Chico’s slim fit capris are great length for warmer weather

Chico's slim fit capris are great length for warmer weather

Happy April Sunday!  Today, I want to discuss how Chico’s slim fit capris are a great length for warmer weather.

My legs are….shall I say…showing a few signs of aging.  Since, the veins popped up, I have not worn shorts as much.

Chico'a slim fit capris are great fit for warmer weather

So, I am really enjoying the Brigitte Tab-Hem Capris in cafe au lait and black from Chico’s. They also are available in other colors.

For me, this is a great length…not too short and not too long, but just right. 

Chico's slim fit capris great fit for warmer weather

I can go as casual as I like with these, but also meet a friend for lunch if I want to.

And, there is a version in denim that I want to add to my wardrobe soon….there are two I like, the Olive Pull On Denim Capris and Pull On Denim Capris.  

Chicos slim fit capris are a great length for warmer weather

I recognize that longer pant lengths are more flattering for me.  They take the eye line down and are slimming.  

The slim fit capris on my shape is also more slimming.  However, wearing a capris like this is more about comfort and staying cool as the temps rise.

They are perfect for travel!

There are several ways to save on different spring styles on Chico’s right now.  The Great Outfitting Event goes through April 24 and features some pieces as low as $29.

I have some fun selections in this slideshow from the sale…plus the shoes I am wearing today in these outfits…

Hope you have a lovely Sunday and that all would soon get warmer weather!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  There are items in this post which were provided to me for review.


  1. I wear capris all the time here in Florida! I don’t wear Chicos, their fit is off for me. I like the Dillards brand called Investment. Oh, I love your dining room drapes also! lol

    1. Thanks Linda. The dining room drapes where actually a Kohl’s purchase a long time ago. I will look at Investments next time I am in Dillard’s, so I can feature it on the blog as well.

  2. Good Morning! You look wonderful in the capris. I wore a pair for the first time this season on Friday, as we hit 80 degrees that day! Lots of warm temps up here is unusual for early spring. Have a terrific Sunday!

    1. So funny Connie…I am sitting here in my Chico’s denim jacket because our temps are LOWER than normal! But I know the heat is about to be on! Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

  3. I really like the slim fit style and that cafe au lait is lovely on you. I think I like the lighter ones for myself also as there is less distinction between the material and my light skin. I am so looking forward to the warm weather to wear lighter styles, but we are to get a bit more snow this week, so I am waiting patiently and enjoying the sunshine when we can get it. Not that I have anywhere to go since we are in a few more weeks of stay at home orders. I desperately hope this one works to slow things down.

  4. I like the slim style. Like all pants, I absolutely must try them on in the store to get the fit I need. Capris have never really been my friend unless they are almost skinny. I like the black pants in the slideshow very much. I’m ready for warm weather…. we’re going to have a few rainy sleety days in the low 40’s this week, but I’m trying to ignore that and refuse to get my heavy jackets back out! The bright spot is that we have lots of occasion to wear spring sweaters in pretty colors!

    1. I am actually a tad bit jealous, Karen…I would love to be able to wear some of the cute sweaters I have seen this spring. They are super fun! Hope you time with your sister was special!

  5. Love Chico’s and the Bridget line of pants and capris. Enjoyed seeing the shoes on the slideshow. Happy Sunday!

  6. All the looks you’re modeling are very sharp! I really like that black blouse with the big buttons — it’s so classy paired with the lighter pants. I have 2 pr of capris & wear the dickens out of them in in hot weather. We’re supposedly in for a hot summer this year so I’m wondering if a 3rd pr might be a good investment, especially after seeing you in yours — you look very cool & pretty.

  7. You look really cute and comfortable in your Capri outfits! As others have mentioned i like the cafe au lait pair paired with the black blouse . Nice!
    I’ll be looking into Chicos really soon!

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