Would You Wear It - Feminine Dresses

Happy Wednesday, all!  Welcome to the mid-week Would You Wear It – Feminine Dresses?

Last Saturday’s Would You Wear It, got a little dicey!  

I was accused of only showing displays for brands that pay me to do so!  That is so far from the truth!

I go out and about and when I see a display I believe we can all learn from the comments, then I post that one.

No brand has ever paid me to post their mannequins….nor Jennifer.

That conversation happened on Facebook and I now have hidden the comments, because there is just no need for false accusations….anytime!

Would You Wear It - Feminine Dresses

This display captured my attention, because so many readers have told me they want to communicate “femininity” with their style.

So, I thought we would see what we all think about these dresses.  Please keep your comments constructive, informative…and kind towards others who believe differently from you.

We do learn from each other on these days and hopefully a few brands have learned from us what we like and don’t like.

Would You Wear It - Feminine Dresses

So, ladies, please look these dresses over with your fashion-stylist eye and tell us………………………


Today’s display is from JC Penney’s   Here are more of their styles….



Would You Wear It - Feminine Dresses

Today I am stylish a reader who wishes to remain Anonymous…and that is certainly fine. I love to put a name on the adjectives just because it adds a personal touch.

But, I am happy to inspire those who do not want their identity to be known.  This lovely lady would like to communicate to others that she is casual, current, youthful, approachable, and stylish.

So, for Ms. Anonymous and women like her, here is today’s slideshow!

Now, let us know about today’s fashion display…and make sure you always…


By Pamela Lutrell

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