Style Refresh 2021: Re-thinking accessories

Style Refresh 2021: Re-thinking accessories

Happy Friday and July 4th Weekend!  Today, I want to discuss my Style Refresh 2021: Re-thinking accessories!

After Annie Castano of CASTANOHEL declared my style refresh to be a Vibrant Autumn/Bohemian/Romantic,  I began to learn more about how to re-think my accessories!

In recent past I might have breezed right past these beautiful fiery red Brahmin handbags at Dillard’s, but now I stopped to admire and dream!

The best outcome of my makeover is that I no longer fear color…now I embrace it!


Style Refresh 2021: Re-Thinking Accessories


I cannot tell you how much fun this is for a true blue lover of accessories!  

Annie has recommended I stick to gold, bronze, and autumn colors of necklaces. She also recommended some shorter ones that go in the V-Neckline of most of my tops.

This gorgeous artisan necklace was designed specifically for me by jewelry designer Pam Neri.  Working with someone like Pam makes it possible to receive jewelry in the specific colors you are seeking.  

The beads are very organic and earthy…and I live the addition of a softer orange for summer and spring.  Contact Pam if you are in need of specific colors!

A NOTE ON THE SUNGLASSES:  Annie recommended that for my style I needed large sunglasses!  I found these at our local Goodwill and thought they would be fun.



Style Refresh 2021: Re-thinking accessories

Once I made a decision that I was going to do everything Annie taught me, I began to notice colorful accessories I might not have noticed previously. Bohemian = accessories!

Accessories by designer Patricia Nash actually speak to my entire new style.  I already picked up one scarf on sale and will watch for others.

Style Refresh 2021:Re-thinking 2021

I have never really shopped accessories with color at the top of my mind, but it has been fun to do so.  

Since July is sale season, I will watch many of the items I have seen to see if they are reduced!

The more I ponder how to interpret Bohemian-style for me, the more I understand the major role the right accessories will play in my overall style. 

Also, remember Annie and her creative partner, Ivana, sell some of the most beautiful scarves I have see @CASTANOHEL.


Style Refresh 2021: Re-thinking accessories

Well, the computer does not do my nails justice….they are really a lovely orange shade called OPI on Collins Ave. 

I am definitely keeping my new warmth in mind when selecting colors for my nails and toes. 

Annie also recommended for Bohemian Style to wear more stacked bracelets…so, I picked up a few when I stopped by Goodwill!

A reader asked about my lovely silver bracelet collection.  I still have it and may wear it, but it is currently on hold while I experiment with the style refresh!


Style Refresh 2021: Re-thinking shoes

  I have already mentioned several ways that I am re-thinking my footwear…love my gold sneakers!

The biggest need going into fall will be a quality pair of brown booties.  

But, I just received these wonderful flats from GIESSWEIN.  

These are sustainable, recycled ballet flats, come in pointed or rounded toes, and lots of lovely colors.  Adding orange to my wish list!

I hope these ideas have you re-thinking your own accessories to make sure they fit your wardrobe and style personality!  Here are some accessories on sale today and more sales are listed below!

Thanks so much for being here…Would You Wear It? tomorrow…and more Style Refresh to come!




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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was sent product within this post to review by the words are my own.


  1. I went to Dillard’s yesterday and saw several things that reminded me of your new color journey!

  2. oh my, i clicked on the italian coin scarf by Patricia Nash, Im in love…lol
    but im not sure i can carry off that much “Boho”…

  3. These are beautiful accessories! This is an area, I think, where we can have some fun with different colors. While some won’t work near our faces, they will work in a bracelet, shoes or handbags. Those are great shoes, such a perfect color for elongating the leg. You should have a wonderful time choosing accessories, as much as you like them, and you can really pull off the vibrant bohemian look. I personally love that red handbag, and the statement necklace and scarf. All of it really. And seeing it now, I’m thinking of how this could really perk up some darker winter clothes….

  4. Absolutely, Karen, I agree on popping color with a darker winter palette! I did that a lot when I wore so much black.

  5. Can you stack your silver bracelets with colorful bracelets? That works for me.
    I frequently see Patricia Nash bags/wallets at Marshall’s and TJMaxx,

  6. I will try that! Great idea and yes I also see Patricia Nash at Marshall’s!!

  7. I do love those Brahmin handbags too, and would stop to look and dream. And your necklace made specifically for you by Pam Neri is lovely and definitely in your color palette . I’m sure you enjoy wearing it and find it accessorizes many of your newly-embraced autumn-colored items. One thing people who have never had their color analysis done may not realize is that if you stay within your specific colors, everything should coordinate. That way you get much more use out of your wardrobe. I am interested in the recycled shoes, and will look to your saying how they wear. Such items are thankfully becoming more prevalent and available, but still are more costly for many. Hopefully, that cost will diminish in the future.

