Monday Motivation - You are living history

Happy Monday!  It is time for a little Monday motivation from my breakfast table…discussing that YOU ARE LIVING HISTORY!

I hope you enjoy this short visit…..


Monday Motivation - You are living history

This photo was taken out of my car window on the recent road trip I mentioned.  It is a great example of how some things have remained the same and how I find comfort in that.

There was only one place during out trip where the wind turbines have tainted the landscape (just my opinion) and I love to see Texas country which remains the same.

Monday Motivation - You are living history

There is so much about my Texas heritage that I plan to share with my grandchildren…how I cherish and appreciate our traditions.

I encourage all of you to make a plan to do this with your own families.  I understand that progress is important, but so is the value of our history.


Monday Motivation - You are living history

There have been two products sent to me for review this past year that Mr. B absolutely thinks are great!  Therefore, I can fully endorse them for the fathers in your life…though one is a little different!

First, he uses this illy espresso machine every day!  It is a favorite and he can purchase the refills at out local grocery (HEB).

I highly recommend it for your espresso lovers!

Monday Motivation: You are living history

Ok, I realize this is a bit strange as a gift for men, however it is Mr. B and our oldest son who got most excited about these FOOD HUGGERS.

Especially for their avocados!!  My son’s comment was…”I need to get some of these!”  And Mr. B loves them…he is not a fan of plastic bags or foil for goods that need saving in the fridge. 

I have not admit that I was surprised they both got so excited about this very simple…yet, genius…product!

OK…maybe not for a gift…but men approve and they do work great!

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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  There are products in this post, I was provided for review and the words are my own.

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