What do you wear in the heat?

And just like that…it is Monday!  Welcome everyone! Today I answer a reader question...What do you wear in the heat?

I believe she was asking to know how I stay true to my new autumn colors in a high heat, high humidity climate like South Texas.

This is something I threw on the other day to go down the street and meet a friend for lunch…so I thought I would use it as an example.

What do you wear in the heat?

  1. Fabric Matters

This top was one of my sale purchases from JJill….it is cool, comfy, easy….and brown!  It is also made from one of my favorite summer fabrics…Tencel.  

In the summer, the fabric color doesn’t matter as much to me as the fabric itself.  This brown top is just as cool as a lighter color would be….in my opinion.


What do you wear in the heat?

2. Pant Length Matters

Because of our heat, I do wear and prefer crop or capri length pants.  I really do not wear shorts, so these are cooler than a full length pant.

I agree full length and ankle length have a more flattering, nicer look to them…but in August, it is more about cool than anything. 

I have really enjoyed these Chico’s So Slimming Crops with fringe on the hem (a little touch of boho!) and they are on sale!

I am also excited to say that they are looking a tad loose since I got serious about my walking…maybe I need to pick up a pair in a smaller size!!

What do you wear in the heat?


3. Lighter Accessories Matter

I have worn these BZEES sandals so much this summer…they are a great color and I can walk anywhere in them!!  August is really sandal time around here!

This little necklace is so light and I like the touch of orange it adds to this outfit….once again, I found it at our Goodwill Accessory Store!!

You also may be surprised to know that this bracelet is very light weight….and I have had it for years.  I am usually not aware that I have it on….

Love to wear BZEES..


What do you wear in the heat?

Then I was off to lunch with a friend.  I have to recommend this new Strawberry, Almond and Goat Cheese Salade at La Madeleine and I added Chicken…really good.

Here are a couple of cute Tencel tops still on the market….

That should give you some idea of how I dress for the heat in August.  

I am still recovering from the weekend….have a great Monday…and join me as we stay cool and ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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