Monday Motivation – Just One Thing

Happy Monday and welcome to my breakfast table for a little Monday Motivation…and today we are discussing the power of just one thing!

Monday Motivation - Just One Thing

On May 17, I saw this little calendar of quotes at my nail salon and this one really struck me as particularly powerful this year.

Monday Motivation - Just One Thing

Today’s video is shorter than the others have been because I spent the weekend with three of my favorite guys!

Monday Motivation - Just One Thing

I hope all of you had fun weekends as well.  I will be here tomorrow with why this road trip was unique for Mr. B and I.

Monday Motivation - Just One Thing

So, grab a cup of joy!  Settle back and join me at the kitchen table.  As always…please let me know if these videos are of interest to you…or share your thoughts on the topic below…and


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I do enjoy these Monday morning video chats very much. You always give me something to think about and today is no exception. One thing I want to work on/change is to stop complaining. It’s something I want to be aware of so I can catch it as I’m about to say something negative. Most often, I don’t even know I’m doing it because it can be so subtle. I’m not saying I’m a whiner or a griper, because I’m not. It’s just the subtle, negative thoughts that creep in and then I give voice to them. I’m being deliberate about catching myself and putting a stop to this.

    Such a sweet photo of your grandsons! I got to spend the weekend with my son who visited from New York, and that was such a blessing. Your little guys are sure growing up!!

    1. I know all of us get into habits of complaining… that is a great one thing to work on! So glad you had that time with your son! Happy Monday!

    2. Pamela, I enjoy your blog every morning with my coffee as I start my day. I live in Ontario Canada so am in our third lockdown, which seems like it will never end! However I know all things will iron out in time and we are all looking forward to a more normal life. Your videos are wonderful. I feel as though we are having coffee together and so enjoy listening to your encouraging words. I need to focus on something new to do as lockdown lifts. Unfortunately I have lost two close friends in the last year, and this will make a big difference going forward. I treasure my family and look forward to seeing all of them, again it has been a very long time. Please continue your work that makes such a difference to so many.

      1. Thank you, Irene. I am encouraged by your attitude after lockdowns and loss of friends. I know that must be difficult. Thank you for sharing and for being here!

      2. @Irene: I live in the same Province so can relate to what you feel. As to the situation itself, I sadly lost two family members to Covid (back in December and early January) that lived in a high risk area however am optimistic that a silver lining is on the horizon and before too long we shall have some normality back in our lives.
        In the mean time, stay safe! -Brenda-
        @Pamela: Am so enjoying these Breakfast Table Talks. Do hope you continue with them. -Brenda-

  2. Enjoy Monday Motivation Breakfast Talks! While I’m sure you could accomplish this through writing on the blog, this is refreshing. IMO a key to continued success is keeping them less than five minutes. Whatever vehicle you choose to get the message out, thanks for sharing!

  3. The video was nice and I agree, keep it short. I’m going to focus on appreciating my husband for all that he does and all that he brings to my life.

    1. I love that, Sueann. Mine is going to return to his office building sometime this summer and I will really miss him. This time we have spent together the last 14 months has been wonderful. Thanks for sharing and confirming to keep it short!

  4. I enjoy these short videos with inspiring messages. You are always so upbeat and we all need more of that joyfulness. I LOVE your hair styled with the soft waves. I think the older we get the more we need softness around our faces. Yours looks fabulous.

  5. One thing to focus on right now in lockdown is that I have someone with me as much as it is a bit too close in some cases, I am glad I do not live alone and lonely for the past 16 months. We are starting to make plans for next year and that is a positive. We will start to open up outdoor dining in 3 weeks and then go from there so that is a positive and hopeful thing as well. I will get my second shot in 2 months so that is also a positive. It is possible to find some good if the negative thoughts are kept down. It is a holiday here, and so many are rebelling at closures that we must hold on for a bit longer. Happy monday to you.

    1. Hang in there Diane. I am so sorry that you have had to endure such long wait periods. It surprises me that your second shot is two months away. But hopefully we can help you to remain hopeful!

  6. Thank you for your comforting, kind and uplifting Monday morning motivations. I too find myself getting a bit negative and critical as we wind down the Covid mandates here. (Sounds crazy…I should be jumping for joy, or skipping…)! I must watch it and like others I’m practicing “spread seeds of kindness” and not kernels of criticism.
    Your weekly wisdom shines a light in my life, that’s certain……

  7. I so enjoy hearing the actual voices of bloggers I follow. I can always listen when I am doing my hair or makeup in the morning (I do this with podcasts, too), so the length doesn’t matter so much to me. I also appreciate seeing your “try-on” sessions as well as how you style the things already in your closet. Too many fashion bloggers are sweet young things who would look good in a potato sack. I am closer to your size, so when I see you style something I have an idea if it might work for me. That is so helpful as stores have limited what they stock and much of my shopping has pivoted to online.

