Would You Wear It – Warmer Tones

Would You Wear It - Warmer Tones

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Warmer Tones?

No, I am not switching my mannequins to all warmer tones, but this display did jump out at me.

Today is the day that my friend Jennifer and I post displays for our audiences to comment on both displays.

We learn a lot from one another in these posts.

Would You Wear It - Warmer Tones

Jennifer and I typically look for displays which have styles which make us wonder if you would or would not wear them.

The reason I posted that dismal display on Wednesday is in hopes that those working in fashion merchandising would see the posts and see how you reacted.

It was a sad and miserable attempt at clothing sales.  I want to see brick & mortar stores remain, but they need to do a good job for their audiences. 

On to a better selection today with interesting pieces.  I will be curious to read your comments...keep them personal, constructive, and kind.

Would You Wear It - Warmer Tones

Please give your best fashion scrutiny to my three lovely ladies and tell us……………………………………………………..


Today’s display is in the DKNY department at Dillard’s where they have lots of fun colors…




Would You Wear It - Warmer Tones

I told you this week that I begin my Christmas shopping in July!  I already have a few things tucked away.  

So, I wanted to share with you these wonderful house shoes from WoolFit…and they come in many colors!!

Would You Wear It - Warmer Tones

These are so cozy and comfy for colder weather days and nights.  This sustainable brand features all natural, handmade German slippers with the finest pure wool. 

You will love the color choices and make anyone on the gift list…including you…really happy!  Now I need some warm-colored pajamas to go with them!  Check out WOOLFIT GERMAN SLIPPERS!

I will be bringing you gift ideas all month so watch for them.

Now, please comment on the display….visit A WELL STYLED LIFE for Jennifer’s display…and make sure you always…..




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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided slippers to review and the words are my own.


  1. I don’t want to come across as being really negative, but my goodness. First of all, for me the colors don’t work. The beige outfit looks very sloppy to me, and the rust colored one looks like pajamas to me. I’m not participating in the wide, cropped pants trend for many reasons, but aside from that, this is another example of “what were they thinking” on that beige outfit. That jacket with those pants is just, to my eye, sloppy and bland. The top center back looks cute, but I’d have to see it in different lighting. This display is one I’d pass right by. I want to see brick and mortar stores survive too. I must try things on for a good fit, and don’t like online shopping at all. If they mess up mannequins, that doesn’t matter as much to me as finding what I’m looking for on the racks. For example, Talbot’s doesn’t use mannequins in my area but they always have attractive displays. Today’s outfits are a “no” for me!

      1. Bland and rumpled for the beige on the left and baggy for the right. Neither of these would compliment my short stature. I have to be careful about too much volume in the garment or I’ll look square and frumpy. So those wide legged pants are not for me. With all the lovely colors and shapes possible, why choose a totally beige outfit? It seems that I’m hearing and seeing the public gravitating towards more cheerful colors. I thought the leaf print top could be better with slimmer pants. For me, just no for both selections.

  2. i like the outfit on the right…but really, it makes the mannequin look big, so what would it do for real life women….the color and print are pretty, but for me that style would only work around the house or for pjs on the balcony of a nice resort. the tan outfit is a no for me, but i do like the linen moto jacket alot. the red top in back is not for me because of the gathering in the front, but on a more slender woman it would be cute.
    i liked a top in the slide show, the dkny marble top, but once i clicked it, i realized that my not being able to wear a strapless bra would X this one for me, its pretty the way it fits on the shoulders, but its not for me.

  3. I’m really enjoying your color and style journey – I visited Red Leopard in October 2019 and am going through the same process. Keeping comments on the mannequins specific to myself, I’m a blue autumn and the print top/pants are too warm for me. The beige outfit is too light. With a large bust, spaghetti straps are a non-starter. I’ve yet to find wide leg pants that I like on me (and I’ve tried). I too want brick & mortar stores to survive, but the key is not only merchandising, but having a selection in style and sizes. I recently read that online shopping is successful 10% of the time – based on my own experience I’d say that’s pretty close! I much prefer going into a store and seeing the colors & fabric in person. If I then choose to try something on, I usually know immediately if it fits (& I like it) or not.

