Shopping Bohemian with Leigh & Me

Shopping Bohemian with Leigh & Me

Hello ladies! Today, I invite you to go shopping bohemian with Leigh & me!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who sent birthday messages yesterday…it was such a fun day and YOU mean so much to me.

I wrote yesterday about how individual and personal style really is…and that I am still researching how I will interpret bohemian/romantic.

I liked the top from yesterday because it is a nice mix of solid color and print…and not too overpowering.


Shopping Bohemian with Leigh and Me

Leigh Ann is also an AUTUMN, but her style personality is the girl-next-door NATURAL.

Here she is wearing an older dress from THE LOFT...but in a lovely red/orange. 

When we are shopping bohemian, she is helping me out to discover what type of bohemian I will be. 

This post really addresses the challenges I am currently facing…rather than showing you what worked during this trip.

We will get there though.


Shopping Bohemian with Leigh & Me

On this day, I also dove deep into my closet and selected an older Soft Surroundings topper that I have always loved…it is navy with beautiful gold embellishments.

I am looking for toppers in my vibrant autumn colors that I feel confident and joyful wearing like I do in this one. 


Shopping Bohemian with Leigh & Me

We headed over to a well known local boutique featuring bohemian styles….Adelante.

San Antonio is the perfect place for a bohemian woman to live…it is a vibrant community full of color and prints…and influenced heavily by Mexican and Latin history and styles.

Shopping Bohemian with Leigh Ann & Me

Here is what I am still working through:

  1. How much overall print do I want to wear?  (Note: I will be speaking with Annie soon about the size of the print.  She is going to tell me her opinion and why the size matters)
  2. Do I want just a hint of prints in scarves or tanks or tees?
  3. What do I consider bohemian and what do I consider romantic and how do I marry the two of them?
  4. Top quality bohemian pieces are very expensive, and some of the less expensive pieces look too cheap!  You need a fine eye to discern this.

Shopping Bohemian with Leigh & Me

I really like Johnny Was and Anthropologie a lot, but have to find more affordable ways to get those pieces in my closet….like the consignment top you saw yesterday!

I was super excited to receive a $50 birthday coupon from Johnny Was, and now have a new silk scarf on the way.

Shopping Bohemian with Leigh & Me

Fortunately, this shop was full of Autumn colors for my palette from bags to tops.  Color was not an issue here at all.

Shopping Bohemian with Leigh & me

What I learned during this boutique visit, is that I still need to hone in on what I want “me” to look like with my new style personality….and that is the fun of it.

I did not see anything that I really wanted to try on…and again that is OK.  These are research missions!

There are so many ways I can go.  I am very pleased with the purchases I have made so far and excited about a new autumn season of collections on the horizon. 

When we know our style personality, it is important to ponder how we will communicate it.  My adjectives, of course, are immensely important when I go in a place like this.

All purchases must be earthy, joyful, approachable, artistic, and fun!  That leads to confidence which always puts a smile on my face when I look in the mirror. 

Now, here are some pieces which have captured my attention lately as ideas for romantic bohemian….soon I will head to Dillard’s to check out more by John Mark. 

Thanks for joining me on my journey as I work through how I will interpret the refreshed style…I will make sure to tell you when I find pieces I love and why I think they work!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. You are on a very interesting journey. I’m curious about the process.
    I would imagine it must be challenging to find Bohemian style that doesn’t border on looking too costume like.
    Did your stylist take into account your face shape and body proportions (not circumference measurements) in determining the best necklines, sleeve and top length etc?
    I was told print size depends on your body i.e. I’m 5’8″ and do best with large scale prints with lots of white space. Small, busy prints do nothing for me.

    1. Hi Anne, yes…Annie has taken all of that into consideration and we have a Zoom meeting planned to discuss the size of prints. She would like to see me in larger scale prints as you mentioned. I am also 5’8”. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love you in that topper. It is gorgeous and great that you had it tucked away. I am eagerly awaiting the results of your next session with Annie. This in depth evaluation of your style is the reason that a short quiz or one hour consultation is never enough to answer all the questions. It is really generous of you to share all the knowledge that you gain to show us the process. Sometimes I still get misled to purchase something that is not soft enough overall for my style. Now that stores are opening up here, maybe I can do a no-buy trip or two to readjust my eye. Your hair is adjusting to the change as well. It seems like it is getting more into the new you as you go along. You look great.

    1. Hi Diane, now that I know my colors and style personality no-buy trips are much easier. As I have said, there is so much freedom in this process!!

  3. Ah … right here is the horns of the dilemma. Once we figure out our true colors, they jump right out at us. I think it might be because we have years of practice with tones, shades and matching, and there’s a bit of science to it. The personalities are, imo, a lot harder. While huntswoman fits me best, with only a few exceptions (such as a Ralph Lauren leather trimmed jacket), I find a literal interpretation too … well, over the top. A touch or nod to a type, for most of us, I think might be the best way to go. Otherwise, unless you are a natural, you risk looking like you’re wearing a costume (I don’t fox hunt; heck, I don’t even hunt, so to wear riding boots and tweed head to toe would feel ridiculous). I’ve thought a lot about this, because I find myself resisting the personalities. I’ve decided that for me, the colors are more of a rule, and the personalities are more of a guideline (if that … I’m still not sure).