  8. Hi Pam! I do hope you continue with these Monday videos. I usually watch in the afternoon, but they are such a boost to the beginning of the week.

    They give me so much to think about … especially the topic today!

    I love you with the soft waves in your hair. I think it is fun to try different styles and change things up. I have an assortment of hair tools (flat irons, hot curlers, curling irons, etc.) and enjoy trying different styles.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Beth! I plan to continue with the videos! And thanks for the “hair” encouragement!

      1. I enjoy your videos Pam. Please keep doing them. One thing to change for me….cut the time on my tablet!

  9. I do enjoy your Monday “gal pal” video visits. You bring some good points to the table to ponder on and see how that might pertain to yourself. It’s kind of like doing a honest personal inventory to see how and why you respond to any situation with others as well.

    Your grandsons are totally adorable, so cute. I bet they have lots of endless energy.

    1. Yes! They do have endless energy…and are such blessings to their GiGi! Thanks for joining in Katherine!

  10. I forgot to say, your new way of styling your hair looks nice, you are blessed to have so much hair. Your nails look beautiful and you also looked so well dressed for your meeting that you were attending this morning.

  11. I like the softness of your hair style. I’m doing the same thing with my hair.
    Your videos are very uplifting and inspiring to me. PlusI like hearing your voice.

  12. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for the video and the pictuire of your gorgeous grandsons!! I told my adult daughter that my husband and I are working on bringing more fun and humor into the every day, to aim for that gratitude, just being kind and slightly flirteaous with each other. We both work from home, adult kids gone, so to go along with that attitude thnkfully we can give each lots of physical space! But on the other hand most of my family live in England and i cannot see my 88 yr old Mum easily at all because of the quarantine and all the retrictions, and her loneliness worries me as all this time she has been by herself, So if you can get together with family now then count your blessings, and please be sensitive because some of us are still waiting and waiting to get reunited.

    1. Hi Francesca, my heart does go out to you and your current situation. You might consider sending her a unique love letter of special memories…choose the ones you know might put a smile on her face. Reach out any way you can to keep her hope alive.

  13. Hi, Pam! I love your videos, and look forward to them every Monday morning. Thanks so much — please keep them coming. Under 10 minutes, please, so I can get going with the things you inspire me to do!

  14. I am a fan of your videos as they always provide such good food for thought. One thing that I will be working on is my battle with perfectionism. Perfectionism can be a huge stumbling block for accomplishing anything. The thing that I learned today is that fiddlehead ferns are edible. Also want to tell you that your hair looks very pretty with waves.

  15. I like the soft waves as well……also really like the videos although I don’t see them until later in the day, cause the antique desktop lost sound years ago, and that’s where I sip coffee and check my favorite places. I keep saying I will investigate a new one, but keep putting off due to lack of tech knowledge. When I’ve landed on the sofa with the iPad I listen to them.

  16. Hi Pam, I am a long-time reader of your blog and very much appreciate all that you do to bring us positive and helpful messages. I also enjoy the pictures and stories of your grand kids–being a grandmother is a blessing! Please keep up with your Monday Motivation videos. I like to hear your spoken message!

  17. I’ve been enjoying your videos too, Pam. I don’t usually get around to watching them until later in the day, but that’s okay. I agree with those who recommend keeping them under 5 minutes.

    I can’t help envying those who, like you, are able to spend time with family again. Here in Alberta, we’re still looking forward to that day. With case numbers dropping and about half the population having received at least one dose of vaccine, I’m hopeful that that day is getting closer.

    The one thing that I’ve been working on changing over the past few days is our menu. I feel like we’ve gotten into a bit of a dietary rut in recent months, so I’m trying to change things up with new recipes or old ones that I haven’t made in a long time.

  18. Just a quick comment to let you know I really enjoy your podcasts, Pam — & I’m not usually a podcast person because I read faster than I listen (if that makes sense, although as I’m learning to slow down a little I’m becoming more comfortable with them). And I especially love today’s challenge. Whew. So many things to improve on, from the personal to the political! I’d already decided that this week I’m going to be giving our front yard a thorough clean-up & overhaul, with lots of pruning & trimming going on. I bought some bedding plants this morning & have to find a place for them, too. So maybe I’ll just stick to that & not try to overdo it. And thanks for the inspiration.

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