Monday Breakfast Table Talk – New Vision Over 50


Happy Monday and welcome to the second Monday Breakfast Table Talk about having new vision over 50.

As I said in the video, I am so pleased with the initial response of us beginning each week with a little positive talk about this time we live in.

So, please join in and share your thoughts on today’s topic in the comment area below.


Monday Breakfast Table Talk - New Vision Over 50

I mentioned my latest vision board in the video and explained it in this post:  My Second Acts Vision Board.

This was very easy and free to do on Canva Vision Board Templates.

Just select a template and then you can click on it, download your own images and create your own inspiration!

I have started a couple of the projects since making the board, and acknowledge it is all a work in progress. 

I may not ever own or run a Bed & Breakfast, but now that life is returning, I can certainly increase my hospitality at home. 

I have started two books and hit a wall with both…but I know when the right inspiration hits, the words will rapidly come.

The point is to not get discouraged…continue to dream big!!

And just start.…I was waiting until I became more proficient in video making, and finally just thought, “What the heck!  I am going to get this going anyway!”

Because I felt a sense of urgency that some of you needed encouragement.  So rough as it is, here we are.

Maybe you want to write…just start…maybe you want to paint…just start…maybe you want to garden…just start!!


You may know other women who are in need of that same encouragement or inspiration.  So please invite them to join us on Mondays or send this link their way.

Please share your thoughts below about today’s topic….and return tomorrow for a Leigh & Me shopping trip….and, of course…….


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. “Just start”, thinking, dreaming, planning…I like the idea of a vision board and will get started right away. I’m definitely one who plans and plans ahead, and this is a great suggestion! Also, a fun and creative suggestion! These Monday chats are fun and I am so glad you started doing this! I’m keeping up with the journal, being mindful through the day of things that happen that I can write about! Keeps the focus on the positive things that happen, because even on the “heavy” days, there is something to learn and be thankful for. The vision board will be fun and inspiring!

  2. Good for you for just jumping in and doing these inspirational videos Pam! I don’t normally comment, but your blog today reminded me of a quote from Vincent Van Gogh that I thought might be worth sharing:

    “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced”.

  3. You certainly don’t need any bells and whistles with your videos. Just an honest and friendly chat with those of us watching is the perfect way to go. Now that all of the grandkids are in their teens or in university now, the shift on being needed there is changing, so looking to other things here as well. I can remember in my 20’s doing a vision board and although things are different than all the plans then, some of them were realized and others materialized. I think a board does need to be adjusted as the years pass and desires change. This was such a good idea for those who have never thought of laying out their dreams and wishes. One of my remaining ones has been put on hold during this detour, but is still there in full colour waiting for a chance. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next Monday.

  4. Watching your video was helpful for me today. I am recently unemployed and nearing my 60th birthday. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and wondering what’s next. This was thought provoking and positive, something I needed to hear. It’s time to move myself in a new direction and discover how I fit into my future. I need to explore the possibilities. Open my mind to what can come next. Thank you for the perfectly timed video and blog.

  5. You are so welcome, Michelle. Many women testify that they discovered their best life over 60! I am excited to see where this journey takes you. Be hopeful and start thinking of what you would like to pursue!

  6. Another great video, Pam! I love your creativity and appreciate your positivity and encouraging words. Have a blessed day!

  7. I enjoyed your video today. It’s great to wake up with a positive mind set and take that forward into the week! Hope your week is a good one. Feeling hopeful today! Thanks!

  8. The way you are doing your videos is so welcoming. I feel as if we really are chatting at your kitchen table. Right now, I am spending a good deal of my time as a caregiver for my husband, so time for volunteering is very limited. I know some day that I will have more time, so your comments on planning for the future struck a cord with me. I need to give some thought to what interests me & explore the possibilities in my area. I must share something I learned last week, and that is: Cheap sheets with a high thread count are still just cheap sheets.

  9. I like the idea of sharing what we learn each day, Becky…even though it was sad and funny all at the same time! You are doing a good work for your husband and will be blessed for it in the future…I truly believe that.

  10. I’m one of those afternoon watches, but your video is such a great pick-me-up for that midday boost I need!!!

    You are doing a great job and come across so friendly and inviting … as if we all were really sitting at the table with you.

    I will be 63 soon and I just started a new position with the company I’ve been with for 15 years, so all things are possible. I hope other woman my age will be encouraged to do what you say … just start!!

  11. I enjoyed hearing what you had to say today. It was good that you just jumped in and
    created the video. You are full of positive and joyful thoughts and have some good ideas
    to implement.
    You are appreciated, thank you for doing this for us.

  12. The best move my husband and I made two years ago was to sell our big home and downsize to half the size home in a 55+ active community. Icing on the cake was having best friends move here two months later. We got involved in committees and numerous clubs. It was a godsend in the pandemic to still wave to and zoom with all our new friends. I am so inspired by the women I meet here. They come from such a wide range of occupations, and talents. Age is just a number. I know we would not have been this active at our other home. We have book clubs, writers’ club, art groups, exercises classes galore. Etc. Now that most everyone is vaccinated, we can start enjoying each other’s company in person. My passion has always been gardening and I love it even more here, because I have just enough to experiment, but not too much to overwhelm me with work. We have opportunities to volunteer in the greater community as well. My new friends inspire me constantly as do you Pamela!

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