Would You Wear It – Spring Reds

Would You Wear It - Spring Reds

Happy Wednesday, all!  Welcome to the mid-week pop-up….Would You Wear It – Spring Reds.

I struggled with how to identify the style in this display…I almost called it Flounce & Florals.

But, the shades of springtime red seemed to be evident in both…so I chose to go that direction.

But, please feel free to consider the styles and the pieces more than the colors in your comments.

This display was found at Nordstrom.

Would You Wear It - Spring Reds

Remember to be constructive and thought-provoking with. your comments.

Explain why you would or would not wear the pieces and even suggest ways to style them differently.

So, look these two lovely ladies over and tell us…………………………………..


Have you noticed the world of sweatshirts lately?  They go from typical bland sweatshirt to super stylish.  Here are a few of the more stylish from Nordstrom:



Would You Wear It - Spring Reds

Beth is a regular reader of this blog and wants to update her Foundational Five adjectives.  She sent along this note explaining her choices:

  1. Comfortable — comfort has ALWAYS been number one for me. If it isn’t comfortable, I’m not going to wear it.


  1. Stylish — I want a bit of flair and creativity in my look.


  1. Classic — I want to appear stylish, but not overly trendy. I love classic styles because they never go out of style. Think “little black dress.”


  1. Understated — Nothing too bright or bold. I love stripes, prints but done in more of a subtle way. 


  1. Feminine — this is a new one for me. I’ve gravitated toward those feminine touches over the past year — a bit of ruffle, cinched waist, pinks. 

With these five adjective and spring in mind, let’s see what I found for Beth and others like her.  Let me know how I did, Beth!

Remember to comment on the Would You Wear It display…and always today and every day….


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Beth’s adjectives work much better for me than these styles do in the display! The choices you made for her really appeal to me. I see some from Talbot’s… they do such a great job with classics! This display would not draw me in. The dress looks outdated and the addition of the floral jacket seems to me like a clash, it chops the look up too much. The color of the dress would not work with my coloring. I need true, clear reds. I don’t care for the flared crops style or the fussy top. The color of the top, again, would not work for me. I just don’t care for the flounce on the shoulder. I’d be passing this display by!

  2. My first impression is that this does not say Nordstrom to me. The top on the right is interesting, although ruffles are generally “not my thing”. It would depend on two factors – where the ruffles hit – I think they may emphasize the bust too much as well as the intensity of the color. If the “red” is more of a soft pinky beige, it would make me look washed out. I have very fair skin and platinum blonde hair (natural).
    The other dress is too “praire” for me. I do not like the ruffle at the bottom. I usually do not even bother trying on dresses with a waist, as they never seem to fit right. I am tall and long waisted. But the jacket, to me, it looks like a pajama top, just thrown on – what were they thinking?

  3. i think you did well with Beth’s slideshow.
    on the noordstrom display, im afraid none of it would work for me….if you took the flounce off the sweater, the color is interesting.
    the dress is a nice style, but needs to be a more flowy material, that would move with your legs to be attractive, the color is nice.
    the jacket just has no interest for me…too boxy, too short, i dont see the point of a short sleeve jacket…and the print, while cute, seems like it would be more at home on some kitchen curtains.

  4. I would wear the floral jacket with the jeans & a t-shirt in white, blue or red. The top with the flounce on one shoulder would drive me nuts. I love shirt dresses but I just am not a fan of flounces.

    PS: Your story yesterday still has me laughing! Hug your friend for me!

  5. I agree with all of Karen’s comments.The top with the flounce would bother me terribly. I would either take it off after an hour and cut off that flounce or never buy it in the first place Just not me. The dress and jacket might look good on someone else, but I will bow out! Happy shopping Pam,maybe next time.

  6. I must say that I would pass this display by after a quick check. The top with the flounce on the shoulder looks like rubber on my screen and the other is just not my style. There are many items in the slide show that I would check out. I can’t think of a way to style these within my wardrobe, so not ideas for today.

