How I will embrace six traits of bohemian style

Happy Tuesday!  Today I want to discuss how I will embrace six traits of bohemian style.
I am actually really glad to be a combination of two styles…bohemian and romantic for my style refresh.   The romantic side actually helps me to tone things down a bit when I want to. 

Yesterday, I was wearing a red top with the yellow topper which had a ruffled collar and three tiny buttons on the front…that was my nod to the romantic in me!

Today, I am standing in front of this majestic neighborhood tree because styling bohemian again takes me back to my deep roots.  Right now there are six traits I plan to embrace and others I do not believe I will try right now.


How I will embrace six traits of bohemian style

Today’s vintage, flowy poncho represents how I will wear soft flowing garments which fit my curves nicely.  

One thing I love is that it takes my visits to thrift and consignment shops to a new fun level.  And in San Antonio, we have a large new consignment shop at Highway 281 & Bitters Road, TOO GOOD TO BE THREW.

They just consolidated all of their locations into one big one…it is a lot of fun!


How I embrace six traits of bohemian style

Bohemian style trait number two is wearing fun, funky prints like in the kimono and the poncho. 

And another bohemian style trait is to mix prints.  I have always loved to do that when the prints are in the same color story….so I plan to embrace this big time and have some fun with it. 

Bohemian style Trait number 4 is to layer clothing…again something I have always enjoyed doing.  Even in warm South Texas, I love to embrace a third piece!

Underneath the poncho, I am wearing a Pima V-neck JJill tank, because the poncho itself is very thin. 

Underneath my kimono, I am wearing a relaxed cropped pocket tee shirt from GAP in a burnt russet red.


How I will embrace six traits of bohemian style

Bohemian style trait number five is wearing artisan accessories…something else I have always loved and had gone away from.

I love big, artsy, creative accessories and now will look for them in my autumn color palettes as I wrote about last Friday. 

Accessories are a huge part of bohemian style and that is one of the reasons I like it!


How I will embrace six traits of bohemian style

Bohemian Style Trait number 6 is to embrace earth tones…which fits perfectly with my “autumn” color palette as well as with bohemian styles.

Now, there are bohemian style traits I do not plan to wear at this time…we will see…I am learning to be open minded and teachable.

They are the fringe trend in boho pieces…not a real fringe fan!  Also, the large flowy legs on some pant styles.  I prefer a skinny/slimmer fit to my pants. 

Also, some true bohemian dressers believe it is best not to look so put together…but I enjoy looking put together…so I will be watching to balance that with the romantic side of me.

Finally, I am not really confident in maxi dresses…so I will leave those to others who love them.

As I said, I am going to give the style advice I was given a shot.  We will see where it takes me…but I do know it has taken me back to some deep roots!

Stick with me for this new Style Refresh…it is a work in progress!

Today’s slideshow includes some bohemian looks for all color stories…make sure with the JJill Pima Scoop Neck Elbow Sleeve Tee to look at the print called Carbon Tropical Fruit

Thanks for being here and make sure you always……………………………


By Pamela Lutrell


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