What I wear on a road trip!

What I wear on a road trip

It’s that time of year….road trip! So let’s discuss what I wear on a road trip.

Texas is large enough that we take many road trips within it and I also have family about four hours away.

There are a few road trips that Leigh Ann and I are discussing taking for the blog…so stay tuned!

What I wear on a road trip

Here is what I keep in mind when traveling in the car:

  1. Comfort is key.  Most of the places we go in state are four to five hours away.
  2. This time of year we usually have the air conditioner blasting so I want to wear something with sleeves.
  3. I want to look nice for when we make stops along the way, so fabric is important.   A cotton/gauze, no-iron or tencel/bamboo are my top choices.
  4. I always wear dark pants…most often capris pants during warmer weather.  Inevitably, if I wear white something gets on them.  Darker colors go better for car travel for me. Of course, we often eat Texas barbecue when we travel!!


What I wear on a road trip

I am sure some of you scored like I did during the Foxcroft $10 sale and that is where this blouse hails from…..it is a soft, gauze, and does not wrinkle at all.  Perfect for road trips…for a whopping $10!

But there are also some fun tops on the market right now which are perfect for road trips and I have the in the slideshow below…including shoes from BZEES.

I like my BZEES shoes for road trips because they are all cute, comfy and if we run into rain or water they are ok getting wet! These are washable shoes!

What I wear on road trips

San Antonio Magazine currently features Road Trip ideas.  I am certain you have many in your areas.

It helps so much to get out…hit the road and enjoy life!


What to wear on a roadtrip

My favorite skincare line is currently having a Mother’s Day Sale! 

I use all Chamonix all-natural antioxidant- based products every day to look my youthful best!

Thank you to everyone who watched and commented on the new video yesterday.  You have encouraged me to keep this going, so look for another breakfast table talk next Monday!  

See you tomorrow for the mid-week Would You Wear It pop-up, and make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I am provided product from Chamonix to review, but the words are my own. 



  1. I absolutely love road trips!! I love to travel to new places and do this as often as I can. A good place to look for ideas is a website called “only in your state.” Looking forward to one this month. Your top is such a beautiful shade of green! And definitely, you need comfortable, dark pants for travel. This is a perfect outfit, and like you pointed out, you look pulled together for those stops on the way! I have happy memories of enjoying Carolina barbeque with my grandson…we have a favorite place where he lives! That’s my first smile today, but I expect there will be more. Yesterday’s video had me paying attention all day for what I’d write in my journal. I had a huge blessing during the day, and have already learned something today. It’s good to be aware throughout the day, keeping the positive in mind! How fun to be anticipating some road trips with Leigh Ann!

  2. You sound so joyful this morning, Karen! Thanks for sharing your journal update!

  3. Love me some road trips! Hopefully we can resume soon! Your car trip outfit is perfect Pam! Love the pics! Your hair looks great! Love the length! – I too like flat sandals to travel. It really helps with any foot swelling. I keep tennie shoes handy for my turn to drive. The most important part of my travel outfit is a very large lightweight tote to hold all our goodies (and room for souvenirs I pick up along the way!) – Have a great day!

  4. You look ready (and happy) as you head out fir your road trip. I agree on wearing dark colors and wrinkle-proof fabrics (denim) as you’ll be sitting a lot, then stopping to snack and as you point out spills happen when eating on the road and with few opportunities for a quick change.
    I’m ready! It’s been a long year if staying around hone!

  5. I just returned from a 4 day road trip with my best friend. The first in over a year thanks to Covid. It was wonderful. We traveled to Duluth on Lake Superior in Minnesota. It was so good to get away.

  6. We just returned from our first road trip post vaccination, to the northern shore of lower Michigan. We had a wonderful time! We did some shopping, beach combing, and touring of what are called mushroom houses. One tip I would have, especially if you are going off season, as we did: stay at a nicer inn or bed and breakfast than you might otherwise allow yourself. We stayed at a wonderful upscale inn, and since the trip involved no air travel, and was just for a few days, it was reasonable in cost and added a -lot- of enjoyment and feeling of pampering.

  7. Your outfit is perfect for a road trip. I agree sleeves & fabric that doesn’t wrinkle are definite musts. There’s nothing worse than stopping for a nice lunch & getting out of the car looking like you slept in your clothes. Your tote is a great bag for holding all the things you might need, like a water bottle & umbrella.

  8. Great advice, Linda. I have never heard of mushroom houses…will check it out so I know what it is! So glad you had a fun trip!

  9. Super tips and so agree that comfort in clothing is a must on a road trip. As to wearing white; can relate to what you said and thank goodness there are laundry pens as if I am going to slop something, it is the time I’m going to do it giving reason why I store one in my car’s console. That said though; at the last wedding I attended someone accidentally spilled close to half a glass of red wine down the front of me and Club Soda came to the rescue. Looking forward to specs of your anticipated excursions with Leigh Ann.

  10. Great idea, Brenda to put the laundry pen in the console of the car! Thank you!

  11. I will have to enjoy your road trips vicariously for the time being. Our provincial premier just announced even tighter Covid-19 restrictions as the situation here is becoming very grave. I’m definitely dreaming of all the places I’d like to go when this is finally over.

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