Would You Wear It – Spring Jackets

Would You Wear It - Spring Jackets

Yay…it is Wednesday and time for Would You Wear It – Spring Jackets!

This is my own little Would You Wear It mid-week pop up just to show us more fashion currently in stores.

Today, I thought we might focus on spring jackets which can go dressy or casual.

Would You Wear It - Spring Jackets

Most of you know this drill…look the display over and tell us if you personally would or would not wear the garments in the display.

Feel free to be creative and tell us other ways these might work for you or where you would wear the styles.

Be constructive and kind in order to help other women…who love to read the comments on these posts.

Would You Wear It - Spring Jackets

So, what do you think of this display……..


Today’s display is from Dillard’s so here is a Dillard’s slideshow which also includes more information on the display!


Other items I am currently looking for are a couple of pair of capri athletic leggings for walking outside in my neighborhood, but I like the newer ones with a pocket for the phone.  They also need to hold up to frequent washes!

Here are some I have found that are under consideration:

Let us know what you think of today’s display!  


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. While I wouldn’t personally wear any of these jackets, I do think the one on the right over the column of black is very pretty. I’d be attracted to the display though, because I think it’s well done, looks neat and crisp… like they took time with it. The shade of blue is definitely attractive and looks great with white or black. I’d enjoy seeing these looks on other women, they just aren’t for me. The neckline on the one on the right would bother me, otherwise I might give it a try. Nice display though!

  2. Wow. These 3 jackets & how they are styled really illustrate the differences in style words.

    The jacket on the left seems sporty to me; the middle is more elegant; while the right is more artsy/bold. I really like the neutral column of color with the pop of the jacket; it’s a look I’m attracted to.

  3. good morning! i agree with Karen, that the display is attractive and someone thought it out.
    i love the aqua blue color family. the pants are all too short for me, two of the jackets just dont appeal, maybe the boxy shape, but they look great for a woman in an authoritative position. i do like the black pencil skirt. thats a staple everyone should have.
    i like the casual jacket on the one side, but i think it would be limited to wearing it with a column of black or just those two colors.
    i like your quest for capri leggings…those are my house uniforms…safe for checking the mail, taking over the trash, if friends drop by. and they launder endlessly and easily.

  4. A definite ‘yes’ to the one on the right as turquoise is one of my favourite colors, like its design and feel the print has an edge to it however at this place and time, a little too expensive in Cdn. $$$ for the wear I would get out of it. Whereas the other two though do like their color combos, are a tad too generic for my personal liking. -|Brenda-

  5. All of the jackets are absolutely gorgeous. I would buy the one on the left as I prefer the longer jackets. The middle and right jackets in the display are only 24″ in length so those would be too short for my preference although I do like them, just not for me. I love all of these colors. A very attractive display.

  6. I agree with the previous comment that the jackets are different styles; sporty, casual, and a bit more elegant.
    I love all three and would absolutely wear them!

  7. It’s cold today in Ohio so I definitely need a jacket. However, I would pass on all three. Like Karen, I visually appreciate the looks displayed but they are not for me. I like the one on the right but the pattern is too large for my frame. Perhaps as a scarf I could incorporate it into an outfit.

  8. Oh, I do like all three of these jackets…good color, proper amount of dressiness , attractive patterns to me. I usually wear a third piece , often over a color column, and I’d be happy wearing any of these but especially the jacket on the right. However, I have more jackets than I need now that I’m retired, and these three lovelies are more expensive than I want to spend. Maybe putting on my wishlist…I need to go to Dillard’s for a bra fitting anyway!

  9. No, no and no. I’m really small ( 4’11” and a size 0 petite. I need more fitted jackets or I look like I’m being swallowed! I only wear long pants because they make my proportionately short legs look somewhat longer. The skirt is a basic: I’d have it right at the top of my knee and make sure it is narrower at the hem which would make it appear like I had hips. The colors are really pretty and clean.

  10. I agree with the general enthusiasm, I like all of them and would like to have them for different circumstances (in fact, I have already some equivalent, but not in these beautiful colors). My favorite is the set on the right . I agree that it is bold and perhaps more difficult to combine with other things (still : black, some shades of blue, probably light grey or off white, would work, thus I would try). It would bring me joy (as Pam would say). Very nice display !

  11. Hello
    It is a very attractive display. Not my style. I kind of like the turquoise and black athletic !looking jacket. Not sure would , have to actually see it.

    The colors are very nice.

  12. Of the three jackets I’m attracted to the teal and black with stand up collar at right. I feel it would look good when dressing up or with a pair of dark jeans. The other two are okay, but I don’t see me wearing them.

  13. These are beautiful, and the teal blue is stunning. However, these would feel like too, too much of a statement for me. I find that I prefer blazers and jackets in neutral colors for maximum wear-ability and longevity. Personally, I feel like these would date for me. If this blue was your signature color, these would likely be a great purchase.

  14. The display is very eye-catching and well done. I don’t wear bright colors, so the jackets aren’t for me. However, I really like the style of the one on the left and I like the waffle texture.

    I’m looking for white pants and the pair on the display are exactly what I’m looking for!

  15. Oh, what a lovely display! Love the turquoise and particularly the jacket on the right. It looks fun, crisp and sporty. The jacket on the left looks a bit long for me (would end at my widest point) and I do not think the two horizontal stripes would flatter my shape either. And the middle jacket is not my style shape-wise and has too much going on colour-wise for me. But overall, I really do like the colours and look of the display.

  16. I would wear the jacket on the left. I love the color & classic style. I wouldn’t wear the middle jacket because I don’t care for the print, nor would I wear the jacket on the right. The puffy stand up collar on that one wouldn’t be a good look with short neck. As others have note, this display is very well done. It’s nicely coordinated, & each outfit is attractively done to showcase the jacket.

  17. Love this main color; teal/turquoise; just beautiful. I’m attracted to the boldest one… on the right! Gorgeous and stylish in my book! I would wear that as styled on the mannequin, but of course add some jewelry. I would were a bold long necklace, probably with a black cord. The middle jacket looks old-fashioned to me. It looks like something from the 60’s. I wouldn’t buy it for that reason. It also looks like something to wear to work. The jacket on the right is cute and I like it better in the slide show worn with the matching tank. I think that looks so pretty and much better than breaking up the outfit with 3 different pieces in 3 different colors even though the jacket incorporates all 3. I think it would look pretty too, with white pants and white top or black pants and black top. I don’t know how I’d accessorize it though. The jacket seems sporty to me. I’d probably wear a tank with more of a scoop neck instead of a high neck as shown. Maybe instead of a necklace I’d wear a belt as an accessory with this outfit; black patent leather, black or white or black and white resin hoop earrings and a black leather strap watch.

  18. The jackets are all pretty and I would wear them. I absolutely love the colourful tie dye top in the slide show!

  19. Beautiful jackets! With black, white and teal blue (tops, skirts, pants, dresses or jumpsuits) they’d make a perfect capsule wardrobe and I really like separates that can be styled in multiple ways and worn for a wide variety of events and occasions.

  20. I love the high collar jacket, it looks fresh and casual. The beautiful color is just right for my dark brown hair and the collar is perfect for my long neck. 3/4 sleeves perfect for my fuller upper arm and skinny elbows downward. I love the color mix on 2nd jacket but that jacket and the other look too much like an Alfred Dunner styling.

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