Road Trippin’ with our dog

Road Trippin' with our dog

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today, I would like to share how we went Road Trippin’ with our dog, Tux.

Tux is really a grand-dog, who came to visit, and struck up a deep connection with Mr. B….known as Pappa Joe in our family.

It looks as though he is here to stay since his original family now has a beloved cat…who wants to be the head of the household!

We lost both of our family dogs when our children were older but still at home, and we have not owned a dog since then.

Going road trippin’ with a dog is our first time…in a very long time…with all kinds of new experiences in a dog friendly world.


Road Trippin' with our dog

Our first road trip with our dog took us on a journey to north Texas, with a stop at our favorite hill country town, Frederiksburg, a pet friendly community.

Road Trippin' with our dog

We stopped first at the city park in the middle of Main Street so that Tux could stretch his legs…a beautiful place to begin our walking time. 

Road Trippin'n with our dog

What I immediately noticed is how many new friends you make with a dog…those who have dogs want to always say hello and those who love dogs, acknowledge the dog and the owner.

We saw many couples in our age range who also were traveling with their pets.

Road Trippin' with our dog

We were so pleased to find an “all-about-dogs-store” on Main Street called Dogologie.  We needed a collapsible water bowl for Tux.

The employees were so nice and a great resource for dog-friendly restaurants complete with their menu reviews!

I want to thank them for their sponsored “Poop Bag Stations” around town to keep their town clean!!  On the way home two days later, we found ourselves in need of the stations!

Road Trippin' with our dog

Soon after the store visit, we chose the patio of Burger, Burger  for lunch where Mr. B and Tux throughly enjoyed the experience.

I found a delicious veggie burger on the menu…highly recommend!

Going to my daughter’s was easy with many of these options available…coming back was not.

It was raining and there was no place we could go with Tux (many places closed early that day), so we just made a quick stop for a walk and headed on home!

Road Trippin' with our dog

Some stores would allow us to go in and carry the dog…with his size that is pretty easy…

Others would not, but the city has quaint places to sit outside of most stores and we could go in individually if we desired to see the new merchandise.

We shop Frederiksburg often, so we are aware of what we will usually find there.

\Road Trippin' with our dog

One thing I definitely needed was to take treats to my three grandsons and this bakery met the need!

They loved the Chocolate Chunk…really big…cookies!!


Road Trippin' with our dog

I ended up enjoying what I wore…it gave me confident style…was comfy…and did not wrinkle during the drive.

The pieces I previously owned here were my JJill light denim jeans; my BZEES sandals (great for walking); and my Soft Surroundings necklace.

I recently came home with this Karyn Seo topper from Dillard’s.  It is actually called the Ana Embroidered Print Silk Blend Shawl Collar Cardigan.

I was able to size down to a Medium…and I bought it because of the colors, and the messages of creativity, approachable, confidence.

Recently, I purchased two Universal Thread Company V-Neck Tees at Target, on sale for $7 each.  I bought the RUST and LIGHT ORANGE.

These are great tees to wear as layering pieces or alone.  They are excellent quality…and I may get more in other colors for layering or wearing alone.

Chico’s actually has a prettier version of the necklace I am wearing here, it is called the Convertible Multi-Strand Horn Necklace. 

Road Trippin' with our dog

All in all, this was an enjoyable and successful first trip with our little dog, Tux.

There are a few challenges, but in this dog-friendly environment, we were able to easily overcome them.

We did learn that we need to activate child locks on the windows…he kept jumping up and rolling (do we still say rolling?) them down!

Would anyone else like to share your experiences traveling with pets?  We would love to hear.  Thanks for stopping by today and make sure you………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell




  1. Here is a post that made me smile immediately! What a sweet pup! Dogs can truly enrich our lives, and it looks like you had such fun! That cardigan you’re wearing is so bright and cheerful, and reflects the fun of being on the road with Tux! I am blessed to spend three days each week with my son’s dog, Moose. He’s a Cane Corso, so very large, yet still just 8 months old so very much a puppy. I treasure my days with him. I take him everywhere and enjoy our walks that are part of each day. He’s a great listener! Don’t they always look like they’re smiling at you?! I found a seat cover that covers the entire back seat, hooks securely on the back and front headrests, and has zip panels to protect the doors. Works well for us and cuts down on cleaning up constantly! My guy drools! The town you visited looks so inviting…and those cookies!!! My goodness, I’d have to indulge in one of those!! Such a fun post Pam! I’m looking forward to one day taking Moose to the beach with me, if my daughter-in-law will let him go for that long!

