Chico’s offers color and a big sale

Chico's offers color and a big sale

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today I am discussing how currently Chico’s offers color and a big sale!

I hope all of the American readers had a wonderful holiday weekend, and that you are ready for the sales to kick in and offer us more!


Chico's offers color and a big sale

My new color palette lists yellow ochre as one of my colors for a Vibrant Autumn, so when I saw Chico’s offers garments in deep (yellow ochre)….I responded, “Yes, please!”

This Crinkled Linen-Blend Topper in Deep Ochre is a show stopper I have no problem being noticed in!   It is very lightweight which is great for warm South Texas and I think I can easily style it for fall!

San Antonio is a colorful community and now I am one colorful lady.  

This outfit is a good example of how I wear my standard neutrals on the bottom (White Girlfriend Denim) and keep my best colors near my face.  

The scarf has been in my wardrobe a long time and it matched perfectly!  The gold chain bracelet is a Chico’s favorite. 

During my style refresh, I have decided to stick to the colors in my palette because I look the best in them…and who doesn’t want to look your best all of the time.

However, no matter your seasonal palette, there are great colors throughout Chico’s right now!

I wanted to share one of the comments from Saturday because it fits today’s theme so well…Chico’s and color that is!  Read what Linda M had to say:

“I love the linen moto jacket, but as a blue autumn, I would need something dark and rich under it. The crops I would try on, as those flowy ones look much better on me than the stiff ones. I love the rust color, but not the print. It’s too retro for my taste, though I love the asymmetric hemline. I just bought a layering cardigan from Chico’s in a bold print called toasted khaki, that has dark brown, ivory, black, rich orange and a bit of hot pink in it. It is my first purchase going toward revamping my closet. I loved it (especially as the tiny bit of black connects with my old wardrobe). Yesterday I wore it to our town’s First Friday street walk (where the shops and galleries all have open house), and was stopped by strangers in the street complimenting me! Wow! Here’s to figuring out the right colors.”  

Yes…I agree…Here’s to figuring out the right colors!



Chico's offers color and a big sale!

Today marks the beginning of a great sale offered at Chico’s, where you can find up to 40% off!

Chico’s has always helped me with affordable fashion and the best program for frequent customers with the Passport perks. 

Here are some of my favorites for women of all seasons:

Still loving July! …..are you looking for anything particular in the July sales?…please share…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post for review and the words are my own!



  1. The vibrant colors are beautiful on you! That linen jacket is a great piece and would look pretty with so many colors. Wearing it with red was such a good choice for your new palette and that scarf is the perfect accessory. Have to review my shopping list to see if I’ll be taking advantage of the sales. There are definitely a lot of good ones going on!

  2. A colourful woman in a colourful town. What a perfect statement for your new look. There is no need to blend in and fade in the background. Now that you have your style typing and identified as a Vibrant in your season, you can feel confident that you are at your best and then let the people discover the you that was there all along. The fabulous sales have come at the right time for you to stock up on what works best. Just imagine the great colours that will show up with the early fall arrivals for you to work into your closet. Such fun. That jacket will certainly work for fall with a warm cowl neck sweater and those new booties that you are looking for. And of course a gorgeous chunky necklace.

  3. Thanks Karen…I am loving the vibrant color more than I thought I would…but it just brings a smile!

  4. Thanks Diane! There is a new confidence with my styling guidelines now…it is so great to finally have direction with how I want to be in this next phase of my life. It is “such fun.”

  5. When your first blog picture came up today, I had to smile! You look so happy, and are glowing in your ocher topper, red shirt and coordinated scarf! Like others have said, when your colors near your face compliment your coloring, people notice and comment. I remember when I was wearing the wrong colors for me…yellows, mossy greens, oranges…people would often comment on how tired I looked. As a teacher and dept. chair, I probably was tired, but the wrong colors increased that look. After I changed my palette to winter colors, I got so many more comments on how good I looked, tired or not! As far as sales are concerned, over the weekend I ordered several items…necklaces, sweaters, cropped pants from Chico’s and their outlet website. They have such beautiful clothes and being a passport member encourages me to buy there especially because of their no-shipping cost policy, no matter the cost of what you buy.

  6. Hi Celia, You know it was when I was a teacher and later department head that I first began dressing this way….so glad to be back and not looking tired!
    Thanks for being here…

  7. The first thing I thought when I saw this was how gorgeous on you. Then I noticed the white jeans, and thought they integrated just fine. I had wondered about that, for both your and my wardrobe. Makes me think the black pants are going to work too. Whew! I have a -lot- of black bottoms! Fortunately, as a blue autumn, some consultants think black works, and if not a big block on my upper half, at least for me it seems ok. The problem is, it’s not my best, and once you see something, you cannot “unsee” it. For my next steps, I’m going to look for (not floral) prints in third pieces that help me marry my old bottoms with my new palette. I’m also going to add more rich, neutral, dark and caramel browns. I’d love a brown leather jacket to replace my black one, but also being on a weight loss journey, that one will likely wait.

  8. The white pants did work fine…and even for this outfit, I think they work better than any other color. I love caramel brown and will be watching for more of it as well! Thanks Linda.

  9. I totally love your outfit today. You radiate joy! The colors are so flattering on you!
    I love Chicos. So many temptations, especially that poplin dress in the slide show. I had a total knee replacement 10 days ago and must admit that I am getting pretty tired of shorts …and PT.

  10. Hi Kathy…it is funny that I more dresses this year than I did when I was in office building. So easy and cool! Glad I finally got some!

  11. That jacket is just perfect for you. I’m sure it will work just fine for your warm fall in San Antonio. I wear neutral colors for bottoms all the time. I have an olive green skort that I wear with white or cool peach. While I can’t wear olive close to my face, it works as a bottom.

  12. You look fabulous and vibrant! What a difference dressing not only in your colors but also as your personality type makes. It has all come together and it is satisfying for your readers to watch. As a fellow autumn (Huntswoman), I’m looking forward to your finding more autumn clothes. I”m especially hopeful that Talbots’ fall collection will have more autumn colors. since their summer offerings for our coloring were slim.

  13. I will also be watching Talbot’s. I have heard of some promising colors and prints coming from them. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  14. Gorgeous colors on you! I love how the scarf is just the perfect colors for that finishing touch! Is that from Chico’s too? Beautiful!

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