A live chat with Susan & me about color & reinvented style

A live chat with Susan & me about color & reinvented style

Welcome to an exciting Tuesday! I want to tell you about a live chat with Susan and me about color and reinvented style!

I am joining the fabulous Susan Blakey of the blog une femme d’un certain age on her Instagram page today for a live chat about our reinvented style and color stories. 

You can listen and submit questions on her IG page, beginning at 11 AM PT/ 1 PM CT/ 2 PM ET.  It will also be recorded and made available to this audience to hear.

Since,  there are so many new followers to this blog, I thought I would spend today with a brief recap of my story in order to fill in details we may miss in the chat.


A live chat with Susan and me about color & reinvented style

Susan went through her own color reinvention a long time before I did.  I tell her story in this post,  Style Refresh 2021: From the Beginning.

Her current goal is to be trained and certified to be a color analyst, since more are needed in the USA!

You can see that both of us went from wearing mostly black and neutrals to full out color!


A live chat with Susan & me about color reinvented style

My journey has gone from early July until now, but thee are the posts which cover it best…after the beginning one, of course….

Meet Annie Castano

Vibrant Autumn

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Lessons Learned through two style reinventions

A live chat with Susan & me about color and reinvented style

Annie’s question stated here is what it boils down to….I was seeking the answer in a new stage of life…not fully retired, but able to dress as I wanted to.

I feel like now I have discovered a reinvented style that matches the joy I have for my current life…it syncs up!

I am looking forward to talking with Susan today who also has discovered a joyful new world of style.  Remember the Wonderful World of Color?…we are making our own version now!

Let me know if there are questions you would like to hear us discuss…if it goes well, we may do it again soon!


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I’m going to try to catch this at the right time, but glad it will be recorded. I’m still looking for information for those of us with neutral coloring, as opposed to being ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ specifically. I know it’s really a thing, but other than “you can wear anything”, there’s just not that much information.

  2. I’m loving seeing you embrace your new style and colors. You look fabulous! However your colors are not my colors and your boho style is not mine either. It would be great if you could have some guests and show the different looks compared to yours.

  3. This sounds really interesting, and I am so glad you are making it available in a recording. I will not be able to watch this afternoon, so will wait to see when it is up for the general viewing. It is such fun to chat with someone else who is so interested in the subject and outcome of the results. Have fun.

  4. Hi Bev, I hope to do that for you! Susan is a Golden Spring and her style personality is called Gamine. We are not the same either. My goal has been to inspire all of you to discover your best colors and style and see the benefits of sticking by it! More to come!

  5. Good morning. Looking forward to seeing you ‘in person’ on the replay. I follow Susan, too. I tend to buy when I see something special that I love so that I don’t miss and regret it. I feel that spending more money on shoes and bags are important items to be less thrifty on. If I come across either on sale, I consider it lucky. Maybe you could discuss what items that you tend to think are worth more of a splurge. For instance, I know my jeans and tops will go on sale at Talbots, but a special poncho in a spectacular color at Kettlewell will most likely sell out. I would splurge on that item. I also tend to splurge when traveling, although that has been limited lately.
    Have fun discussing. Style is so much fun. Thank you for your devotion.

  6. I do have a question, being an autumn in my early years with auburn hair, does my autumn palette change with my now white hair decades later? Looking forward to today’s discussion in the recording.

  7. If we don’t discuss neutrals this round, Karen…I will try to get some new ideas for you!

  8. I think it is different for everyone on what we will splurge on…but I will see if we can get it in the discussion!

  9. I look forward to this and can join you live today! Yay! I’ve discovered I’m really a spring. I like wearing color and it makes me feel better. As fall approaches, I’d like to know how to wear color more in the fall or even find it. I’ve got a couple of burnt orange/pumpkin spice cardigans but would some ideas for that final layer for that polished look. What’s a great color to select for a statement piece?

  10. I feel like I knew my coloring and personal style so much better in my teens and 20s. I also had a capsule wardrobe before it was a thing, and was much more disciplined in making new purchases. When one has a capsule wardrobe, I would agree with another comment on buying quality handbags and shoes. Better quality means items that last, and styles that endure.

    As life got busier and more complicated over the years, my wardrobe was made up of emergency purchases for upcoming vacations, and things that were good enough, but not great.

    So here I am. My hair has changed color, my body changed shape after pregnancy, my lifestyle changed. Many styles do not work for me at this stage of life. This is what brings us to a style reinvention. Now we can add to that the realization that life has changed for most of us during the pandemic. How do we adjust our wardrobes to all this change? How do we get back our wardrobe mojo?

  11. I have the same general question as Kay, about how our designated color palette may change as our hair color lightens with age. During the pandemic I decided to stop coloring my hair. Though my silvers are really just a sprinkling at this time, my formerly light brown hair is coming in considerably darker than I remember it, more of a light brunette. With blue eyes and pale, cool complexion I think I am now a clear spring. Before there was more warmth with my hair color. Unfortunately I will not be available during your live session today, but look forward to watching as soon as the link is posted. Thank you so much for arranging this. 💗🌼💗

  12. I’m not on Instagram or Facebook, but I love your blog and hope that you include some of what you discuss with Susan on there as well. You’re so fortunate that you have discovered your colors and style and are having fun embracing it! I’m like Karen and have been told that I was neutral. Most blues and black work, but olive and caramel does too. The only colors that weren’t great were the pastels. Good thing that I didn’t pay much for the consultation. At least it was fun!

  13. Love you and Susan so it’s a double bonus treat to watch your post! Yay! Thanks for recording it. Have to work and watch later. I’m either a deep autumn or deep winter. If you have any tips on that, would be grateful. I would love to see other guest collaborations too for those of us who are not Bohemian types (think I’m more of a Natural/ sporty/ hunter/ adventurer type if that helps you)

  14. I enjoyed your video with Susan as I follow you both. Pam, may I ask details on the 3 garments that were behind you in the video? I especially liked the mustard colored one. I have also worked with Annie. She is amazing!

  15. Hi Lila, thank you for listening! I wanted color in my video background, so I gabbed three old garments and hung them behind me. The yellow and orange were designed by a woman named Jana Kos. She was amazing but was unable to stay in business. Sorry I do not have better news on the garment.?

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