Would You Wear It – Spring Casual

Would You Wear It - Spring Casual

Happy Wednesday!  Welcome to the mid-week pop- up….Would You Wear It – Spring Casual. 

I think all of us interpret casual many different ways…especially after spending more time at home.

That is why this fashion display captured my attention…all three seem to be different types of “casual.”

Would You Wear It - Spring Casual

Just a reminder in case anyone is new….I ask that you look the clothing over and tell us if you would or would not wear it.

But, this is a learning experience for all of the readers…so please do not merely say yes or no.  Be constructive and explain your answer. 

Many readers say they have changed their minds about garments after reading the comments…both good and bad.

Would You Wear It - Spring Casual

With those instructions in mind, please look over these three and tell us………………………………………………………………………….


Today’s display is from Chico’s.  Here are the items….


How to dress to say I'M not done

Yesterday, I featured style inspiration for Kathy in this post.

Kathy also sent me adjectives for her best friend, Carol.   Kathy wrote, “My friend Carol lives only three blocks from me and makes gorgeous jewelry and other art. We have been friends for over 25 years and lived in the same town, before she and her husband moved close by down here, too.”

Kathy describes Carol’s style as Creative, Quirky, Confident, Athletic, Casual.  First time I have had the word, QUIRKY….this will be fun.  Adding in athletic, will make this a true challenge.

Carol, here is a slideshow just for you and women like you:

Well, that was fun!  Ok, tell us what you think of today’s display…and make sure …you always…


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. smiling….just ordered one of the items in the slideshow yesterday, the bright yogi capris from JCP…for at home casual.
    the display is for me…i would wear all of it with a few tweaks…need the shorter pants to hit at the knee and not below…anytime i venture lower and in my eyes i get shorter and wider.
    but the black ones i do like and the lighter wash even, although i lean more towards darker wash usually. the distressed ones are an almost, i have gotten use to the raw hems but thats as far as im going with distressed…the on purpose tears on not for me, just a personal choice, other women can rock them as well as crops.
    all of the tops i would wear, when the botanical green came out this year, i was dubious, but it grew on me and now i have it on the wish list.

    1. My BFF Carol would definitely wear your slide show choices. She loves her leggings for her Zumba dance zooms. I see her in the.kimono, tops and jackets, too. Thank you for putting the slide shows together for us!

      On to Would you wear it?
      I definitely would add the outfit on the far right to my closet. I see it paired with sandals, A straw hat. The cardigan and top would work with navy as well as white slacks.

      The items in the middle are a little bland and would need more colorful accessories such as a statement necklace or a colorful scarf.

  2. The middle outfit is just a “no”, so I won’t say any more about that one. Just that to my eye, it is bland. I’d wear the green top and the jeans as shown. I don’t have much green, but this is a clear jewel color and it would work. I like the orange cardigan but not with the lighter wash of the jeans. I think it would look good with white pants or jeans, and also with dark wash jeans. The light wash jeans are a more muted color and the orange is more saturated and clear, so I personally see it as a clash. I’ll have to look for something in that color of green!

  3. I would wear the outfits on the left and the right and not the middle. I liked the green top. Bright and cheery. I loved the print with the orange. I’m not sure I’d wear jeans. As it gets warmer, I rarely wear jeans. I’m a no on the middle look because I rarely wear button down shirts. I need to make sure they have stretch and I seem to be picky about them. I love knits and over the head blouses with features.

  4. I like three! I would have to do it change the color of the cardigan, I don’t wear red/orange. and on my computer it looks like a cross between the two. The black capris are iffy. I would have to try them on, with my pear shape, they may not be flattering, so would have to find a pair that were not so fitted at the bottom.

  5. I have a similar orange sweater and bright flowered blouse and this post inspires me to pair them with light blue or white jeans. I feel that light blue denim, while it is a lighter shade it can represent a lot of visual weight to an outfit. It’s always nice to shop my closet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. A yes to the jeans and capris (as have similar in my wardrobe already). A no to the green top as it is color I avoid in my wardrobe whereas though love the color of orange and regardless that most of my height is in my leg length I don’t wear ‘tunic length sweater’ cardigans (as make ‘me’ feel frumpy) though I will wear ‘similar’ in a pullover style. As to the floral tank top and though pretty, much prefer florals more abstract in pattern as in a batik. Last but least, re the linen shirt a yes to it with its metallic threads (also no-iron) and would pair it with my casual jean style (medium beige/ankle length) slim fit chinos worn with a woven handbag in a natural fabric and either casual sandals/sneakers in a tan color OR a little more dressier leather shoe with a slight heel and coordinated bag. Also I would even opt to wear it as an overlay most likely over a muted blue, tank or camisole top in keeping with a neutral colour combination of sand ‘n surf.