  4. The only thing I like in the display is the jacket. I would wear it in navy not beige. A beige outfit and the rust color does not work for me at all. I’m not a fan of the short, wide pants as shown.
    Slide show DKNY cute tops and ombre dress – I would wear that today! So cute, great colors, length, style. Happy Saturday!

  5. I do like the outfit on right. But the colors are not me. The other outfits just don’t appeal to me….a bit unkempt and drab. On the right person and with the right accessories someone might be able to make the other two outfits work, but they are not me.

  6. I wear warmer tones & I’d definitely wear the orange top in the middle. The other 2 outfits are a no for me. The colors are fine but the wide cropped pants aren’t appealing to me.

  7. I think this photo is an example of better merchandising. The outfits are related, attractive and don’t look like they need to be ironed.
    I like the outfit on the left, the beige jacket and pants/split skirt I’m short so the pant would not hit me at the length they hit the model, they’d be more ankle length, which I think would be an improvment. I like high-waisted wide-legged pants, but I want them to hit no more than 1/2 an inch above my ankle.
    Since you’ve been on a accessory kick I’d note that a collarless jacket is an excellent item to use with accessory scarves. A neutral jacket like that could go from late Spring to early Fall by switching up the scarf and shirt underneath.

    Looking at your carousel, I have to recommend the sleevless cowl. Ten years ago I had something similar from DKNY in colors I loved and it was a wonderful layering item. Very light underneath a sweater or jacket, and the cowl neck could be arranged in the neck of the sweater like a scarf. I wore it so much I got tired of it and gave it away. Why did I do that?

  8. Well, how much fun is it for you that the colours for your pallet are really out there this season. Of course the moto jacket and bohemian are not two words that usually go together. I would definately stop and check out the display for ideas, but the colours are all wrong for me personally, and the moto is too harsh for my style. I don’t wear pants that length, but the style is something I would check out if they were longer. The top on the right would be a good look if the straps were bra friendly. All in all a no for me, but ideas for working my own items. A softer jacket over loose pants etc. Enjoy your long weekend. I can’t get into the Christmas shopping idea quite yet.

  9. Ladies:. I encourage you to try a pair of the wide leg pants on. I was firmly shaking my head as in “no way” but once I tried on a pair I changed my mind. I would wear the front two outfits. I would size down on the top on the right. The outfit on the left has a lot of potential so it would be a good investment.

  10. Sorry to be so negative but other than the colour and the clothes being steamed I don’t see much difference from Wed. display. There are no accessories or suggestions as to how to personalize the outfits. I suppose it does say buy all these and you will have a capsule wardrobe. Unfortunately nothing here in my colours and I don’t think any of the styles are flattering to the human body except perhaps the moto jacket. If you want to hide yourself in fabric take your pick.
    On the other hand, love the slippers. Navy or classic grey on my Christmas list please.

  11. After a few days of sweltering summer heat & as the sun shifts its angle & days get shorter, I start looking forward to the transition to warmer colors. For now, I would wear either cropped pants here with summery tees or tanks now. I don’t care for the jacket. That style has been around a while & looks best when closed/zipped up. As for the print top, I’m not a fan of the trendy hem detail or spaghetti straps. Later … for fall, I’d pair the cognac pants with navy or black (maybe even deep purple) & add tortoise jewelry. The cream pants would make use of soft or bright summer shades now & deep teal, red, olive, etc., later. Good season-spanning separates.

  12. I love the linen moto jacket, but as a blue autumn, I would need something dark and rich under it. The crops I would try on, as those flowy ones look much better on me than the stiff ones. I love the rust color, but not the print. It’s too retro for my taste, though I love the asymmetric hemline. I just bought a layering cardigan from Chico’s in a bold print called toasted khaki, that has dark brown, ivory, black, rich orange and a bit of hot pink in it. It is my first purchase going toward revamping my closet. I loved it (especially as the tiny bit of black connects with my old wardrobe). Yesterday I wore it to our town’s First Friday street walk (where the shops and galleries all have open house), and was stopped by strangers in the street complimenting me! Wow! Here’s to figuring out the right colors.

