Shopping JJill’s casual wear for women

Shopping JJill's casual wear for women

Happy Thursday!  Welcome to Shopping JJILL’s casual wear for women in the current collection

I was unable to take Leigh Ann with me on this shopping trip, but hopefully will have her around for the next one.

I am excited to say that I have lost some weight (just a little bit, nothing for breaking news, yet) and on some of the pieces I really believed I needed to go down a size.

However, it was a busy day at JJill in The Shops at La Cantera so I did not want to keep sending them back for other sizes…some of these are a little loose.


Shopping JJill's casual wear for women

I have had my eye on the Wearever Safari Jacket since it hit the website.

I have been looking for just the right navy blue piece and this is it! 

I love the fabric ( 90% polyester 10% spandex woven) because it has a lightweight silky feel to It and is machine washable.

I will be able to wear this all year long in our warmer climate.  Can’t wait to style it with my white jeans.

I did not purchase the top, but it is cute with the jacket, The Wearever Layering Tank, navy blue/cream striped. 

The tank is a generous fit…so I would have sized down on it for purchase.

Shopping JJill's casual wear for women

Denim and like fabrics are always popular for casual wear.

First, I decided to try the Authentic Fit Buttoned-Hem Ankle Jeans.  I liked them and took two sizes in with me and the smaller one fit! Very comfortable.

This top above is the 3/4 sleeve split-neckline and I could’ve sized down on it.  Very comfy casual!

Make sure you look at this top online to see how nice it looks ironed out!

Shopping JJill's casual wear for women

This next casual top is the Pure Jill Scoop-Neck Elliptical Tee in the Cape Cod Wash. 

Shopping JJill's casual wear for women

I found several garments I liked in the Pure Jill department this trip.  Usually, I am more Wearever, but Pure Jill had a lot of springtime fun going on!

Here is another selection of the Pure Jill Scoop-Neck Elliptical Tee in seaglass small water color botanical…or simply floral!!



Shopping JJills casual wear for women

I know there are audience members who like linen this time of year, and some who are loving more feminine styles, so JJILL is ready to meet your needs!

This is another Pure Jill top.  It is the Pure Jill Airy Weave Top..and I could’ve sized down on this one.

It is an easy, nice look with this light denim.  The top is thin, and I noticed the model is wearing It over a tank top.

Shopping JJILL's casual wear for women

This is another which shows better online, and I tried it on for all who love feminine.

This is the Pure Jill Garment – Dyed Linen Ruffled Hem Jacket. 

Also, the Pima V-neck tank comes in a pretty green called Caraway.

Shopping JJILL Casual wear for women

I like this dress.  It is the Linen Striped A-line shirtdress

But, the one I am considering purchasing is the Linen Pleat Back Shirt Dress and I am considering it in the bougainvillea color.  I liked the way it fit and how it felt…especially since our temps are going up!

At the moment, dresses are 30% off…so are scarves and jewelry.  I really like this Multi-Floral Bordered Infinity Scarf!


Shopping JJILL's casual wear for women

Finally, I tried this look on for those of you still spending most of your time at home…and I did need to size it down.

But it is super comfy….the Pure Jill Embroidered Dolman Tunic, and Pure Jill Jersey-Knit Straight Leg Crops.  

That was my trip.  I will style the safari jacket soon and show you ways I will be wearing it…It’s a great garment.

I am just curious how you feel about linen…are you a fan?  Please share your thoughts on this controversial fabric.  Thanks for being here and make certain you always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. So glad to see that you took the navy jacket home. It is gorgeous. Yes, I am a linen person for those days when it is just too hot and sticky to care about the wrinkles. When travelling, a quick steam at night has it ready for the next wear and keeps it soft. And yes, it is noticable that you are a size smaller so congrats to you for your hard work. Oh how I remember the days when the sales staff would steam the clothes before they went on the sales floor.

  2. I’m loving the ruffle-hem cardigan but would wear it over a solid color column (maybe even a dress) rather than jeans & a tee. I’m also favoring the pleat-back shirtdress you refer to (but don’t show) in the chambray or rose colors. What could feel better after a day in the sun than a shower & slipping into a linen shirtdress! Dining al fresco? Here I come!

  3. I remember those days as well. Sadly, most businesses are low on employees and experiencing difficulty finding the workers in the US at least.

  4. I really like the shirt dresses just for the reason you state here! Enjoy!

  5. You chose some great pieces to try on! JJill is such a favorite of mine! Pam, you always look fantastic in dresses, and the shirt dress is no exception. You can really wear a dress!! It must have felt wonderful to size down! (In my mind, ANY weight loss is newsworthy!! If, big “if”, it happens in my world it’s a really happy thing!) I have been eyeing that blue jacket also, in the olive color. My Talbot’s safari jacket is one I wear almost daily in the early spring and it would be nice to change off. It looks flattering on you. I love the floral top too. All these pieces really, but do need to add some florals. I have my JJill list made up, but will need to take a look at that jacket after seeing how nice it looks. So glad you shared your shopping trip! You had a lot of things hanging in that dressing room!!

  6. I love the jacket! It is such a nice, lightweight fabric. I have been looking for something like this in navy for months! Check that box!! Thanks for your encouragement Karen!

  7. Thanks for trying on J Jill. I shop there, so it’s great to see their clothes on different body types before deciding, since I am not their model size.

    The striped shirt dress & the pleat back dress are 2 of the best items in their collection right now imho. Unfortunately they don’t fit my my style words.

  8. Thank you for sharing that…we would love to know your style words!

  9. I know so many people love linen, but I can’t get past the wrinkles. I bought linen pants years ago and ended up returning them. I knew I wouldn’t wear them. I’m one of those ladies who still iron everything. I prefer clothes that are more structured and fit closer to the body (but not tight). I have seen some wrinkle-free linen advertised, but I’m not sure if the chemicals used to make them are environmentally friendly.

