Which jacket would you wear?

Happy Tuesday!  Today, I want to see what you think about selecting a basic…What Jacket Would You Wear?

Please allow me an explanation….

What jacket would you wear?

Typically, I style my sleeveless black & white striped tank, with my Talbot’s jeggings, and favorite Cole Haan flats and a dark blazer on top.

However, one day last week…I was thinking I wanted to lighten up a bit and go with a lighter topping to the look…at that time the weather was in the 60s.

Which Jacket Would You Choose?

At first, I went for this older Chico’s khaki jacket.  The reason?  Well….there is a row of khaki coloring in between the black and white in my shoe.  I thought it might tie the look together.

I like this jacket…it is light weight and I can dress it up or down.  I previously wore it to the office, but decided to keep it.

Which Jacket would you wear?

This next denim is a more casual style and is the mid-length Chico’s denim jacket with a frayed hem.

It is the natural cream color and not a white/white.  

This is the jacket I actually selected to wear….because of the length and the more casual style.  But when I looked back at the images…it seemed the other jacket was a more flattering fit!

But, what would you have done…which of these jackets would you have worn or would you have stuck with the darker one.  

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Also, here is a slideshow of spring jackets.  I do wear blazers occasionally in the summer if I am going to be in air conditioning a long time

We can certainly crank down the thermostat in Texas summers!!

Thanks for sharing your opinions!  See you tomorrow for the mid-week Would You Wear It? pop-up… and make sure you…………………


By Pamela Lutrell


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