  2. Tux and Mr. B are inseparable! He has delivered a lot of joy to our house! I hope you get that beach trip with Moose soon, Karen!

  3. We no longer have a dog but she was too big to attempt to travel so we always left her at a kennel. Your little Tuk is so cute, and probably well-behaved , and apparently the town of Fredericksburg caters to pets which is refreshing. I saw a sign on a veterinarian’s office Sunday which I posted on Facebook that certainly seems true: “ Dogs prepare you for babies…cats for teens!” I thought how very true having owned , or rather, been owned by, several cats over the years.

  4. Nothing quite like the love of a dog. That shot of Tux on Mr. B’s lap is adorable. since losing our last dog, we decided to not get another for now. It is so hard to leave them when we travel and even with the cats, I worry the whole time I am away that they are OK and not missing us too badly. We have large dogs on both sides of us and the barking when they are tied up just breaks my heart so that is another reason we would not have one right now.
    You look very comfy and travel friendly, and oh those cookies!

  5. Awww. We are also just back from our beach house on Caoe Cod! We have no family pet at home with us right now but we often dog sit our daughter’s Golden doodle, Finn. He’s a handful at about 75 pounds. And very active.
    You’re right about meeting lots of pups while out on our walks- I’ve met 2 Mollys and Hartley and Bart ?) I think that was his name All so cute! People are taking their dogs everywhere! ❤️

  6. It has been years since our dogs passed and it was difficult to say goodbye. Tux has come at the right time and is the right size. I don’t know if I would’ve been up for a larger one. And yes…oh those cookies!

  7. Mr. B is very social and loves all of the attention from other dog lovers. When he walks Tux in the neighborhood, he talks to everyone. There are many travels we would not do with him, but this first venture went well.

  8. Tux is adorable! A dog definitely draws people with their own canine story or just a kind word and a pet.

  9. My family made friends on dog walks with another family, one by one. It happened because our two puppers hit it off. Here we are 11 years later. We went to their son’s wedding, and we’re still in touch even though they moved. Dogs are a blessing!

  10. We live with our grand dog too. My husband was smitten with him and he was not behaving well at his house and the baby started walking and was always after him.
    He’s not a good traveler so we haven’t taken him on a road trip. Actually my husband is not a good traveler eitherTux is adorable!

  11. Sounds similar to Tux’s story! But he did travel very well. Thanks Maggie!

  12. When our children were young, we couldn’t have pets due to allergies and now that we’re retired, travel is the main reason that we don’t have any. There are simply too many places that we want to go where we wouldn’t be able to take an animal. Instead, we enjoy other people’s pets, especially the cat who lives next door. She thinks that our yard is just an extension of hers and that we are some of her people!

  13. Your doggie is very cute. We used to do day trips with a husky. He l loved it. We had to do take out/ picnics, though. We have a cat now who likes to take walks in a backpack. I have fond memories of visiting San Antonio, Fredericksburg, the LBJ Ranch and Library and Luckenback.

  14. I know alot of cats like that one! But, it is fun to have them visit. Thanks Elaine

  15. We enjoyed many trips with our dog. We found a seat belt extender that attached to his harness that allowed him to move about but kept him from being injured if we had to make a sudden stop. It just fit on the seatbelt which we then closed.

  16. Your pup is so cute. My 3 granddogs and one cat are family and get their own Christmas gifts. Love being able to visit them as much as the grandkids. They sure add to ones life. I loved your outfit. It just said summer. I have added Frederiksburg to my list of places I would like to visit. I visited San Antonio the first year I retired and fell in love with the people and city. You live in a lovely city.

  17. We travel flrequently with our two shih tzus…..there are many pet friendly hotel chains and you can find pet sitters through Our pets have been all over the United States…..they love to go

  18. Our sweet boy Izzy is a great traveling companion too. I just wish he would walk on a leash instead of pulling..sigh.. (smile) Pam your hair look gorgeous! plase share at TFT xo

  19. Aw, Tux is adorable. And it all looks so fun. We have only been road trippin a few times with our Sunny (Yorkie.) Mostly about an hour and a half at a time, to my in-law’s. She doesn’t mind the drive a bit. Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

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