Would You Wear It – Palm Prints

Would You Wear It - Palm Prints

Happy Thursday!  Time for the mid-week pop-up (one day late!), and today it is WOULD YOU WEAR IT – PALM PRINTS?

Look this dress over and tell us what you personally think…why would it work or not work for you?

Please keep your evaluation personal and constructive!

Would You Wear It - Palm Prints

So…what do you think, Ladies………………………………………………………………………..


Today’s display is from Soft Surroundings.  Palm Prints are very popular this year…here are some of the other palm print garments available at various price points….

and found these two later…


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Monday Motivation - Live & Learn

I am very pleased so far.  My 45 days ends the night before my 68th birthday…so I will give my full assessment then!  

Remember to tell us what you think about the display….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. The palm print shown is so big! I would look like a walking 1950’s drape in that dress. I prefer solid colors, no tiers or ruffles. I think a very tall lady could pull that off. Happy Thursday!

  2. While I do like some items in the slide show, I would not wear the featured dress. The print is too large for me and the overall color scheme of the dress doesn’t work for my skin tone. I feel like I’d basically disappear in this dress and all anyone would see would be fabric. I am drawn to the more subtle prints in the slide show. There are definitely some things there that I’d wear. Looking forward to your review on the R45.

  3. Good morning,
    I would wear this. I like the shape of the dress and the colors. The print is a little larger than I normally wear yet the bright dress color seems to balance the print. I like the features at the bottom of the dress. I’d wear a jean jacket with this and sandals. A pair of tennis shoes would give it a casual look.

  4. I really like everything about the dress except for the warm background. The slide show is great and I would have fun trying on some of those as well. The ones with sleeves would be my first try on. Even though I love the look on the displays, there are times when it is just a no for me in reality. Not much in the way of accessories with all that print, so a pair of silver earrings either big hoops or my leaf dangles, and a pair of strappy flat sandals. I do like the hem on the featured dress as it flows instead of being a stiffer fabric.

  5. I think that the colors in that dress are a stunning mixture. I wish there was “less” of the dress. I would find the folds and the length overwhelming on me, but on the right height (tall) and body shape, it could make quite a splash. I am drawn to that Anthropologie dress, and wish it wasn’t mini. I am in my upper 60s and wouldn’t wear that length. The 60s vibe (one of my favorite decades) is attractive and they continued the look on the back! I also think the shirt with white jeans looks clean and fresh. I seem to be attracted to the palm look in smaller doses than your feature dress.

  6. I love the colors and it looks very comfortable. I do wear sleeveless items, but usually not flounced ones. I’m not too crazy about prints in general. However, because of the lower contrast, this one doesn’t feel overwhelming. I would not try it on because … well, I just don’t like it enough to take it to the fitting room. It would be cute on someone with a less structured style than I have, who might wear it with cork wedges or warm metallic sandals, a wooden bangle, and a straw hat.

  7. Very romantic, large print and autumn colours so not for my white haired, five foot body. The dress I’d most like to try on is the palm mini dress in the slideshow. It even comes in petite! The closest Anthropology is an hour and a half away so perhaps a day trip when the summer sales start and if the malls open up.

  8. Though I do like its composition of colors, a definite ‘no’ for myself as do not favour high-low/dip hems, full flounces, feel that the scale of print is too large and do not care for how it is laid out. -Brenda-

  9. well, i do like the print, but i wouldnt wear it…you know where id like to see it…on a comforter, sheet set, pillow sham set…

  10. I love this dress. I would even try it on as I need clothes for summer events and I am enjoying warm browns this season. Once in the fitting room I would remember that large prints overwhelm me and the cut of the dress shows off too much of my back, an area best kept covered. The Anthropologie shift is very modern and my preferred cut.

  11. A beautiful dress ! If I were taller I’d be ordering it. I’m not tall and despite loving the colors here, the print might be a bit too large for me.
    Still – if I were you – tall and beautiful-I’d be taking this home !

  12. There is nothing about this dress that would flatter me. The color palette is wrong for me. The print is too big, & the style is wrong for my short curvy figure. It is one of those things that would make me feel like I was playing dress-up. I love the picture of the white sleeveless shift dress. The hairstyle & pink sunglasses perched a top the models head took me back in time & reminded me of my sister & her friends in the mid 60’s & the beach party movies. I don’t think it’s the right look for me today, but it was fun to remember.

  13. I do wear palm prints in a smaller scale, in colors that suit me.

    I don’t wear scoop necks, or these colors, which do not suit me. Sleeveless is very tricky, too, since many items having gaping armholes. Maxis? This one looks like it might not trip me up, due to the high-low hem.

    I’d call this resort wear, and since I do not live at a resort, I’d really have no use for it.

  14. I’d definitely try on this dress. While the pattern is bolder than I usually wear the colors are muted and not too much. I like color mix, too, and feel that I could wear these colors.

    The style of this dress appeals to me too. It looks very comfortable and could easily be worn with a cardigan or cute denim jacket.

  15. The featured dress isn’t for me. I look awful in orange! I also prefer smaller prints or solid colors.

  16. Yes! I’ve always been drawn to big, bold tropical prints & they suit me — & yes, they make me smile because they make me happy! — but while I love the colours in the dress, I’m not so sure they love me. If this fabric came in a shirt I’d certainly try it on & hope the colours worked because it would look terrific worn open over a deep blue cami with blue jeans, or paired with tan linen pants or a flowy mid-calf skirt & leather sandals. And that green & white is perfect! That colour combo always looks so cool & fresh. I’d wear the shirt with white or black jeans & dress it up or down — tucked in with a leather belt, bag & sandals, or worn open over a v-neck top or cami with a braided straw belt, a straw bag & espadrilles & plenty of jewelry. Lots to smile about in today’s choices, thank you, Pamela!

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