  13. I wonder what season these are supposed to be, especially that moto jacket. Doesn’t seem appropriate for Texas in July. Or many other places in the US during July.

    & like the Kohl’s display, the outfits desperately need accessories. Which begs the question – does each store choose what they display/how they style it, or was this mandated by HQ?

  14. I love the colours of the outfit on the right but the style is not for me. The top in the middle is something I would definitely wear and I love the colour. I haven’t tried on the wide leg crop pants but as I’m on the short side I think they might not work for me.

  15. I’m not a fan of the shapes or colors. Sorry, now of these lives would make it to my wardrobe. I also think the merchandizing could be improved.

  16. The only garment in this display that interests me is the top in the back, but I would have to have it in a different color. I don’t wear wide crop pants for a variety of reasons so the pants are all out. The jacket looks too heavy for a Midwest summer & has too much going on. The top on the right looks like something I might have worn in high school, & I have no interest in going back there. The display does seem more cohesive than some have been, but there is just nothing interesting about it.

  17. A ‘yes’ to all bottoms as can and do wear both styles. As to the orange top, appreciate its details, color and fabric but actually would prefer it sleeveless because of its relaxed style however a ‘no’ to the two tops on the left as for starters am ‘not’ a fan of Moto jackets (never have been never will be) due to all their zippers and the colors are far too bland for my fair complexion. Do like the outfit in the forefront on the right and provided it passed fabric’n quality inspection (☺) would purchase more as a special occasion outfit (dinner/cocktail party etc.) but also would appreciate the option of its separate pieces interchanging them with different styles of tops and bottoms. Accessories and shoes would be in accordance. i.e.: As an outfit — no necklace, drop earrings or statement studs, a bracelet, a clutch bag, a heeled slide-on strappy shoe.

  18. I think the display would get a second look from me. I might even try on the outfit on the left with a navy or perhaps aqua top underneath. Rust is not in my palette, but I think it is a pretty color for those who can wear it. I am past wearing spaghetti straps.

  19. I agree with Roseag above about better merchandising. But I do think the displays have a long way to go in presenting fashionable presentations.

    The moto jacket on the left is wonderful (and similar to a jacket I own and love) — but the items it is paired with don’t do it justice. It would look amazing and very current with a black jumpsuit. As is, the beige wide leg crops don’t do a thing for this marvelous jacket.

    The outfit on the right has great colors … but the panel on the bottom looks heavy (velvet?) and conflicts with the spaghetti straps. Actually, the moto jacket might look good with this outfit.

    I do wish the merchandisers would add accessories. They seem to be missing in many of the displays these days, but would add so much.

  20. The colour of the outfit on the right is gorgeous but I don’t know if it would work on me without trying it on. I’d wear it at home but not out: I’m past the age where spaghetti straps do anything for me even though my arms & shoulders are well toned, & I’ve never cared for wide-legged pants except as lounge-wear or goucho pants in the fall & winter with tall boots. The colour on the top in back works for me, but the scooped neckline & fussy gathering do not. Love the moto jacket in spite of the colour! I’d wear it over a jewel-toned cami or V-neck top & jeans. Or pair it with a sundress, a short pencil skirt & heels or a long, gored skirt with a swirly hemline & espadrilles. There are just so many things you can do with a jacket like this that the beige “non-colour” works in its favour.

  21. I like the shape of the pants. They look cool and comfortable. The colors are not for me; I wear winter (cool and clear) colors. The top on the right shows too much shoulder for my taste, and the top under the jacket looks like it has DKNY in large letters. Why should I pay to be a walking advertisement?

  22. These outfits aren’t bad, but the color palette doesn’t appeal to me at all. The only one I think is pretty is the print outfit, That one stands out, but the top of the top looks like a different material than the bottom. The bottom looks like it’s velvet. That’s weird.
    I would pass right by this display. They seem to be advertising fall colors…too soon for me.

  23. If I was still working in an office, I would wear the moto jacket and wide pants. I would skip the top underneath and wear a brighter colour – red, navy, turquoise or a print. Add black sandals or flats and jewelry. Both the jacket and the pants could be worn separately which I always took into consideration when buying work clothes. The rust top is pretty but not my colour palette.

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