Would You Wear It – Summer Prints!

Would You Wear It - Summer Prints

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Summer Prints!

On Saturdays, my friend. Jennifer and I bring you fashion displays from around our two communities which make us stop and wonder…what would YOU think?

Would You Wear It Summer Prints - 2

I discovered this display of summer prints at Nordstrom last week.  There are actually seven garments in this display.

We ask that you look them over and tell us if you would or would not wear the garments along with a constructive explanation as to why or why not.

Be specific as a shopper about what you like and don’t like.   Please comment in such a way as to help other women and not demean those who may feel differently from you.

Would You Wear It - Summer Prints

So put on your best stylist hat and tell us, ladies…………………………………..



Would You Wear It - Summer Prints

I love and am definitely wearing these new summer sandals from Bzees.  This is the Finale Peep Toe Sandal and I have it in the slide show below sold at several locations.

I really like BZEES shoes so much and these are definitely summer fun!  The comfort level is great and they have been perfect for the two road trips I have taken so far.

Would You Wear It Summer Prints

Before I leave, I would like to acknowledge the first Juneteenth National Holiday and wish all of you who celebrate a joyous occasion!

Make sure you comment on the colorful fashion print display today….go by A WELL STYLED LIFE.honor the fathers in your life tomorrow….and always……



To everyone who commented on my Style Refresh posts and are going to join in the journey with me…tomorrow I reveal specifics on my color story…see you then!

Would You Wear It - Summer Prints



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided the shoes for review and the words are my own.


  1. I think anyone passing by this display would certainly notice it with all the bright colors. I wouldn’t personally wear any of these things, but I’d admire the prints for the color factor. The dress on the right as you face the display has too much fabric and is too loose for me. The garment being worn over the tee shirt is not something I’d be comfortable wearing. I don’t care for the color of the pants or the style, the shirt with them is okay, but not inspiring, and the one in the back is much too short for my taste. I am drawn to the colors, but not the clothes! On the other hand, I love your shoes and would wear those in a heartbeat in that orange multi color. Those are great, fun shoes for summer!

    1. As Karen mentions, it would be difficult to just pass by this display….vibrant!
      The only piece I might wear would be the brown/beige top worn over their frayed hem jeans here. I’d wear the top with white jeans or white capris.
      The skirt and graphic tee are just too explosive for my personal tastes. The dress is too full and would overwhelm me. I’m only 5 ft 3 and thin, so I’d be lost in such a dress. The other top is just not me…..pretty colors but not me.
      I love the bright sandals.

  2. I love the bright colours! However, I don’t think I would wear any of the outfits. The dress is cute but the pocket placement is awkward. The t- shirt with the apron dress is overwhelming – a solid colour would highlight the print. The polka dot shirt is also very cute but not sure how comfortable a shirred top would be – I might feel constricted on very warm days. The skirt would be adorable on one of my 20-something nieces but I like longer skirts.

  3. You did pick a bright display!
    I don’t know that any of the items are quite me. The dress over the t-shirt is an idea I like. I have a small chest and strappy summer dresses don’t usually have quite the right look on me, plus it’s a lot of skin to be exposing to the sun.
    Were I to be a tiered dress bright colored gal I’d give that combination a serious consideration. I like how the pattern in the t-shirt meshes with the pattern on the bodice of the dress. I like that liliac/orange combination and might be thinking about doing that.
    Inspiration is everywhere.

  4. Cute display! The clothes are way too colorful for me. I do like the polka dot top and would wear it with jeans if the dots were smaller. Large dots make me look clownish! Happy Saturday.

