Monday Motivation: You are living history

Monday Motivation - You are living history

Happy Monday!  It is time for a little Monday motivation from my breakfast table…discussing that YOU ARE LIVING HISTORY!

I hope you enjoy this short visit…..


Monday Motivation - You are living history

This photo was taken out of my car window on the recent road trip I mentioned.  It is a great example of how some things have remained the same and how I find comfort in that.

There was only one place during out trip where the wind turbines have tainted the landscape (just my opinion) and I love to see Texas country which remains the same.

Monday Motivation - You are living history

There is so much about my Texas heritage that I plan to share with my grandchildren…how I cherish and appreciate our traditions.

I encourage all of you to make a plan to do this with your own families.  I understand that progress is important, but so is the value of our history.


Monday Motivation - You are living history

There have been two products sent to me for review this past year that Mr. B absolutely thinks are great!  Therefore, I can fully endorse them for the fathers in your life…though one is a little different!

First, he uses this illy espresso machine every day!  It is a favorite and he can purchase the refills at out local grocery (HEB).

I highly recommend it for your espresso lovers!

Monday Motivation: You are living history

Ok, I realize this is a bit strange as a gift for men, however it is Mr. B and our oldest son who got most excited about these FOOD HUGGERS.

Especially for their avocados!!  My son’s comment was…”I need to get some of these!”  And Mr. B loves them…he is not a fan of plastic bags or foil for goods that need saving in the fridge. 

I have not admit that I was surprised they both got so excited about this very simple…yet, genius…product!

OK…maybe not for a gift…but men approve and they do work great!

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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  There are products in this post, I was provided for review and the words are my own.


  1. I love this Pam! I agree that we do have experiences to share. My dilemma is trying to avoid the “in my day” approach, so I pretty much wait until someone asks, but that doesn’t happen often! Sometimes we can offer understanding and share how we remember feeling exactly the same way, and give an example. By the way, I agree with you about the turbines! I love seeing untainted landscapes like in your photo, and I see a lot of that in my travels, thank goodness. Your espresso machine (what a treat!!) reminds me of a special treat I had this weekend when my sister and I were out of town on our shopping excursion. Our favorite restaurant has a fabulous coffee drink made with espresso, vanilla syrup and club soda with a tiny twist of lemon. Served over crushed ice. It was amazing!!! I’m going to be figuring how to get proportions right and perfect that one for summer! I’m going to be spending time with my NY family soon for my middle grandson’s graduation, and I’ll have to look for opportunities to share some of my own fond graduation memories! You’ve given me something to think about!

  2. Solar farms are the latest big thing where I live. The wind turbines have all been replaced with even bigger wind turbines like the ones in Europe.

  3. As a retired history teacher, I say “well done” to your video today. When traveling it is so fascinating to visit the smaller towns and discover their history. I loved it as a child, why I became interested in history as a future career, and I still love it today. Our surrounding museums do so much more today. Exhibits are constantly changing, festivals and guests are brought in. I think the pandemic really inspired some renewed creativity.

  4. My first job was at the local drugstore. It had a soda fountain, & I made milkshakes, ice cream sodas & sundaes. Alas, the drugstore is no longer there. It is an auto parts store now, but today’s breakfast table talk brought back many fond memories.

  5. I had to laugh at your comment re your husband & son getting excited about the Food Huggers (which I’d never heard about until now & really appreciate the link!) — my husband, who’s the most down-to-earth practical man on the planet, gets excited about the weirdest (& usually simplest) things! It’s one of the still-a-little-boy-at-heart things I love about him. And just a gentle reminder about wind turbines: we either get used to them or used to having no electricity because oil won’t last forever (& I say that as someone born & raised in Alberta, which is Texas North here in Canada in terms of oil production). Think of them as PART of the view, like freeway overpasses & bridges, not something in the way of it 🙂 BTW, love that teacup!

  6. Pam, I really appreciated your email today! I’ve never heard of Pahla B but now I’m checking out her videos – thanks for that recommendation.
    I have a question about SuperGoop, that I hope you can answer.
    I have combination skin with an oily T-zone. Facial sunscreens often feel oily on my skin. What do you think about SuperGoop for combination skin?

    1. I know a lot of people…male and female who use it and I have never heard a complaint…only rave reviews. So glad you liked the email!

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