Best Kept Secrets in Blanco

Best Kept Secrets in Blanco

Welcome back to Blanco with Leigh & me!  Today, we want to share the best kept secrets of Blanco!

First, let’s talk fashion best kept secrets…here is the low down on my outfit:

a.  The top is the Nine West Butterfly sleeve top in brown palm from Kohl’s.  It was so cool and stayed wrinkle free all day!

b. My Chico’s Brigitte Tab-hem capris….very comfy…but I should have gone with my cafe au lait pair…the black picked up a lot of country dirt.

c. My comfy Clarks Womens Brinkley Jazz Flip Flops in Leopard…great for cool lengthy walking!

I was comfortable and confident all day long.


Best Kept Secrets of Blanco

We had a tip on this one, so we did not eat at home and planned breakfast at the Deutsch Apple Bakery, nestled on a country corner.

Best Kept Secrets of Blanco

The apple muffins are worthy of dreams and worth driving back just for these! 

Leigh Ann took the recommendation of a local and went for the butter bar…which is also amazing!

Best Kept Secrets of Blanco

We were told that customers throughout Texas begin placing orders for apple pies for Thanksgiving in August, because the bakery always sells out.

You can also buy uncooked pies that you take home to cook!  This place is fabulous and it is probably best that I do not have easy access to it!!


Best Kept Secrets of Blanco

Here is another place I would return to Blanco just to be at this store.   

Leigh Ann & I both love home decor shops and particularly one with lots of bird decor…we both love birds.

The West End Co was previously known as The Vintage Cottage, but they have changed their name and look.

From the moment you walk up the steps to the beautiful front porch, you will feel welcomed to a home.

Best Kept Secrets of Blanco

Best Kept Secrets of Blanco

Best Kept Secrets of Blanco

This beautifully curated shop includes home decor, a kitchen shop and a fashion boutique area…where I purchased a funky scarf that I will share with you soon.

Best Kept Secrets in Blanco

All in all, lovely decor makes for one happy home….

Best Kept Secrets in Blanco

Best Kept Secrets in Blanco


Best Kept Secrets in Blanco

Best Kept Secrets in Blanco

Best Kept Secrets in Blanco

There were so many lovely secrets discovered in this little town over the weekend and we do want to return.

I know there is no video today, but my Monday Motivation message is to make sure you get out and enjoy life once again…even if you only go a short distance from where you are.

Yes, there was a crowd…but there were several in masks either as unvaccinated or for extra precautions…but they were never-the-less still out and about.

Look for the best kept secrets as if going on a treasure hunt and talk to the locals about you…it makes the trip even better…why go to the expected places…the unexpected can be a real joy!

Thanks for being here and make sure you always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. What great finds! Thanks for sharing all these interesting shops! Those sweet treats have my mouth watering right now. It’s cool out here today so I may bake apple crumble muffins for my family. Summertime baking days are few and far between. Love to amble through little stores abd shops such as these.

    1. I came home looking for the best Apple Muffin recipe…still looking. Those muffins were amazing and had a touch of caramel on the top. Have fun baking, Paulette.

  2. It looks like you had a great time. I have to ask about the picture of the fabric. Was that a quilt store or was that in the decor store? I am planning a weekend getaway down in that area soon. Thanks for the preview.
    I am coming to San Antonio on this weekend getaway as well. Anything we should check out for sure? I’m in Dallas

    1. Hi Mari…it is called and was such a well done store. You would love it. It is around the corner from the home decor shop on today’s post. If you have never been to San Antonio, you should go downtown to the Riverwalk, The Pearl area, the artsy Blue Star area…everything is opened back up and bustling. My son lives downtown and says that most of the restaurants require reservations and are difficult to just walk into. My favorite shopping mall is far from downtown…The Shops at La Cantera. The La Cantera resort and spa is a wonderful place to stay. I must see would be the Riverwalk downtown.

  3. The home decor shop would have drawn me like a magnet! I’m with you on the birds, and from the pictures, I can see they have beautiful things. If they sell online, I’ll be a customer! The treats sound wonderful and are part of the fun for sure!! Just such a fun day!!

    1. There are two things I really wanted and did not come home with so I may call them about if they sell online. I will let you know…such a great shop!

  4. That looks like such a fun day for the two of you. I love checking out all the little stores in new places, and usually come home with more than I really need. You look great in that top and your hair is becoming more you all the time, good choice.

  5. Your hair looks fabulous and very youthful! I love it in this less structured style. I have similar hair and am trying to do mine like yours!

    1. Thanks Belinda. It is all in the cut and layering that gives this look. I just shower and go with it. I also use Kerastase hair products to help tame the beast!

  6. I read your blog, but never post. I just had to say your hair looks fabulous. I love the new style.

  7. Do you know of any B & Bs in the Blanco area? If you want to take a pretty drive take 281 north and before Blanco take the Henley cut off to the right that goes to 290.

    1. I have not stayed at any in Blanco, Jill, but would also love recommendations. You are right about the cut-off… it is beautiful right now and we love winery row down 290!

  8. Thanks for sharing Blanco. What a fun place to spend the day. I wish that The West End Company had an online store. So many interesting products.

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