Which Jacket Would You Wear?

Which jacket would you wear?

Happy Tuesday!  Today, I want to see what you think about selecting a basic…What Jacket Would You Wear?

Please allow me an explanation….

What jacket would you wear?

Typically, I style my sleeveless black & white striped tank, with my Talbot’s jeggings, and favorite Cole Haan flats and a dark blazer on top.

However, one day last week…I was thinking I wanted to lighten up a bit and go with a lighter topping to the look…at that time the weather was in the 60s.

Which Jacket Would You Choose?

At first, I went for this older Chico’s khaki jacket.  The reason?  Well….there is a row of khaki coloring in between the black and white in my shoe.  I thought it might tie the look together.

I like this jacket…it is light weight and I can dress it up or down.  I previously wore it to the office, but decided to keep it.

Which Jacket would you wear?

This next denim is a more casual style and is the mid-length Chico’s denim jacket with a frayed hem.

It is the natural cream color and not a white/white.  

This is the jacket I actually selected to wear….because of the length and the more casual style.  But when I looked back at the images…it seemed the other jacket was a more flattering fit!

But, what would you have done…which of these jackets would you have worn or would you have stuck with the darker one.  

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Also, here is a slideshow of spring jackets.  I do wear blazers occasionally in the summer if I am going to be in air conditioning a long time

We can certainly crank down the thermostat in Texas summers!!

Thanks for sharing your opinions!  See you tomorrow for the mid-week Would You Wear It? pop-up… and make sure you…………………


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. While I like all three jackets, and would wear all three (nice to be able to change looks when the mood strikes!), I really like the look of the Chico’s jacket. The drape of the fabric, the soft look, the collar that makes for a long, flattering line, it’s a great look. This, to me, speaks to your creativity. I can see why you kept that one! The others certainly look good too, and like I said, it’s nice to have choices and multiple ways to change up basics!

    1. Thanks Karen! Both jackets are from Chico’s, but I can tell you mean the khaki colored one! Thanks!

    2. I agree with Karen! I prefer the longer, draping khaki jacket of the two you are modeling. Personally I would probably continue to wear the original darker jacket to offset the lighter top. The khaki jacket being longer covers one’s rear more…not saying you need it…but I’d be more comfortable if my rear is covered! And to me the khaki jacket is dressier and more elegant.

    3. All three are nice looks but to me the dark jacket is the classic but predictable. The jacket with the lapels just seemed a little too dressy for the look although it is very flattering on you. The white jeans jacket is a good casual look and probably what I think was the look you were going for. Now personally I would have looked for a classic close fitting vest to complete the out fit.

  2. Which I’d wear totally depends on the look I want to achieve.

    The jacket on the left has a casual Friday/weekend vibe to me. The jacket on the right looks more formal.

  3. South Florida AC same story, we keep a couple of hoodies in the car at all times, and know some of our favorite resturants are always frosty.
    i really like all three jackets, but for this combo i would have stuck with the navy, as it really picks up the stripes in the top perfectly.

    1. I love the drapey beige one the best. It has clean lines that can go with all sorts of tees and tops. Next I like the navy and would pair with white, beige or printed pants. I also thought the slide show had lots of cute options.

  4. As Karen mentions, all three jackets work, but I prefer the khaki jacket with the drape effect. I love it, actually! It’s very flattering, and the drape adds a bit of an IT factor.
    I think the darker jacket might feel too warm, especially if any of your day is to be spent outside in the sun or merely if the humidity levels climb during the day. The white jacket works, but there just is that special something with the khaki choice.

  5. I liked the look and fit of the first light jacket, but with this outfit I preferred the one that you chose. I think the first was a bit dressier and I think the casual one worked better with this outfit.

    I would wear any of these jackets.

  6. I like all of them, but I would approve your choice, that is, the denim jacket. I like the khaki one very much too, but not so much with this striped tank. The denim jacket provides a certain dynamism in the look which suits you. Again, both choices seem great. Could you please send me some sun and heat, as you seem to have too much of them: we are freezing here and I dream of a real spring (and light dresses or even jackets). Thanks!

  7. My taste may influence the choice, but I really like the khaki one on you. It has a softer line and can be worn with white or dark bottoms. The white denim looks stiffer and heavier for some reason. This is why I tend to hang onto things and bring them back out when I want a change, glad you kept it.

  8. I prefer the middle or khaki jacket. Love the versatility to wear casual or dressy. Now I purchase items that I can wear multiple ways. The color would go with everything in my closet too!