  7. I like the swish on the green T but don’t know if it is just how it was tucked in. Replacing the front tuck perhaps. I prefer however a V neck as I like to wear a simple necklace even when wearing a T. In my opinion the necklace shown is too heavy and fancy for the distressed jeans but for some opposites attract. Drop shoulders are also a no for me. The outfit on the right I’d wear with any blue coloured sweater or red if there is some in the print. I like the lighter wash jean for the summer and the cuff adds a little style.

  8. Love the green top and necklace. I guess the necklace is from Chico’s too. Thanks for the great post!

  9. Luv the burnt orange cardi & floral top & would definitely wear them. They look great with the light wash jeans (my favorite) but I think they’d look even better (& a little less casual) with white jeans worn with a smart heeled sandal. The emerald green top is gorgeous & I like the way that fabric drapes, but the neckline is all wrong for me so I’d never wear it. The middle outfit made so little impression on me I had to go back to check it out, which says all it needs to. I’m not a beige person, although the black capris always have a place at the table if they’re a slim-fit. As for distressed jeans, no. As I think I’ve said before, I’ve spent enough time on & around motorcycles & with the people who ride them to have seen (& experienced) the real deal (along with the “distressed” knees under them) & don’t find them an interesting fashion choice. I don’t want to get off my husband’s bike looking as though I’ve already fallen off 🙂

  10. I would wear the green tee. The color is nice for spring & summer & could be worn with a jacket when it’s cool. I also like the long necklace. I would wear the tan shirt. Since it is a button down, it could add a more tailored looked to black or olive pants. I would wear the cardigan & print top but would change the color of the cardigan as orange is not my color. I would pick up one of the other colors in the top that would more flattering for me. It would make a fun look for running errands. I would not wear any of the pants. I am not a fan of distressed jeans (just a person preference) & the other two are not good lengths for me. This is a nice well thought out display.

  11. I would wear the necklace as I am just loving long necklaces this year. There is nothing that exciting about any of the other outfits that make me want to try them on or purchase them. I guess I would try on the orange duster as I love orange in the spring and Summer.

  12. I was surprised that these outfits are from Chico’s. They don’t look as sharp as Chico’s outfits usually do. In fact, I thought that maybe they were from a less expensive store, such as Penney’s.
    I would wear them with a few tweaks. I like the jeans with the green top, but I don’t like distressed jeans. I just don’t think they are attractive on the above 40 set. I would just wear non-distressed jeans! I like the style of the shirt and the almost elbow sleeve. I could see buying that in several colors. The necklace is pretty and pulls the outfit together and upgrades it a bit.

    I would also wear the cardigan outfit, but don’t like orange, so another color combo is basically what I like to wear frequently., in all colors; bright or pastel.
    If worn as is, I would add a gold long pendant necklace and gold earrings.

    The outfit in the middle, yes to the black capris. I like the top with it, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s just not very interesting or stylish. If a scarf or necklace with some color in it was added or colored shoes, then it would look better. I also could see going all neutral with a necklace that has some black in it or a black pendant and black patent sandals to dress it up a bit.
    Fun post!

  13. The slideshow you out together was great- you covered creative and quirky and athletic so nicely!
    On your Wednesday Would you wear it? — I’d wear the long orange cardi and print top with white to pale beige pants. And the black capris would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe if a cool fabric. Unfortunately that jewel green is not for me but I have a few friends who would look lovely in that color!

  14. I wouldn’t wear any of the tops- As the previous writer said, the middle shirt is bland and boring. I don’t know if its just the photography but the knit look very thin and “cheap” but I know from Chico’s that they are not

  15. My BFF Carol would definitely wear your slide show choices. She loves her leggings for her Zumba dance zooms. I see her in the.kimono, tops and jackets, too. Thank you for putting the slide shows together for us!

    On to Would you wear it?
    I definitely would add the outfit on the far right to my closet. I see it paired with sandals, A straw hat. The cardigan and top would work with navy as well as white slacks.

    The items in the middle are a little bland and would need more colorful accessories such as a statement necklace or a colorful scarf.

  16. I love the bright colours of the green and orange tops. The black capris and lighter jeans are a yes also. The darker jeans are a maybe only because the distressing looks awkward in the pictures. To me it looks like someone did a horrible sewing job trying to repair a tear. I do have a couple pairs of distressed jeans that I wear often so if it’s just an optical illusion and looks better in person I would wear them
    I would prefer the middle shirt w shorter sleeves in maybe a less voluminous fit and w jewelry or a scarf for colour. I might wear the orange cardigan w it

  17. The outfits on the left and right are exactly what I would wear for Spring Casual! Those bright colors sing a happy song for me and the fit says comfortable while adding the third piece (necklace or cardigan) says polished. I like the look of the center mannequin but wouldn’t personally put on a shirt in that style and tuck it in for casual wear. Add an accessory (scarf, jewelry, etc) and it would be work-ready.

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