Would You Wear It – Summer Casual

Would You Wear It - Summer Casual

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – summer casual.

I know summer is still officially a few weeks away, but so many seem to be in a summer state of mind.

This display gives several options for warmer weather….

Would You Wear It - Summer Casual

Remember, tell us personally if you would or would not wear the clothing on the display.  What works or doesn’t work and why…for you…your body type, your age, your style….

Do this constructively and in such a way as to help other women, and not offend those who may feel differently from you.

This is your time to be a stylist and offer suggestions or ideas.

Would You Wear It - Summer casual

So, please ladies, look this fashion display over and tell us……………


Today’s summer casuals are from Chico’s….I was able to locate all of these pieces for the slideshow, except the long linen jacket…


Would You Wear It - Summer Casual

Summer is just around the corner, but in my neck of the woods, the humidity and heat is well underway. 

I love the fact that after using Chamonix Genucel products for at least 2 1/2 years, I feel confident going natural the majority of the time with very little makeup.

Chamonix offers us (the mature crowd) all natural skincare seeped in antioxidants.  I saw immediate results the first time I used it.  And feel glowing as I near turning 68.

Pamela Lutrell uses Genucel XV twice a day

I tell you often about Chamonix, because I believe it is the best skincare line available for women over 50.  Check them out!

And now tell us if you would or would not wear the options….and make sure as you prepare for a new season that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am provided product to review from Chamonix, but the words are my own.


  1. I don’t like the color combos today so no to these outfits. I bought long shorts like the ones shown. I roll them up to about 1 inch above my knee. That is the sweet spot where they look nice.

    1. These are all lovely summer outfits. I would definitely wear the one on the left and most likely the one on the right. The one in the middle is sleeveless and I prefer a sleeve and the color (or lack thereof) wouldn’t work for me. Thanks for posting

  2. i like the pedal pusher length of two of the pants. i would try both of those on.
    the center sweater, i like it, however i have tried items with the side buttons and i just have too much real estate in that section so they never lay flat. i also like the red short sleeve sweater.
    the ruana, not so much, i do love Chicos, but the habit they have of mixing prints on pieces has never appealed to me. some women can do it, and look perfect, but in my head i just cant carry mixed prints.

  3. The Capri pants don’t work for me, but I’d definitely wear the red tee shirt and absolutely the kimono! I’m in the market for some kimonos and this one is beautiful!

  4. I would wear the middle outfit and not the other two outfits. I like the monochromatic look and the necklace is a great accessory piece.

    1. I am not liking today’s pieces as styled. I did buy the beige knee length shorts and am liking them. I have styled with both a crisp white blouse and a black linen shirt. Added nice earrings and sandals. I like a kimono, but think it is rather drab as styled there. I think it is the thin tee. I would add the red tee from the left. Not a fan of those print capris at all.

  5. I do not wear beige close to my face, but know that top comes in other colors I do wear. I like the red top and especially the animal-print pants but would prefer them to be longer as I rarely wear shorts or what I call “peddle pushers”. I like the ruana but it looks as if it would easily wrinkle since it is so lightweight and linen. Your skin looks lovely, and I would not think you were 68 if you had not told us. I’m convinced one’s uplifting spirit has a positive effect on how your look physically, and your look is always so joyful.

  6. I like the idea of rolling the shorts but my knees are not pretty. So no shorts and no capris because I’m so short (4’11”)with crazy short legs the make me and my legs look even shorter.

  7. Now that is a length of pant that I can say yes to. If they are a bit too long, I rehem to about 2 inches below the knee. That, as MP says, is the sweet spot for me in pants and skirts. The look on the left is my style, with the 3/4 or elbow length sleeve, but I would go with a softer colour such as raspberry or turquoise. The print on the pant is subtle enough that it can be a base for many tops. The bottoms in the centre would work as well due to the length but the colours are too skin like for me. The necklace if it was in a silver tone would be a huge yes.

  8. I would try the printed kimono with white linen pieces. It’s just an inch outside of my comfort zone, so good for me to stretch a bit.

  9. I would definitely wear the red top with the black and white capris. I love the cool monochromatic look of the middle outfit, but alas, I’ve had to say “good bye” to sleeveless. I like the kimono topper, but it might be too much fabric for my short frame.

  10. I have to chuckle at the term “pedal pushers” which has been used here to describe these pants! I think only we ladies of a certain age would call them that (I am 65). I remember when I was in the second grade and we had to write a little essay about how we imagined ourselves when we were grown up. I wrote that I would wear pedal pushers! My mother wore them and so would I! ( Sadly, I did not grow up to have the nice legs one needs to do the style the justice it deserves! LOL!)

  11. The only item that catches ‘my’ eye is the shimmer tank top as do like its style (would hide the bra strap), its v-neck and semi-fit cut however it colour might be questionable if has a too pink an undertone (due a fair complexion) plus I’d be curious about the size/depth of its armhole as might be too gaping. Do like the statement necklace for sure though! As to the capris, since I do own a few pairs I find they have a tendency to ride up above the knee when in a seated position and am forever repositioning them so they are really not my favourite choice in a bottom particularly if in a slim cut. As to Kimonos, in the climate I live in they are a piece you will seldom see worn as street wear and are more in the category of special occasion or tropical vacation if/when purchased. So currently for me regardless I like this one, on both accounts it would be a ‘no’ for reasons given. Re the T-Shirts; do have similar already in my wardrobe.