  9. I like both jackets. I do think the first a smidge more flattering, But I tend to like the other because it is more casual for summer. Especially in the summer if it is more lightweight. I’m in Texas too. BTW, I love all the newer casual looks you are showing. I’m a stay at home all the time and it’s more my personal style.

  10. I like and would wear both. The lighter jean jacket style is more on trend this season. It fits with the casual look of stripes and sneakers.

  11. I really like all three jackets with the top. My favorite is the beige one that drapes. Somehow the denim jacket with the buttons seems to be a little too busy with the stripes, but that is just me.

  12. IMHO, for the white jacket I would like to see white sneakers worn with it for colour balance. (Sandwich theory.) As to the khaki jacket do likes its simplicity of cut but would prefer it more with a heel/wedge or platform shoe whereas re the darker one has to be my favourite. Due, I feel it balances out the style/colour of loafer you are wearing so therefore gives the illusion of a longer leg length since blends with the pants. Also feel it is more on trend what is currently being worn for casual wear (relaxed /simple lapel/single closure ) thus would even consider removing the last two row of buttons, pushing up its sleeves to elbow length at least and perhaps under cuff about 2″ of the top, if not comfortable wearing completely tucked in. -Brenda-

  13. Depends on the activity to me. They all look great on you and work with the t.
    Darker one says professional casual, office, some authority to it. Drapery one says gentle or available to me, church or listening friend time. Safari type one says adventure to me, hiking or picnic, or just friendly casual… My opinion. 😉😊

  14. I liked the styling of the dark jacket best.
    So I guess it’s where you would wear it.
    Love the smile you always wear!!

  15. Brenda always has such great analysis and styling considerations! Personally, I see where you could play mix and match almost endlessly having these three jackets in your core wardrobe as each is terrific. I thought the lines of the soft and slightly longer khaki jacket most flattering until I saw the navy jacket picture, then it was a toss up! While I find traditional denim jackets make me feel stiff and bulky, I love that look on everyone else including you. The brighter white is also flattering and seems to convey a cheerfulness and readiness to embrace summer.

  16. Since you have to get dressed more than 3x in a week, I think all 3 are best! It’s so wonderful to have pieces that mix and match. I like the frayed denim jacket the best (the navy feels heavy for full on spring to me). I always prefer a slightly more fitted piece with the Breton stripe-type shirts, because it think it fits the vibe more. I also think the frayed hem jack is better suited for more casual looks, as you have here and more in keeping with what you are likely to be doing. As a trend, I would try to wear the frayed denim a lot, so as to get maximum use out of it. That said, I do like the khaki jacket for an elevated casual look, especially if you wear it with booties or mules (snakeskin something?) and a less iconic top.

  17. I’m confused on what jacket is what, but hands down, the jacket with no buttons is my favorite on you. I also like the navy one; that would be the second choice. The white one with the buttons…it doesn’t enhance the outfit in my opinion.

  18. All 3 jackets are flattering, so it’s about the look you want for the day. Personally, I like the longer jacket. The off white looks fresher and more modern to me.

  19. Since they all look great on you, there is no wrong choice. If it were me, it would depend on the activity for the day. If I were running my Friday errands when I go grocery shopping, go to the pharmacy, car wash, etc., I would wear the one with the frayed hem. If I had a shopping and/or lunch date, I would chose the khaki jacket. I would wear the dark one in fall & winter.

  20. Aren’t you lucky to own all three. I’d wear the navy one when the temperatures are a little cooler and if I were by the seaside or had water near by. I’d wear the khaki one if I were going out for a nice lunch, out for evening drinks on a patio or to an afternoon theater show. I’d wear the last one if I was going shopping, taking the grandkids for ice cream or for an evening stroll. Don’t they all sound like lovely things to do. Alas, we are still in lockdown and can only dream of such things.

  21. I’m late to the party but am going to toss my ballot for the Chico jacket. The longer, elegant lapels create a slimming vertical line & draw the eye up & down & the colour & styling are so versatile it will go with anything. I find the denim jacket a bit stiff & boxy & the shorter hem line & pocket flaps create horizontal lines right where most of us don’t need them. But for some reason I’m tired of jeans’ jackets of any colour (after wearing them for decades!), so my opinion might be affected by my sudden bias! LOL! At the end of the day it comes down to which makes you feel happiest when you wear it 🙂 [Btw, that navy jacket is a classic & will never lead you wrong.]

  22. The utility and navy goes nicely with the Breton. The drapery/shawl collar goes against the style aesthetic which is crisp and clean. While a juxtaposition in style can be interesting, not in this case.

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