    1. I think that is a good way to look at it Linda. I like that I am bohemian/romantic because the romantic side keeps things “in check” for me. It is fun for me to figure this all out and I am enjoying looking at the personality part of it. But, I do LOVE the color side.

    2. What you said here makes a lot of sense to me Linda. The “nod” or “touches” of a particular style. I’m definitely a classic lady myself, but feel it could be restrictive if I stuck to it to the exclusion of everything else. I love embroidered tops which is definitely a boho look, and I love romantic dresses. So while I might have a dominant style, I really do mix it up. Pam adding in the romantic side definitely gives her more options, like she said. She’s so right, colors are a lot easier than determining the style personality. This is a great comment!

  4. I’m realizing the more in depth you go in this style refreshment, that I might not be exploring my boho side enough. I was not aware of the John Mark brand, but I’m certainly drawn to several of the John Mark tops on the slide show. However, since I am a short 5’2”, perhaps I should not wear larger prints. I do not care for smaller prints especially flowers like the prairie patterns . The tunic you worn yesterday was a great color and had that lovely patterned band. That’s probably more what I should look for. Leigh Ann looked so wonderful in her red dress with matching necklace sitting on that sofa with those beautiful autumn-colored pillows. Your blue and gold topper is so pretty, but your beautiful smile always makes me smile, and gives me an uplifting moment at the beginning of each day.

    1. So glad I can begin your day with a smile, Celia! Thanks for sharing what you are observing as well.

  5. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Pamela. Do hope it was wonderful and you enjoy many, many more. Oh how I miss the days when boutiques were plentiful as always loved to browse them hunting for that special and unique garment or accessory ….. and then came K-Mart and mass production …. lol! So glad that there are still a few around. -Brenda-

    1. Me too. Brenda!! I love boutiques and think it would be fun to own one…though I know the pandemic really hit small business hard. I love to look for the unique within some of the great boutiques. Thank you for the birthday wishes…it was a fun day!

  6. This is interesting to go along on your journey. Was getting the style (bohemian) something you just knew by reading the description, or was it more sketchy and more “maybe” before deciding it was your style? Like I can read a description of “classic” and almost laugh because it’s just so me without a doubt. Was that part an instant “I knew it” or a process. I love that navy and gold topper. You look wonderful in that! Good thing you hung on to that one! Hope my question makes sense!

    1. Hi Karen,
      Yes, your question made sense. It was actually Annie who told me I am a bohemian/romantic. She discussed my lifestyle, my hairstyle, my body type, and said that is the personality she recommended. At first, I though NO, but, I had made a promise to myself to follow her advice and see where it takes me. Since I started this path, the bohemian/romantic does feel like me and looking back I think I was following it somewhat early on after I turned 50 and began to change things up a bit. Though still a work in progress, it does feel like me more and more as I discover pieces that I believe speak to who I am.

  7. I will be interested to hear what your Guru says about prints. When I look at prints in pants, i just need to try on…because sometimes both the small and large print will work, and sometimes its an “oh heck NO!”…prints on blouses and tops, i like both, and it usually depends on the cut of the blouse that will be my clue as to if it will look good. True on the quality of boho clothes, i think you have to go a little upscale to not look like a Woodstock refugee. love the outfit you wore to go shopping, its very nice on you.

    1. Thanks Sheryl…I do not currently own any printed pants. I cleared them out…so I will be interested to see if I add any back in. I will try them on!

  8. I love how you are looking at the refresh in terms of opportunities and not obstacles. All too often in my past I would think something was wrong with me if a shirt or other piece of clothing didn’t work. Now I consider the problem to be the item of clothing..just not meant for my body. A refresh can be costly as any renovation can be. I appreciate your addressing that in real terms. Best

    1. You are welcome Kathy! Nothing wrong with us…just the garments! Never listen to those lies and think it is you.

  9. I, too, added romantic & earthy to my style recipe a couple years ago, but thought I would have to treat them as separate looks. That’s one reason why I’m happily following your interpretation. As for me, I’ve chosen to buy basic pieces but incorporate personality in accessories such as metallic shoes, colorful jewelry & scarves, splashes of lace, embroidery or fur. Have fun figuring it out!

  10. Oh how I wish I could go to that store! The colors! Love!
    You both look great in what you wore shopping. That color dress on Leigh Ann is beautiful! Wow! The necklace too. It just lights up her face.
    The slideshow is terrific. Beautiful pieces.

  11. Your journey and advice from Annie has really helped me to think about and hone in on what my style is. I have many pieces I like but seldom wear. Why is that? As much as I like them, when I put them on, I don’t feel comfortable or confident. They look nice, but don’t feel like me. Now I know why. They aren’t my style! I haven’t been able to dial in exactly what my style is, but I’m getting a good feeling for what it’s not.
    The other issue is all the money I’ve spent on these lovely clothes. They aren’t doing me or anybody else any good squished in the closet and never seeing the light of day. Yesterday I took out 7 tops trying find what I wanted to wear. 6 ended up a bag. If they didn’t work for whatever reason, they needed to be passed on. The purge to be continued.

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