  8. Oh, accessories, yes please. Even if you cannot wear earrings, there is so much out there to add instead. In that display of purses, the only one that stands out for me is the one that does not belong. Of course I am always aware to make sure the overall shape is softened or rounded and not too square for me. Is the colour of that top Pebble? It looks so much softer than white. I could spend hours just checking out all the options in your Goodwill but most likely come home with way more than I need. Looks like you will have fun adding to your closet. Love the posts on refresh and hope you have lots more to show us.

  9. Hi Celia, I have funky feet so I often pay more to get quality shoes that make my feet happy! But I will continue to watch for great deals to post here on the blog and we will see if the “recycled” shoes do come down some. I wanted all of you who have chosen to wear your best colors to see that a custom jewelry designer like Pam Neri makes sense when you want specific colors!

  10. This is an old, old top that I found recently in a drawer…when I pulled it out, I immediately said “WOW, That works!” I am still waiting for my Pebble Dye to be delivered so I will know more about the color when it is. And, yes…there are more posts ahead on Style Refresh! Thanks to all of you who said they are helping with your own style refresh!

  11. Love this post on accessories! My color analyst told me that it is smart to spend A THIRD of your clothing budget on accessories after getting your basic wardrobe together in correct colors. She actually makes jewelry for her clients. I really had to be persuaded to give the necklaces a chance. I am more of an earring and bracelet gal. I notice that everytime I visit her, she has an autumn necklace for a Natural Classic on display! I have quite a few sets now that work with almost everything in my wardrobe, and I have even given her vintage beads that I have picked up for her to reconfigure. I used to make my own but she has a phenomenal stash of unusual beads to add in.
    I just bought Essie nailpolish in Yes I Canyon (red-orange) and Cliffhanger (neutral) which are great for fellow autumns.
    I painted my (wrong) blue Brahmin bag bronze with Angelus leather paint.
    Question: Are the shoes bunion-forgiving do you think? I also notice that they have only full sizes. Would you buy up or down if you are a half size.
    Love your new picture.

  12. Would love to see some of those jewelry displays, Deborah…how fun! Do you like the way the painted bag turned out??
    On the shoes, I don’t have bunions but I do have hammer toes but I went with the Size 9 though I usually get 91/2…and they work!

  13. Hi Mary! I am going to send to you an email. Watch for it this afternoon!

  14. It is so much fun to see you blossoming into the person you were meant to be. I am excited for you. Accessories are just the enhancement most of us need & are a great pick me up.

  15. Thank you, Becky! I have really enjoyed this journey and learned so much.

  16. If I could email you directly, I could send you some jewelry photos. I don’t see how to post a photo here. Thanks for the shoe information.

  17. Even though I have been told I am a winter, in the summer there is nothing I like better than coral tops AND coral lipstick. K think it makes silver hair pop.

  18. I was told once that coral like looks good on every woman…that it is universal, but I did not know if that is true!

  19. I’m envious of your Goodwill store! Ours was recently remodeled and it wasn’t done very well. It’s in a rather small space and the remodel made it feel even smaller. So disappointing. Your new colors look fabulous on you and it has me thinking about what “season” I am!

  20. That Patricia Nash scarf is so big!
    I have a slightly bigger than bandana sized scarf with beading on the edges and I like it because the beading weights it and it stays put once I tie it. I wear it more like a Girl Scout, tied in the front. I don’t have a big chest so I could wear a big scarf like that turned to the front, the coins wouldn’t hang off my chest like fringe, but even so, it’s way more statement than I’m comfortable throwing on to do casual things.
    At this point, since I”m still WFH, wear to do casual stuff is still my use case.

  21. Oh, it sounds like you’re having such a great time, so I made an appointment with a color expert to have my colors done. I love all the autumn colors, although I feel best in greens, especially olive which make my blue eyes turn green, and blues, especially turquoise. Now if only I could get my thin, mousy hair to look as gorgeous as yours! LOL

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