Would You Wear It - Spring Neutrals

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Spring Neutrals!

This is the day my friend, Jennifer, and I post fashion displays which have made us stop and wonder what you would think.

And, make sure you meet reader Janet who has me re-thinking my own style adjectives!

Would You Wear It - Spring Neutrals

Today, I am taking you to the Liz Claiborne department at JC Penney.

Look over my lovely ladies and tell us what you think of the styles.  Be constructive and instructive.

The comments are read by most readers and we learn from one another. 

Would You Wear It - Spring Neutrals

Of course, you don’t have to comment on all three…but any of the pieces that prompt a response.

So, give them. your best fashionista scrutiny and tell us…………………………………………………………


Find more Liz Claiborne at JCP and Petite Styles at JCP and Women’s Plus at JCP.



Would You Wear It - Spring Neutrals

I am so thrilled to introduce you to reader Janet today.  She has inspired me with her creative talents and with her five adjectives.  

After I worked on her slideshow, I thought…I would like to send these messages…the overall style is a really youthful, cool vibe. 

Janet is a go-getter… she said her style is a paradox as she goes from “a mud loving storm spotting nature photographer to an elegant legal assistant. I try to balance my style with grace, a touch of perfume, lipstick and a good shower.

She also wrote: 

“I am 62, a mother of one daughter (31), and married to my husband of 36 years.  I work with my husband as his legal assistant in his law practice. I am also a nature photographer, birder, Skywarn severe weather storm spotter, seamstress and gardener. I enjoy taking hikes with my Labrador Retriever, going through mud, tough weather and high grass to seek out nature. I am a six year breast cancer survivor. I recently lost 75 lbs, through hard work and dedication to healthier eating. I am proud of my myself. I have cleaned out my closet, and reinvented my style with the help of reading articles from fashion bloggers like yourself. I love the “would you wear it” segments on Saturdays.”

Her photography is amazing…JANET’S PHOTOGRAPHY...I love the birds!!

What Janet wants to tell the world about who she is with her clothing choices are that she is EARTHY, CLASSIC, SPORTY, ARTISTIC, and FEMININE.

My first thought was Ralph Lauren!  I certainly included some of that here…but looking for clothing that said all five was a challenge…and lots of fun and as you can see, I found a lot!


I hope you enjoyed meeting our talented photographer and I also hope this inspired her style!  Make sure you comment on today’s display and that you visit A WELL STYLED LIFE for Jennifer’s display…and that you always…


By Pamela Lutrell


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