  7. I really like your choices for Beth and also her choice of the 5 words. All of the words seem to speak to me and how I want to choose my styles. Regarding the mannequins. I have always loved shopping at Nordstrom. The mannequins clothing are not something I would choose since they do not fit my style. The dress and blouse/jacket color combination does not appeal to me. The dress with the vertical stitching half way down seems too feminine to be accompanied with the straight lines of the blouse. Regarding the second, the capris and blouse look nice together, however, I find the blouse too overwhelming with the ruffled sleeve. In my short time following your Blog it really confirms we all can develop our own style and make our personal choices with confidence. Your blog provides us with so many styles to consider and it is OK to like/dislike based on our confidence and style. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Unfortunately; nothing doable for my body type or personal taste as prefer a nod towards more fitted and classic in style. Also not particularly fond of the colours for my skin tone though feel they would look amazing on others. -Brenda-

  9. For me—the colors look more salmon than red, not a good color for me. The shirt jac has tailored details that don’t seem to go with a dress with a flounce on the skirt and the colors of the jacket seem jarringly vivid against the dress color. I would definitely wear the dress in another color but wouldn’t chop up its long line with a boxy jacket, it’s already cut once by the flounce. For me personally the shirt jac is a look I associate with my mother’s era and now that I’m at that age myself I just couldn’t do it but that’s just me! I like the blouse with the flounce but probably wouldn’t buy it because what do you do with all those ruffles when you need to wear a coat. The pants would be a definite yes because of the dark color and if they hit my calf as it narrows.

  10. Sometimes I think that the people who dress the mannequins are in a hurry or burnout has set in.The individual items are all workable (even if not for me) but not in the combos presented here. The capri jeans needed a white T-shirt and the floral shirt/jacket……the flounce blouse needed dress pants…….the tiered dress needed a white denim jacket and a necklace. But that is just my 2 cents worth….

  11. Really do not care for this display, for all the reasons already mentioned. I do love your selections for Beth. Pam, I am curious about a topic and wonder if you might enlighten me/us one day: how to transition the colors we wear near our face as our hair color changes. I have allowed my hair to go natural this past year, and was surprised to find my real color is not only shot through with silvery strands (which I am loving) but the brunette I thought I used to be is now also a shade darker, and so my hair overall is casting a much “cooler” coloring to my face. Always before I felt I had a neutral to slightly warm skin tone. Is there some rule of thumb in choosing flattering colors? Thanks!

  12. It may just be my computer monitor, but the true red print seems to clash with the muted red dress. I like the colors of the dress and blouse and would buy more simply cut pieces in those colors. Re sweatshirts: I caught sight of myself in a sweatshirt recently and vowed to never again wear one out in public.

  13. I don’t see me wearing the outfits today. The prints over dress(?) just isn’t what I’m looking for. The dress itself is too long for me. I really don’t like the look of the outfit on right either.
    Nothing against red! I’m surprised these were on a Nordstrom display.
    Like others I like what you show for Beth!

  14. I would wear the blouse and jeans if the blouse were more of a salmon or blush color than red. I’m fair skinned and my hair color is a honey/strawberry blond color (with streaks of white appearing). I like tops with a ruffle. I wouldn’t wear the dress or the jacket. I don’t think red looks good an me and just don’t like the dress style or jacket for me.

  15. There is nothing in this display that I would wear. The color on the top is nice, but those ruffles are just not for me. The wide crops are not flattering to my short legs. The color of the dress is ok, but the length, the flounce & the self tie belt make it a no. The jacket seems jarring & out of place with the rest of the display. Most of the items for Beth are more to my liking than the ones in the display. Her adjectives are similar to mine.

  16. Hmmm…interesting display. I’m surprised it’s Nordstrom too. Sometimes I think what is supposed to be “high style” seems to be a miss all around. I would not wear any of these looks. The floral blouse looks like a pajama top to me and certainly doesn’t compliment the garment it’s being worn over. I do love bright colors though and I would style this top with jeans or for full- on brightness, possibly red jeans. A white tank underneath would tone it down a bit. I’d wear gold bangles and a gold chain necklace with it and carry a small bag.
    The dress underneath isn’t really that bad on its own. It would look cute with a jean jacket, chunky heeled sandals, and a crossbody bag. The blouse with the ruffle has everything wrong with it for me. The ruffle isn’t attractive and the color is awful. I can’t even think of how that would be worn.

  17. THANK YOU, Pam!!! I so appreciate you listing my adjectives — this is great. You have listed some wonderful items, especially some of the blouses. I still work in the office so these lovely tops are perfect. I am particularly fond of the paisley one!

    As far as the mannequins, I would definitely wear the ensemble on the right. The top is fun (and the color is one I can wear) and those ruffles give it a feminine touch!!

    I don’t care for the tiered dress — it’s not a look that works for me. I don’t especially like it paired with the jacket. The jacket reminds me of a pajama top — which might be cute with jeans, but not with a dress.

    Many thanks for the post today!

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