  5. I write an earlier post (lengthy) that has disappeared? Similar to Karen’s perspective.
    But, I would wear the brown/beige polka dot top with white jeans or capris!
    (Love the sandals too! )

  6. First off, do like your sandals and their fun color however for myself for a semi-platform style prefer a solid wedge (no contour heel) for stability. As to the display; the only garment I might consider is the polka dot top but would likely be tweaking its sleeves a tad by taking them in since I have slender arms. Regarding the other pieces love, love their assorted colors and the pattern of the dress (in the forefront) however would pass on all of them namely due to their style (cut/design), my age (74 years) and current life style (still in semi-lock down mode). Also shall add IMHO re the shoulder pad t-shirt I feel is a style not everyone can wear particularly if they are an hour-glass or trapezoid body type, as risk making them look top heavy. -Brenda-

    1. As the other ladies have said, I might stop to look, but not buy any of these colorful pieces. I looked back several times at what I finally decided was a sundress over a tee shirt with the sleeves tucked under. Pretty dress but I no longer wear sleeveless. Might would wear with lightweight cover, but truthfully would not buy. Dress in front in a different color and longer I might consider though it’s very full. I like the pattern of the top with the yellow skort (?) but the sleeves would overtake my skinny arms. But…I do love your Bzees and have looked at them several times when you have worn them in the past. I need to go to Dillard’s and try them on. Looking forward to Monday.

  7. While I don’t see anything there that I would wear, the bright prints are cheerful and splashy. The orange/pink especially reminds me of those fun Jams shorts everyone wore in the 80’s! My favorite outfit is the one at back right. The colorful floral top is tempered with a solid color bottom, so it’s striking but balanced. I have to be honest, though – the mere thought of myself in those pleated pants gives me a bit of anxiety, lol! I do love the shoes you feature. Cute and comfy is an absolute winner.

  8. I would wear the blouse with the dots with a long skirt ….I think it would be two different looks if paired with a pencil skirt or light fabric flowing skirt. I like the style of the dress with sleeves but I have never liked/ worn anything with pink…don’t know why. The outfit on that right in the back is and the sleeves dress over the tee are both adorable….I would buy them without hesitation for my 30 year old daughter-in-law.

  9. The v neck dress in front would make a nice pop on dress for at home wear. No undergarments needed! And the cheerful color combo appeals to me, whether it would look good on me is another question. Since I let my hair grow in to its natural color during the pandemic —now heavily graying brown—I am a loss as to what colors look best on me. I am wearing a lot of black or charcoal gray , white which seems to look OK and periwinkle blue for cheer. When my hair was brown with golden/reddish natural highlights and with my hazel eyes I used to wear muted green, maroon, rusts, deep turquoise and black. Everything has changed now and so many colors wash me out or are too glaring a contrast as I’m afraid these gorgeous colors would be.

  10. I would wear the bananas shirt because it’s fun. I wish Beezees made more flats; I have a couple pairs but cannot wear the platforms.

  11. Which one of these is not like the others? ( I have a Sesame Street song playing in my head.) At five feet I could not wear any of these and my impression is that the T-shirt says it all. You’re a lucky person if you could pull off one of these bright prints.

  12. I would pause and look at the display, but would not consider the three main outfits. Interestingly, I would like a second look at the top on the far right shown with the yellow shorts(?) or skort(?). Love your sandals!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. I like the prints on the highest and lowest, don’t care for the pink/orange combination. But the styles aren’t for me. The puffy sleeves on the highest wouldn’t work for me, nor the short skirt. The middle dress is overwhelming, and I don’t think I could’ve gotten away with th.e bow tie in the chest even in my younger years…..the back outfit is just no…are those pleats in the pants, definitely not with my body.

  14. I liked the colors. I would wear the print top and jeans. The other prints are too large for my frame. If they were smaller, I would consider the print but not either of the dresses. I do love the color.

  15. While this display would grab my attention, nothing appeals enough to encourage me to even try on. I definitely would not buy – way, way too much color!

  16. Hmmm … lots of pretty and summery colors here, but I’m afraid none of these outfits would work for me.

    I do like the brown polka-dot top, but I’d pair it with white pants or white skirt. I think the outfit looks dull with the blue pants. Even a pair of camel colored pants would look lovely and still give a summery vibe.

    Those sandals are gorgeous!

  17. While it is certainly colorful, there is nothing in this display that would make me stop to look. It is not my style which tends to be more of a classic subtle look.

  18. The pink and orange dress would suit my coloring and guess what: those are the crayon colors I chose to for the walls as a preschooler. So yes, that would suit me. Why is it me clothes are so much less adventurous and fun?

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