Would You Wear It - Vibrant Dresses

Happy Saturday, ladies, and welcome to Would You Wear It – Vibrant Dresses?

On Saturdays, my friend, Jennifer, and I post fashion displays we have discovered around our towns.

We want to know if you would or would not wear the items in the display.

Would You Wear It - Vibrant Dresses

We ask that you look them over and with constructive thought tell us if you would or would not wear the items and then explain exactly why.

Other readers learn from these comments or even connect through these comments.  It doesn’t help anyone to merely say YES or NO.

Dresses are big this year!  I am not sure why there seem to be more than ever before…I guess women are just ready to let their legs breathe after being mostly inside for months.

This display is at Anthropologie…..a retailer for all ages. 

Would You wear it - Vibrant dresses

So look my two cheerful and vibrant mannequins over and tell us………………………………………………………….



Would You Wear It - Vibrant Dresses

I selected reader, Kathleen R, because she used the word VIBRANT in her style goal…she wants her clothing choices to reflect a vibrant older woman.  But, she also said more…

“I am 73, 5 ft tall and overweight (170 lbs on a pear-shaped body).  I think my style is natural/preppy so it is no surprise that my style icons are Lauren Hutton and Kate Hepburn. 

I am a summer in terms of color with my favorite colors on a blue/teal scale.  I live in Vail, a suburb of Tucson, so cool clothing is a must (I seldom need a third piece). 

Also I have Parkinson’s Disease which is starting to affect my gait. I want my clothing choices to reflect a vibrant older woman.”

The five adjectives Kathleen wants to communicate about herself with her clothing are confident, relevant, effortless, kind, put together.

Notice that though Kathleen’s goal is to be vibrant, she has no adjective included such as artistic or creative…she is more natural/preppy/classic as described.

Her vibrancy will come from confidence in what she is wearing and I looked for the adjectives plus flattering fit.

Typically, a pear shaped figure has hips and thighs wider than shoulders and bust. 

Flattering pieces will direct the eye line of the beholder to the waist or to the neckline with a V-neck top. Peplum tops are great because they float away from the tummy area yet accentuate a waist line.

Kathleen, I hope this slideshow inspires you and that you have fun with it…I also hope it inspires women like you!  Thanks for joining in!

It is so much fun to do this for the readers plus get to know you better!  More to come next week, and remember if you want to participate, send me your five style adjectives at over50feeling40@gmail.com,

The goal is to inspire you with looks that speak to your adjectives that you might not consider.  

Now, go over to A Well Styled Life and see what Jennifer has to discuss, then make sure you comment on the dresses here, and make double sure you always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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