Would You Wear It – Spring Neutrals

Would You Wear It - Spring Neutrals

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Spring Neutrals!

This is the day my friend, Jennifer, and I post fashion displays which have made us stop and wonder what you would think.

And, make sure you meet reader Janet who has me re-thinking my own style adjectives!

Would You Wear It - Spring Neutrals

Today, I am taking you to the Liz Claiborne department at JC Penney.

Look over my lovely ladies and tell us what you think of the styles.  Be constructive and instructive.

The comments are read by most readers and we learn from one another. 

Would You Wear It - Spring Neutrals

Of course, you don’t have to comment on all three…but any of the pieces that prompt a response.

So, give them. your best fashionista scrutiny and tell us…………………………………………………………


Find more Liz Claiborne at JCP and Petite Styles at JCP and Women’s Plus at JCP.



Would You Wear It - Spring Neutrals

I am so thrilled to introduce you to reader Janet today.  She has inspired me with her creative talents and with her five adjectives.  

After I worked on her slideshow, I thought…I would like to send these messages…the overall style is a really youthful, cool vibe. 

Janet is a go-getter… she said her style is a paradox as she goes from “a mud loving storm spotting nature photographer to an elegant legal assistant. I try to balance my style with grace, a touch of perfume, lipstick and a good shower.

She also wrote: 

“I am 62, a mother of one daughter (31), and married to my husband of 36 years.  I work with my husband as his legal assistant in his law practice. I am also a nature photographer, birder, Skywarn severe weather storm spotter, seamstress and gardener. I enjoy taking hikes with my Labrador Retriever, going through mud, tough weather and high grass to seek out nature. I am a six year breast cancer survivor. I recently lost 75 lbs, through hard work and dedication to healthier eating. I am proud of my myself. I have cleaned out my closet, and reinvented my style with the help of reading articles from fashion bloggers like yourself. I love the “would you wear it” segments on Saturdays.”

Her photography is amazing…JANET’S PHOTOGRAPHY...I love the birds!!

What Janet wants to tell the world about who she is with her clothing choices are that she is EARTHY, CLASSIC, SPORTY, ARTISTIC, and FEMININE.

My first thought was Ralph Lauren!  I certainly included some of that here…but looking for clothing that said all five was a challenge…and lots of fun and as you can see, I found a lot!


I hope you enjoyed meeting our talented photographer and I also hope this inspired her style!  Make sure you comment on today’s display and that you visit A WELL STYLED LIFE for Jennifer’s display…and that you always…


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Wow, Janet certainly is busy. I’m with her on hiking with the dog to get into, photograph and enjoy nature! About these styles, this display looks a little sloppy to me. The earth tones in the two outer outfits would not work with my coloring. I’d feel washed out. I thought the middle one had potential, but it’s put together in such a sloppy way, no doubt on purpose, but the oversized jacket and the messy, oversized shirt just don’t inspire me. I would be pulling things in and re-tucking all day just to feel pulled together. I love long jackets, but not “big” jackets. Oversized isn’t my thing I guess! I know it’s a trend, or perhaps more of a fad, and one that I’m not comfortable with for myself.

    1. Enjoyed meeting Janet, we h II is quite an inspiration.
      Regarding today’s fashion. I would take the print blouse and add it to black window pane pants. That would work with the black blazer. From my own closet I could add a white denim jacket or white long cardigan.

  2. I would wear the windowpane pants with the white belted jacket and a black or white or raspberry or bright blue vneck tshirt. The skirt outfit is not a color I wear and the skirt seams look bulky from here. Happy Saturday!

  3. I would wear all of these,except not with t-shirts. I feel sloppy in them.would also pass on the skirt and look for slacks in a coordinating color.Any or all would look cute with the baseball cap that Jennifer shows! Janet’s bird pics are amazing. Good Sat. post!

  4. If I were still working, I’d be happy to wear these outfits during our warm weather, but I’m retired now and only the white capris (possibly the belt tied cardigan too?) work for me right now. I rarely dress up. When I do, it’s either my dark wash or white jeans and a more Boho top, rather than what. I see here.