  12. Love all three looks today! The only piece I would need to change is the red top to some other color (can’t do red near my face) but those black and white print bottoms would look terrific with any solid. Wish I had the topper at right for my trip (5 days from now!!!) as I would wear it out, and at the pool between swims. The lovely and sophisticated middle outfit would be wonderful on the plane with something like the long fluid khaki piece you had on in the “which jacket?” blog the other day, and then as is, sleeveless, on touch down. Can you tell I’m mentally making outfits as I prepare to pack?!! 😄

  13. Love the look of ruanas and this one is lovely! I see many possibilities. I’m a fan of Vee neck tees and tops of all types so yes to the tops featured today. On the shorts – I feel they are just too long. I generally buy 7-9 inch shorts and either looks pretty good on me. They are above the knee on me and that works just fine.

  14. Pam, could you please share which of the Chamonix products you use? I know you have told us in the past but I don’t remember, and I’m lost just looking at the options. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cyndy,
      What I have done for two years with my skincare:

      Twice a day, I cleanse with Cristalles Microdermabrasion. I just it very lightly, and rinse off first with my hands and next with a white wash cloth.
      I follow that immediately with either the Zotique Deep Correcting Serum or the Genucel DFS, Deep Firming Serum. I have used DFS more often because Zotique is a new product…both are excellent! Zontique has helped to lighten dark spots more as well as firm. I gently rub it in all over face and neck
      Next I use the Genucel2 Triple Action Technology under my eyes and gently pat it around that area.
      Then I use the Genucel XV moisturizer and give myself twice a day a little facial massage…it’s great.
      Last, I use the Genucel Jawline Treatment with MDL Technology on my neck and again give myself a little neck massage.

  15. Yes I would wear all of those outfits! I have a very similar outfit to the one on the left; red tee and black & white pants, so I love that – definitely my style. The middle outfit, same thing; I have and wear something very similar. I love color, but I also love to do neutrals. The large necklace would overwhelm me at 5’2″ but I do like the style of it, so I would look for something with links that are a little smaller. I also would wear a light jacket of some type with it since I rarely go sleeveless. I love to pair red with tan/beige, so I might put a red crossbody bag with that neutral outfit. The 3rd outfit, the one on the right looks so casual comfy, but has a little flair. I like that the wrap/kimono adds a pop of color. I think it would look better on me with white ankle pants and a small or petite sized wrap. I would wear that with red tassel earrings or I would bring out the black on the trim and wear a necklace (I have) that’s a silver, kind of open octagon pendant that’s on a black cord. Silver hoops would finish the look! Shoes? Probably black sandals with the red and black, neutral espadrilles with the middle outfit and a white leather slide with the outfit on the right. Love all 3!

  16. I would wear the outfit in the middle since I am a big fan of monochromatic looks. I also like the necklace it is paired with.

    I have two sleeveless tops from Chico’s made of the relaxed linen material. They are a wardrobe staple for me — I have one in beige and one in white (and the white is not sheer). They are made so well and I highly recommend the material. No shrinkage in the wash either.

    Pam, you look great in that green top!

  17. Interesting choices today! I’d wear the red tee & print capris, probably w/ red or black sandals, & the tan capris with with a black vee-neck top but not the one shown. I am not a “beige” person — it washes me out to the point of invisibility — & even though I keep my upper arms & shoulders in pretty good shape with daily yoga & light weights, they’re not my best feature & I’m happier w/ sleeves. The outfit on the right is neither my style or colour so I’d give it a pass.

    Living beside the sea in a rain forest, I am blessed with well-hydrated skin, few wrinkles & a good complexion & alternate between Nivea & Aveeno day & night creams, no serums or special stuff. I just slather one or the other all over my face, throat, upper chest, arms & hands & call it a day. I drink plenty of water, never smoked & have always avoided the sun like a vampire because my pale Canadian skin burns if I walk past a 60w light-bulb, all of which seems to be paying off now I’ve hit 60. We’ll see what another decade brings — I keep an eye on these skin care posts in case the time comes when my lack of a more focused regime catches up to me 🙂

  18. The only thing I would definitely wear is the red top on the left. Red is a good color for me, & the V-neck is flattering. The pants are not the right length for my short legs. I might wear the beige top in the middle with a third piece over it as I don’t wear sleeveless tops by themselves. The topper on the right is also the wrong length for me.

  19. I would run full tilt towards that red T shirt! I love the V neck as it would flatter my neck and bust. And I love the half sleeves as they would highlight my waist, provide enough warmth in air conditioning or on a crisp spring day, and even feel sufficiently comfortable for work (because they cover armpits and upper arm flesh). I would also wear such a red T as a pop of colour under a black, burgundy or navy blazer. Of course, I would first have to check the label (I only feel comfortable in natural fibres). And I would then have to try it on to check whether the fit flattered my curves (not too loose/tight/long) and the material kept its shape.

  20. Alas, I would wear only the red shirt. The shorts/capris are cute but the length doesn’t work for my 5-foot height. I don’t like sleeveless tops and never wear them. The ruana has that lovely ikat design but placed on a white background, the result looks too bathrobe-y. Chicos has some great ikat designs this year on more flattering garments. The necklace is interesting but the scale is much too large and for my height. On the very positive side, I love the pattern on the shorts with the red top and would buy them in a second if they were pants.

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