  10. I will see if I can get an answer to that, Kate. I understand your concern there.

  11. I love the fit and relaxed style of JJill, but sometimes their fabrics, and especially color choices, do not resonate with me. They often show very muted colors and lots of pastels. In general, I love the fit of Pure Jill, especially in retirement, but I like the more saturated colors of Wearever. To me, this store has truly relaxed silhouettes for retirement nailed. In the years the colors appeal to me, I tend to stock up. Pam, you always look super. Congrats on the weight loss. You look great either way, but healthier is … well, a good thing!

  12. you look great!!! I love that you concentrate on healthy – versus just a number on a scale. Congratulations on your weight loss & keeping YOU healthy!!

  13. We have normal temperatures of over 100 degrees from now until September so I have purchased several linen pieces from J Jill. A friend sends her linen tops to the cleaners to be pressed & starched & it does seem to keep wrinkles away. I do mine the old fashioned way with a hot iron & a light spray on starch. I love the striped dress!

  14. Thanks Linda…healthier is definitely at the top of my reasons to get serious. I let things go a bit during the past year!

  15. Thank you Terri! I feel so much better when I begin to shed the pounds…the challenge is always to keep it going!

  16. Cute clothes! I like the first one you pictured the best (on you). Also, the striped dress is really cute.
    I’m not a big fan of linen. I just never felt it was all it’s cracked up to be. It’s the wrinkle factor I don’t like.

  17. I especially like the striped linen dress on you. I recently ordered the floral linen shift from their newest collection. My secret for a linen dress or top is to pick one in a print or stripe to ensure the wrinkles do not show as much. I expect when ordering online for the clothes to need ironing, but when I drive to a store, I really do expect them to look more presentable.

  18. 🙋 Team Linen here! Especially, J Jill Linen! I have a ton of it, and buy more each year. They did a good job keeping the “Jill Style” intact this year. It has been wavering a bit in the past couple of years.

    I’ll be shopping there soon 😊

  19. J. Jill is one of my favorite stores. I am a linen blend fan. Still light & airy, but doesn’t wrinkle so terribly. Thanks for sharing your try on session.

  20. I am a huge fan of linen and love ironing and using spray starch (LOVE the scent of it) . . .but only for table linens! ☺ I have a few linen tops, but always feel like they are a bit stiff and not as flattering as other fabrics on me. No linen for me this week up here as I explore Alaska – lots of warm layers and my trusty puffy vest! 😁

  21. Thank you for trying on JJill clothes!

    I find that their sizing is inconsistent, and it’s great to see items on someone whose proportions are closer to mine than any catalog model will ever be!

    I have a top from Jjill I bought a few years ago, and it is lose as an extra-small. On me, who normally wears a size large.

    You look beautiful, especially in the shirt dress!

  22. The navy jacket is a great & very versatile piece. I also like the dress on you. I’m another person who really wants to like linen but can’t get past the wrinkles. I think it stems from all the ironing my mother had me do as a tween & teenager. LOL

  23. I understand those memories, Becky…have them as well. My mother even ironed sheets!

  24. This year, I am opting for Linen pieces for my summer wardrobe as like its natural fiber. Love the shirt dress on you Pamela and feel it could be a versatile piece as could be worn with leggings (long ones and perhaps even ruche them to mid calf) or worn as an overlay with jeans and a t-shirt/tank or camisole top. Add a pair of your favourite footwear and a bag and you would be ready to go. Wish we had a J. Jill in Canada as would be interested in their clothing for sure. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Love your straw tote.

  25. I love J Jill clothes and you look great! I do have a pet peeve with retailers that do not steam their clothes upon unpacking! As they are struggling to maintain stores, you would think that the retailers would do everything to make their merchandise attractive! The shipping wrinkles are a major turn off to me unless I buy online and expect to iron clothing myself.

  26. Donna, I really think they are doing all they can since they are in need of employees. Too many are staying home and not working. Every retailer and business here has a help wanted sign. They need more people to work. It’s a real problem for business owners right now.

  27. Pamela, I love the navy safari jacket. I am happy you found your fashion quest. It is such a lift to finally find that item that fulfills your needs and dreams. I just might go try it on myself because I am looking for a navy summer jacket. Thank you for featuring it during your try on session. I am in the linen fan club. When I think of past summer outfits, I remember the linen ones with great fondness. My bed duvet cover is in a natural linen and so are the pillow shams. I love the look and feel of it, and the wrinkles add to its charm. It is very shabby chic, as I love the look. Is it any wonder I mail ordered my bed duvet cover set from a store in the Dallas area – Dillard’s.

    I bought several of the linen blend mixed-media tees from JJill’s current collection. They are so comfortable and have the ability to dress up or down according to one’s accessories. I also bought the airy weave top in the floral pattern and a blue and white daisy floral button up shirt. I adore their Luxe Supima tees. I can be one and done with a Luxe Supima tee and jacket over them, or add a cute light scarf or necklace to wear on hot days and look very stylish. The dress you tried on is very stylish for summer days. I am a fan of the garment dyed ruffled jacket. Hmmm, that one or the navy safari jacket, which one is my favorite? Both!

    We are finally going to hit 80 degrees in Michigan this week. Let the linen begin!

    Greetings from Michigan.

  28. Thanks for checking in Janet! I agree…bring on the linen!! Also, I am a big fan of Dillard’s…we have them in San Antonio as well. Please consider when you order from Dillard’s going to my page that says shopping links and using my link to order with. It gives me a small commission and is much appreciated for the work I do here.
    Happy Tuesday!!

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