  5. I’d play musical chairs with the jackets in the display……moving the black blazer to the skirted outfit and the white wrap to the windowpane plaid pants. And I’d add accessories to all of the looks, but especially to the white pant/terra cotta top outfit which I’ve now left without a jacket in my scenario.
    I would wear the black pants definitely, but would probably not embrace the other pieces , the color doesn’t really appeal.

  6. I love neutrals. But these neutrals are a bit too neutral for me (among the slides there is a beautiful off-white set, on the other hand, I would happily consider). To come back to the main proposal, bottoms are excluded for me, but the pants on the left and the skirt on the right are too short for me and the middle pants are excluded because large prints there do not do me any favour. And for the tops, maybe (if the fabric is not polyester, at least. I could not check because the website is not open from France), but I have a feeling that the structure will not be optimal for me (waist at the wrong place). And I would buy such neutral neutrals only if they really fit very, very well. We have a first day of spring on Paris today (after chilly, chilly days), thus mood is up! I wish you a happy end of week, Pam.

  7. i like the print blouse. i would try it with the white pants (if they were longer) and the sweater (without the belt).
    i never cared for wrap skirts, for me theyre inviting a wardrobe malfunction, nice on other women though.
    the middle outfit, i do like those slacks, but if im upping the game by wearing slacks, then im not wearing a slub t and sloppy jacket..same color combo but something a bit more fitted, with a classic cut.
    Janets photography is wonderful, i am envious of her talent, i gotta charge the Nikon and take a walk this weekend!

  8. I would have considered these outfits when I was working but they don’t fit my current student/gardener lifestyle. I really like the black window pane pants but the t-shirt underneath looks a bit sloppy. I would add a belt to the jacket and a pop of colour with shoes or jewelry.

  9. Do like the cut/style of the tank top type blouse (on the right) but not so much its pattern and color. As to the window pane pants, have very similar in a fall/winter wool blend. As for the t-shirts can never have enough of them whereas a ‘no’ to all the other pieces for myself, however do feel each piece has merit if styled with some creativity. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Unless Liz Claiborne’s quality has changed; always impressed with it however it is difficult to find here in Canada. Two of my favourite dress trousers that I purchased a few years ago (cotton blend/classic style/similar to the cut shown) are her brand.

  10. Good luck to Janet with Ralph Lauren.
    Their sizing always seems to be off for me. The mediums are too small and the large is too large in the wrong places. My thought, if she decides she likes that outdoorsy color rich style is to study the outfits, but be open the brands that fit her new body.
    I could write a whole page about the ‘arty’ older woman style, but I won’t. Suffice to say, a little goes a long way.

    I like the white wrap sweater from the photo. The tan/peach/pink tones don’t work so well with my fair skin. However a white sweater looks good with the blues I gravitate toward.

  11. I am not a big neutrals person when it comes to the warmer shades. I do own a pair of black window pane pants like that and wear with white cotton or linen sweaters, sleeves pushed up and silver jewellery. At times I will change it up and wear a light pink or mauve top with ballet flats to match. Throw a long light scarf around the neck and a cross body bag and good for a trip to the grocery store.. Ha. It is great when you can introduce us to the lifestyle of your ‘person of the day’ to give us insight for the adjectives. Also fun to see where everyone is from, I did not realize that Catherine was from France and that is fun to know.

  12. The pieces styled on the mannequins look ‘meh’ to my eye. If they were already in my closet I would wear them (but maybe styled a bit differently) but I wouldn’t be tempted to try them on for purchase unless I was looking to replace a basic

  13. Loved meeting Janet via your post and her photo/bio link! Her nature photography is GORGEOUS! I like the dragonfly pin you put in the carousel, too. As to the featured mannequins today, both the white outfit and the black work for me. It’s nice to see a windowpane pant. The tops with these I would likely bypass in favor of others currently in my closet. The skirt outfit doesn’t interest me from a color perspective, and though I really like a wrap skirt I prefer a much longer length.

