Would You Wear It – Feminine Dresses

Would You Wear It - Feminine Dresses

Happy Wednesday, all!  Welcome to the mid-week Would You Wear It – Feminine Dresses?

Last Saturday’s Would You Wear It, got a little dicey!  

I was accused of only showing displays for brands that pay me to do so!  That is so far from the truth!

I go out and about and when I see a display I believe we can all learn from the comments, then I post that one.

No brand has ever paid me to post their mannequins….nor Jennifer.

That conversation happened on Facebook and I now have hidden the comments, because there is just no need for false accusations….anytime!

Would You Wear It - Feminine Dresses

This display captured my attention, because so many readers have told me they want to communicate “femininity” with their style.

So, I thought we would see what we all think about these dresses.  Please keep your comments constructive, informative…and kind towards others who believe differently from you.

We do learn from each other on these days and hopefully a few brands have learned from us what we like and don’t like.

Would You Wear It - Feminine Dresses

So, ladies, please look these dresses over with your fashion-stylist eye and tell us………………………


Today’s display is from JC Penney’s   Here are more of their styles….



Would You Wear It - Feminine Dresses

Today I am stylish a reader who wishes to remain Anonymous…and that is certainly fine. I love to put a name on the adjectives just because it adds a personal touch.

But, I am happy to inspire those who do not want their identity to be known.  This lovely lady would like to communicate to others that she is casual, current, youthful, approachable, and stylish.

So, for Ms. Anonymous and women like her, here is today’s slideshow!

Now, let us know about today’s fashion display…and make sure you always…


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good Morning! Those are all very pretty, and in my younger, slimmer days i would have liked to try them on. im not sure about the quilted look of the red one though, but i do like the cut of the neckline.
    the red flowered one, i think i would chose a wider red belt. and one would need to be very careful with the lovely lace one, although that one is so pretty and with the right accessories could really make an entrance.

  2. Cute dresses!
    If I had a wedding or a shower to attend, I would wear the display dresses with color tweaks. I really like the lace dress, but I need a stronger color like cobalt or raspberry. The floral dresses are cute but I need a background color that is not white — navy or pale blue would be nice. I like the fabric pattern of the coral dress but again, I would prefer a different color.
    I need to see the fabric contents on all dresses before I consider. Too much poly or scuba not for me.

  3. It is so very sad that people feel their right to criticize is more important than common decency and good manners. The fact that one’s identity is somewhat masked by the internet does not cover these wrongs, and I’m so sorry that you felt that person’s anger. You are such an uplifting, joyous person, and I’m sure that person is not.

    In reference to today’s dresses, I have not worn a dress in years, but I do like the aqua one with sleeves, as I never wear sleeveless clothing. It reminds me of a mother of the bride or groom dress, but I’d wear it even though our children are already married.

  4. I love the back two dresses and actually have the floral one! I do like the lacy one in the front except for the sleeves. 3/4 sleeves aren’t comfortable for me especially wide ones.

  5. I do love dresses and wear them often! These are all so pretty, and I’d certainly try them on. The fabrics are pretty and fresh. I’m not loving the sleeves on the aqua dress, but since I see, if I loved it on, I’d remove the hell and adjust the sleeves. The fabric is beautiful! I have several lace dresses that I sometimes pair with a denim jacket for fun. Love the florals here! Not sure the necklines would be flattering, but I’d try them all on!

  6. I like all of the dresses. I would wear a pretty cardigan,, shrug, or blazer with the two dresses in the back. The aqua lace is not a good color for me but I do like the style. The pinkish floral is a no for me. I just don’t need that much fabric I’m my hips!😂

  7. All of these are pretty. They would not get enough wear to add to my closet. I’m finding that with an arsenal of the right accessories, I’m much more likely to dress up a skirt or pants, add a jacket if needed for the season, and call it done. Overall, I don’t usually like florals, though these are fresh and pretty, but I agree with the other comment that the lace one looks very “purchased for an event.” The florals would be lovely with a straw bag or soft gold clutch, and paired with wedges or metallic heels, depending on the occasion. I appreciate that whoever put these out for display took the time to hang them properly and do a few accessories.

  8. I am so sorry that someone made that comment to you. It is very clear to me that neither you or Jennifer are paid to do these. It is an interesting approach and I find it leads to rich comments that help me learn. I like this series because it helps me to articulate why I like something or not and if it fits my style and lifestyle.

    I do wear dresses, but these do not appeal to me. I feel the silhouettes and styles are too fussy for me and do not look comfortable. One would be too short, as I prefer at the knee or below. The others are too fitted. I am not fond of the solid colors or the prints. I prefer smaller prints and more classic prints and neutrals.

  9. Yes to dresses! These are very pretty and I would try all but the reddish one as that is not a colour that I wear. I would have to see how the waistline sits with mine, but as for the sleeveless ones, I would add a light topper of some sort to cover my arms which I do anyway. The lace one would be great for an evening meal when travelling again and I so like the sleeves at that length when they are full like that. It never occured to me that you would be taking these photos for anything but fun and conversation, so am sorry that you get those type of comments. Oh, also, that polka dot asymetrical hem dress in the slide show is simply perfect and so me.

  10. These are beautiful dresses and like their style and color. I rarely wear sleeveless dresses but think these three would look nice with a cardigan or jacket over them or a wrap thrown across the shoulder and could be worn in a variety of activities (work, church, out to dinner, etc) All over lace isn’t really my style but that aqua color is beautiful and I like the sleeves although the length might be a bit shorter than I usually prefer (I like a dress to hit just at the top of my knee, I can hem shorter but can’t make them longer, LOL). But, it would be lovely for a spring or summer wedding! Kudos to the person who dressed these mannequins, the accessories are perfect

  11. These dresses are very feminine and remind me of dresses in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I am glad that women are wearing more dresses. I like the style of all three dresses. Would like different color choices but I would try them on to see what they look like. Thanks for sharing these today.

