Friday This & That with a sale update

Friday This & That with a Sale Update

Happy July Friday, everyone!  Allow me to share a little Friday this & that with a sale update!

It was a great week…of course, with a wonderful birthday….and Leigh Ann treated me to lunch at a place I have wanted to go for awhile.

By the way, the silk kimono I am wearing is an oldie from Soft Surroundings. 

Friday This & That with a sale update

Ida Claire is a warm, trendy eatery which features a spin on Southern cooking.  I loved it right down to the lavender tea!

And, yes, I ate buttermilk biscuits…it was my birthday after all!!

With an eclectic atmosphere and friendly staff…we did get lost in the Southern Charm.


Friday This & That with a sale update

July sales continue on…and some discounts are getting deeper!  Chico’s Semi-Annual sale is over tomorrow, and they are celebrating today with a flash sale!

Better Together Fridays – 7/23

 No Iron Linen for $39 when you purchase a pair of Brigitte Shorts for $39 (both 13 + 10 inch inseams)That’s over $50 in savings!

 Semi-Annual Sale – ENDS 7/24

Styles up to 50% OFF

Styles starting at $19

Friday This & That with Sale Update

This weekend only there is an additional 40% off all sale items at Anthropologie…remember it includes home and gift items as well.

The additional 40% shows up in your shopping cart when you check out.

Friday This & That and a Sale Update

The Red Hangar Sale at Talbot’s also ends tomorrow.  But, for the remaining two days you can get an extra 15% off on top of an extra 40% off and the discount is taken in the shopping cart!

Also, for those interested in new pieces which will transition to fall, the August catalog is now online.

Sale Update

Of course, the fall sale of sales continues at Nordstrom.  That is where I got this Vince Camuto top I really like.  Make sure you keep an eye on The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Sale Update

One more big update is at LAND’S END.  Through the weekend, use the code FROLIC for up to an additional 60% off.  (This is a great sale for grandchildren gifts as well!)


Friday This & That and a sale update

Leigh Ann pointed out to me this malabar spinach growing in downtown San Antonio, and it just made me smile…to see it as a part of the landscape.

She is an avid gardener and says this particular spinach is delicious.

Good to know…I am surprised to see it growing and not taken by people in the area to cook!


Friday This & That and a sale update

I thought I would leave you today with this little guy…every bit a three-year-old!

He is one of my grandsons and just cracks me up…a really funny kid!  

Whenever I see his photos, I smile and hope you will too!

Tomorrow is Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer….and let me know if you have any questions on the Style Refresh topics we have touched on this week…you guys are the best…


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Your grandson is adorable and you are so blessed to have so many grandchildren! They are such a blessing in our lives! The featured outfits today are so pretty! That yellow top could have me running to the store… it’s my favorite color and I enjoy wearing it!! The details on the one you’re wearing are beautiful! Isn’t Soft Surroundings the best for kimonos and ruanas?! Okay, Chico’s is right up there too, and they are a great way to add color in our wardrobes. Good for you eating the biscuits!! They look delicious and gave me just the inspiration I needed to whip up a batch tomorrow morning! I’m glad you had such a fun birthday week!

  2. I haven’t had biscuits in a long time. The men in my family love them with gravy and they serve that there. But I prefer butter and fresh made jam! Thanks Karen..Happy Friday!

  3. Your old Soft Surroundings kimono is beautiful and definitely one I would look at twice. And since I’ve been counting my calories daily due to your recommendation of the 5-0 weight loss program, I find that I often get to eat a biscuit or crescent roll to actually give me more calories to reach my count for the day. Your grandson’s picture gives me the impression that he has a bit of mischief behind that precious smile. My husband, Bill, often says that grandchild fill a hole in your heart that you didn’t know you had…and that surely seems true. They are such a blessing! Hope you have a relaxing, cool weekend.

  4. Thanks Celia! He does have a bit of mischief behind the smile! He told us last weekend that he is in charge!

  5. Your grandson is so cute….adorable. My grand-twins (Baylee and Ben) will be 3 years old next week! It’s a fun age…more talking, singing, dancing, running and zany antics. I’m sure you’re experiencing this too!
    Your birthday week looked like a good time. You look terrific in everything you’ve tried on, and love that Ruana from Soft Surroundings!
    I may try my hand at baking some biscuits with my gluten free flour (I’m new to celiac disease so must experiment ….) some recipes need adjustments, other than the type of flour. Cheers- to life! Happy Weekend!

  6. Hi Paulette! Yes, 3 is such a cute age! Enjoy your twins and let us know how your biscuits turn out! Would love to pass that along to others! Thank you!

  7. I am two days new into your blog. Hope for more time this weekend to read past postings. Where can I read more on the 5-0 weight loss program mentioned in the comment above?

  8. Hi Deanna! I am so glad to have you join us here. This past spring I started a monthly newsletter that I send out at the end of the month. A new one will go out at the end of next week and it is called The Monthly Edit. That program was highlighted in one of the newsletters and not on the blog. But if you go to YouTube or Google and search Paula B Fitness, you will find this fun woman and her successful weight loss and exercise programs. Let know if you have any other questions as you read through the blog and let me know if you join “The KillerBs” as Pahla calls them! I am not paid to promote her…I just like what she does!

  9. Adorable pic of your grandson! I started sending my boys pictures recently on Fridays. I call it Flashback Fridays and sometimes send a pic of them together when younger, or alone. It has given me a good way to keep our bonds strong at a distance and remember and comment on their youth. They seem to enjoy this, even at 30 and 26.
    Anyway . . .I would also be interested in the link or specifics about the over 50 diet. I think I missed it when you posted. Thanks Pam! 🤗

  10. There is a saying about doing something with the confidence of a three year old in a Batman t-shirt, & your sweet grandson looks like he is brimming with confidence. What a great picture!

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