  14. Going to skip commenting on the fashions today; instead to say thank you for Janet’s post..not only her lovely photography, but for the content she shared.

    Besides clothing styles, my favorite hobby is to read about people…their thinking, their feelings, their experiences, etc. etc. etc. Also, great addition to her sharings is her Meyers-Briggs Personality Type…Janet you shout ISFP…!

    Thank you, Pamela & Janet, for starting out my Saturday morning so enjoyably; much appreciation.

  15. Hello Pamela and Ladies,

    First, I want to thank Pamela for featuring me in the Profile Adjective slideshow. It is often a challenge to fulfill my shopping goals with my profile adjectives. I visit a lot of stores to find the look that appeals to me. Pamela absolutely captured my adjective profile with everything she chose for me. I would definitely wear everything she chose for me. I love neutral items, colorful prints and patterns, denim and cotton jackets, a good soft tee for layering, plaid shirts, henley styled shirts, dressy blouses, slacks and a layering sweater or jacket for the workplace. Pamela knows my style so well, I even have a version of the soft blue button up she chose for me. I have a traditional chambray button up, recently I bought a linen button up in a soft mint green from JJill. I am just waiting for Michigan to warm up before I can wear it. I have a few versions of the jackets featured in the slideshow. Bravo to Pamela for her insightfulness to my profile adjectives!

    Thank you everyone for all of your kind words and comments on my biography and photography. It feels like a warm hug from the internet. Last evening, I was out on my front lawn photographing a Sandhill Crane that was feeding on my lakefront lawn. The poor bird was being bombed by several Red-winged Blackbirds venturing too close to their nesting site. It was the kind of action I love to capture and share with the world.

    Yesterday, I happened to visit my local JC Penney to look for neutral khaki crops. I saw the Liz Claiborne display, and liked what I saw. I tried on a few of their crops, but, found the rise too short for my figure. They didn’t feel good or look the best on my hourglass figure. I have curvy hips. A higher rise looks and feels the best on me. I am 5’5″ with a long torso, high waist and broad shoulders. I am an hourglass shape. I saw the other items and liked them for their versatility with other pieces offered in the display. I have a black soft blazer, and a version of the white belted jacket. However, I tend toward rosier tones and declined to look further because the color of the blouses would not match anything else in my wardrobe. They would be orphan blouses in my closet of pinks, khaki and dark browns, navy blues, light blues and soft greens – nature colors. The black blazer and windowpane slacks are a hit with me. I may revisit them when I have more time to try them on. That is an outfit that I would definitely wear to dinner or a work setting!

    To Marlene Alves – I am indeed an ISFP. My daughter gave me the Meyers-Briggs test and the ISFP is my profile.

    Thank you again and keep smiling, birding and observing nature.

  16. How lovely to meet Janet. Her photography is beautiful and I am inspired by her energy and positivity.

    While I’m not particularly fond of any of these outfits, I recently added that “caramel” color into my wardrobe and absolutely love it. It is a great neutral for me and works well with black, grey and white.

    I like (LOVE!!) the printed top on the right, but I would pair it with pants as that would be a more flattering look for me. The jacket and pants in the middle outfit are very lovely together, but the top shown doesn’t do much for that outfit. I think a more fitted top would be better.

    I think I’m going to have to visit JCP soon.

  17. This is another display that looks haphazard & messy. I like some of the pieces but would not wear them as styled. I might wear the white outfit but would not wear the sweater open & loosely belted. I would likely pick a different color for the top under the sweater. I like the middle outfit, but the oversized black jacket & the stretched out neckline on the white top make is look sloppy & cheap.

  18. The outfit with the windowpane pants is my favorite and I would definitely wear that. It reminds me how I would have dressed for work years ago! I would change the t-shirt to a blouse and possibly add a touch of color with a scarf or earrings. The skirt outfit is dull; a no for me and the white on white isn’t too exciting. The crops and jacket are cute, but need a bright t-shirt underneath or even a black t-shirt. I always like black and white together.
    I love some of the things you picked for Janet. It’s a nice variety. Her photography is incredible!

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