Style Refresh 2021: Meet Annie Castano

Let’s keep going with my Style Refresh 2021 and meet the fabulous Annie Castano.

Please read yesterday’s post: Style Refresh 2021: From the beginning before reading this one.

Style Refresh 2021: Meet Annie Castano

I describe Annie as fabulous because she truly is.  She is gorgeous, talented, and has an incredibly kind heart….elegance personified.

Susan worked with Annie at Annie’s previous company in London, Red Leopard.  However, Annie is out on her own now and making waves around the world with Castanohel.

Right up to the Queen of England…you read that right!

After I watched Susan with Annie on her Instagram interview, I was convinced that my colors were wrong.  I AM NOT A WINTER.

I was amazed at how the countenances of her clients glowed as if a light shown on their faces when they wore the right colors.

But, I had no plans to go to London and am operating on a tight budget here, so I began to do research and see if I could figure the colors out on my own.

Then this happened….

Style Refresh 2021: Meet Annie Castano

Leigh Ann & I were working on a shopping post in Talbots and took this picture.  I posted it on my Instagram.

Lo & behold, who should comment on that picture?….she’s never been on my IG before…but Annie Castano!

She loved us in these colors!

I took the opportunity to contact her back through her IG and thank her for the encouragement. (Social media does have it’s wonderful moments to connect people around the world).

I also told her that I was in the process of styling a completely new me… and, again to my surprise…she said LET ME HELP!

Style Refresh 2021: Meet Annie Castano

Annie has been simply amazing!  We have talked on the phone, online, and gone through a two hour Zoom meeting….where Leigh Ann joined in the fun.

She is the guide I needed to help me through this process.  She gave me the courage to say….I am going to do everything you tell me…no matter what the changes are!

On Sunday, I will begin to tell you what Annie has taught me about wearing the right colors.  On Monday, I will share with you the style personality changes. 

Style Refresh 2021: Meet Annie Castano

On the day we first spoke by phone, I was two days away from going to the hairdresser and about to refresh my blonde highlights.

Annie disagreed.  She said you need caramel lowlights and the blonde needs to go!

I am committed to change so I followed her advice…and I love it.

My new hairdresser was the one who convinced me to stop straightening it and go with the natural waves…Annie agreed with that decision.

Style Refresh 2021 Meet Annie Castano

I am excited for Sunday’s post to share with you some of the things I am learning, and hope you have enjoyed meeting Annie.

She is pictured here with her business partner, Ivana Nohel.  Together they create gorgeous silk scarves at Castanohel in each color palette and different shapes for the style personalities.

The Queen wears one of their scarves!

They also have created a Paper Colour Kit which is sent as part of a color consultation done on Zoom.

Style Refresh 2021 Meet Annie

I like this photo because since leaving the corporate world, my style has driven me bananas!  Annie to the rescue.  I begin on Sunday to share with you the details of my consultation.

Annie also has a fun Instagram to follow. 

Now, you know the two main influences in my journey…so let’s go forward together….Would You Wear It tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell


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