  12. I think all the dresses today, including the slide show, are very pretty and cover a variety of settings in which to wear them. I especially love the red print one in the back and the yellow shirtwaist from the slide show. My best silhouette, however, is a sheath so I tend to have versions of that in my closet. I love that summer dresses are so easy to wear. Add sandals, ballerina flats, or a heel and nice earrings and a fun handbag and I am set to go. Your slide show for the reader was fun, too.

  13. I’m not usually a dress person but these dresses are just adorable and if I had an affair to wear them to, I’d try on the rear two- leaning more toward the solid dress.
    Dresses do seem to be everywhere this year!

  14. Your slideshow for anonymous was great; in fact, I have loved all of your slideshows for various people. And…today’s slideshow with the additional dresses from JC Penney is good too. There are a few I like. A few years ago we traveled to Bermuda and I got all my dresses for that vacation at Penney’s as well as the jewelry to go with them. So much fun and the price was right.
    On the mannequins, I like the front 2, but not the back 2. I don’t love lace, but because the dress is in my favorite color, that would work for me. I like the necklace they have with it too; the aurora borealis; beautiful. The floral dress, front left is pretty; again, I like the colors. The gold necklace looks nice and I could see wearing this for a casual outdoor wedding. I’d probably look for some strappy gold flat sandals. Flats if outside. The back 2 dresses, I don’t care for. They both look a little cheap to me. I don’t like the thin belt with the floral dress and the neckline isn’t pretty in my opinion. The back left dress I don’t care for at all.

  15. Hi Pamela,
    It upsets me that anyone would say nasty things about you and Jennifer, shame on them. You two are such a godsend with your blogs and this lady really appreciates your time and your passion and your insights. Thank you. Don’t listen to the haters as Taylor Swift said 🙂

    I love feminine dresses and I wear a lot of them but I like the pattern to be smaller as I am petite. Really enjoying your adjective slide show!
    Take care, brush the haters off, no one is listening to THEM.

  16. All such pretties and feminine! Favourite of mine has to be the floral dress in the rear due to its detailed bodice (princess seams and pleats) however would definitely have to try it on for said reason due to the necessity of a perfect fit. As to the lace one; at one time my go-to special occasion little black dress was a long sleeved one, but that was when I was in my early twenties however it wouldn’t necessarily be ‘ my’ choice today as now prefer lace in small dosages. Also looking at its style (again for myself) I have to question its length plus the type of seam applied through its bodice. All said, the floral dress in the forefront I’d be curious as to what it looks like without being belted as perhaps could work as a sheath style and the orange one though do love its color and fabric the skirt appears pleated which is something I avoid unless a portion of them are sewn down. i.e.: Waist to hip.
    P.S.: So sorry Pam to learn that you were the victim of unwarranted accusations.

  17. I rarely wear dresses these days as I am not comfortable with the bare legged look that is so prevalent now, but these are all very pretty. If I were to wear dresses, the only one I wouldn’t wear is the coral one in the back because that is not a good color for me. I would add a shrug or cardigan to the printed ones because I am not comfortable going sleeveless any more.
    I’m sorry about the comments you received on Facebook. I follow another fashion blogger on Facebook, & a person accused her of being drunk when she chose a particular outfit. There is no end to the rude, unkind comments people feel free to make.

  18. I am curious about Ms Anonymous’s adjective “approachable”. Are there clothes that actually tell people “to leave me alone”, or “don’t talk to me”? If so, I would love to learn what that clothing is so I never wear the items.

  19. Hi Michele, I am going to give you my interpretation. I think someone’s style says they are approachable when they are confident and smiling! Also, I thought a relaxed woman might be more approachable than someone in a business suit. Next time a reader uses that adjective, I will ask them to explain. I am so glad that with vaccines and relaxed rules in a few places we can begin to see smiles again.

  20. There are pretty dresses but I just never (or hardly ever) wear them — & never did, really. I’ve never had a job in which I could wear a dress & even now, I don’t seem to live a lifestyle that lends itself to wearing them: this week I took the gas mower to the repair place & had to fight it out of the back of my car by myself because the store was shorthanded, then I schlepped a 40lb sack of cat litter from the store to the car, ran around grocery shopping, took 2 boxes of stuff to the thrift store, ran some other errands & then picked up a bike tire for my husband &, again, there was no one free right then to help me with it & I didn’t have time to wait so I just hauled the thing out to the car myself. Oh, & I got rained on twice. Wearing a pretty dress would NOT have been useful at any point!

    As for the “femininity” thing, I’m not sure that comes with clothing. Certainly there are pieces of clothing that are seen as more feminine than others, but I’ve always felt feminine even when wearing muddy jeans, a hard hat & steel-toed work boots. I think (like sex appeal) it’s an inside job 🙂

    BTW, I’d love to see a discussion on how to “translate” our style adjectives into actual clothing choices. I absolutely love some of the looks in today’s slideshow & try to match the piece with the adjective — but would love to know what you see, Pam.

  21. Ooooooh, I’m a day late, but I love these dresses!

    I am particularly fond of the two florals. The style is so flattering and they are so feminine!

    I have a black dress very similar to the one in the front. It is one that I have worn frequently and can dress it up or down, depending on the accessories.

    Nice post today!

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