could work with my beloved blazers. I just bought an oversized jacket in soft sage, similar to the one in the center. (I have to resist wearing it every day. The long blue shirt/tunic/dress is the wrong proportions for my 5 feet but I’d wear a shorter version of it. However, I would not wear the sweater over it because again, wrong proportions. Similarly, I look at the jogger jeans as a possible proportion problem. I’m short. I want to create a longer line. I would try them on but, no promises. about wearing them Finally, I really like the striped blouse but not the weird shoulder line. I can’t tell if that is badly photographed/styled or it has puffy shoulders. If puffy, I’d pass. Nice capsule wardrobe. Fun to see clothes that would work for me!

  13. I have a shirt similar to the tied one in a very drapey fabric. It looks great under the cardigan here. I will have to try that! I like many of these pieces as separates, but the tunic, sweater and jeans combo looks hot, uncomfortable, and not well thought out. A big no to the jogger jeans, as again I think they would be bunch and uncomfortable around the ankle. That said, this display was interesting, the pieces as separates had possibilities, and it would get me to stop and take a closer look.

  14. I would wear all of the black & white clothes but not as shown except for the outfit with the black pants. I always am on alert for distinctive black & white clothes.

  15. Distressed jeans don’t appeal to me and the outfit on the left in the group of 3 isn’t my style. The black halter top and the cream and black striped blouse wouldn’t be flattering for me. Overall, these look more like fall than spring to my eye so I’d probably pass by without being tempted to take a second look.

  16. I love a black and white combo but I would likely wear these in different combinations. The banded bottom pants are a no-go for me. I feel they make my feet look larger than I want.

  17. For summer? Heck, no. Summer is short, but with intense sunshine. Black can feel like it’s burning my skin. Hard pass on these outfits.

  18. I do like black and white. The combination is sophisticated on it’s own or add a pop of almost any color. don’t think I would wear any of these outfits. Perhaps the short cardigan and tied top would be the one. I don’t wear distressed jeans and not a fan of strapless bras. The sweater over the shirt dress seemed bulky and I think it would make me look very short.

  19. There are elements in the first set of mannequins that I would wear, but I wouldn’t wear them as styled. I would wear the black pullover with the white stripes, but not over a long shirt/dress or the distressed jeans. I would wear the black raincoat but not I don’t wear joggers even if they are disguised as jeans. I would wear the cardigan but wouldn’t wear the shirt tied at the waist. There is nothing in the second set of mannequins that is suited to my personal style. The first set of mannequins exhibits a trend that I have seen in multiple places. It appears the stylists have piled on as many items as they possibly can without thought to how it looks. This is not attractive,

  20. I will preface this by saying that I think black and white is so classic and so lovely. But, these mannequins do absolutely nothing to inspire me. I think each of these pieces would be great if styled differently — as is the arrangement looks dull and sloppy.

    For example, I think the blue and white tunic would look fantastic paired with white ankle pants. It could be worn as a top or a topper with white t-shirt underneath. I don’t care for it under the black striped top — it looks bulky and the whole ensemble looks way too warm for spring/summer.

    The other thing I’ve noticed with these mannequins is that there are no accessories — I think a necklace, belt, scarf, etc. would really improve the styling here.

    I’d be interested to know what the stylist was thinking when this was put together.

  21. I’m on a similar page with Judy Holmes (above), however would try the jogger style jeans for something different. As to the other pieces; a no to overly distressed jeans (prefer just a tad and/or frayed lower hems). Also though there was a time I could wear a cut-away sleeveless top, I can’t any longer as my arms and shoulders are not as toned as they once were. -Brenda-

  22. I would wear all the tops except the black halter and the one with the sweater that’s tied at the waist. I wouldn’t not wear the long blue blouse. Would wear the coat. I would also wear any of the jeans, but not the joggers. I like the polka dot top and the low cut one the best. With the blouse that’s low cut, I’d most likely wear a camisole or tank under it. Very cute style. All in all though, the looks are kind of dull to me. I like black and white, but with most of these looks I’d add something colorful; a scarf, a piece of jewelry or a bright bag.

  23. Black & white have always been my core colours, but the only things on the display that appeal to me are the striped sweater & the striped shirt in the last photo. I prefer a tidier, more classic look: the sweater worn over a white shirt with black jeans (mine, not theirs — I don’t wear ankle pants), shirt collar popped up, sleeves shoved back, silver & black jewelry, black loafers. Or with white jeans & black sandals. But both slide shows are full of things I’d wear — lovely choices! The first one makes me realize I love all black & white: solids, dots, stripes, florals, geometrics, even plaids (which I usually dislike).

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