Would You Wear It – Casual Brights

Would You Wear It - Casual Brights

Happy Saturday, everyone!  It’s that fun day with two blogs, so on this one, let’s discuss WOULD YOU WEAR IT – CASUAL BRIGHTS!

Jennifer and I bring you fashion displays from our worlds and ask that you determine if you would or would not wear the styles.

Would You Wear It - Casual Brights

I have given you a display of three mannequins and make sure you look over all three pants carefully…they are not the same.

Please tell us if you would or would not wear the garments…maybe suggest ways to style…and offer constructive thought in your analysis.

It doesn’t matter that you are not currently shopping…it only matters that you would or would not wear these if given the opportunity.

Would You Wear It - Casual Brights

So tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………


This display is from Dillard’s in the Calvin Klein department……Here is more in a variety of colors:


Would You Wear It Bright Casual

Our nature inspiration photo today can remind us that there are fabulous new garments on the market for fall for those of you who love wearing BLACK.

Here are just a few I discovered….

And….there is 40% off sweaters today at JJILL!!

So many great looks hitting the racks and I will show you new styles often!  Now, tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT…then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display….and, of course, always…….


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. These particular garments don’t inspire me, so I’d pass. The joggers I’d wear, I do wear them, but that wouldn’t draw me to the display. This is just me, the basic styles would work for a lot of women. The blue top is not a good color for me, but beyond that, it just doesn’t appeal to me style-wise. The print on the one in front would be overwhelming, again, on me. The reddish top looks like too much material, and those sleeves would bother me unless they were reined in a little. I’d pass. However!! The items in the slideshow featuring black, there are many things there that I’d wear! I’ll be going back over those! Have a great weekend Pam!

  2. I’m drawn to the bright floral Boho flowy top; especially like the sleeves. Would prefer a tunic length tho. The solid red top is interesting but would rather it be a cooler red. I would probably wear this top with the joggers and the floral top with the split ankle leggings. The 3rd comb is not speaking to me. I have several pair of red/black earrings which would go well with the red combos. Btw….their feet are cold so they need booties or tennies in black? Yes, bring on the Brights for Fall!!

  3. Good Morning! i like the colors in all 3 tops. however, the blue material looks a little clingy, which wont work for me, and the red goes in the opposite direction with being a little big and boxy. i do like the print in the middle, i would try that on, to see if i liked it. out of the pants i only like the boot cuts…the cuffed ones i would be uncomfortable in, and the ones with the slit in front…while i like them, they would be limited with choices…because theyre fitted, a longer top would be my choice, and with the bottom on the pant, those need a really cute strappy sandal with at least a little heel to be just right. in the slide show i liked the sleeveless burnt orange with the small buttons down the front…and i would try on the black/white striped side tie….stripes im very careful with, usually only the smallest are my friends.

  4. The three toppers do not work for me. Tge blue color is pretty but the top looks baggy and frumpy and at only 5 ft 3 I Prefer shorter tops. The bright floral is a definite no though it too is pretty- just too overwhelming. And the red top with extreme sleeves just woujd not work on my thin 5 ft 3 frame. The pants/leggings are fine but would need a better look at those split hem leggings . They are a maybe! I’d style the leggings with shorter workout tops like those I saw recently in a Talbots catalog.

  5. Not much in the display that would call me over. I do like the colour of the blue top and it is something that I would wear at home or pop out with a scarf or necklace and have it tucked in. I ablsolutely love the first look in the first slide show, that is me, the soft pink and gentle drape of the sweater and the blouse underneath. Going back for another look. The bird you featured today for nature is beautiful, was that at the zoo?

  6. With the exception of the colour of blue and the joggers; I’m afraid I would bypass the rest of the garments. Reason being; red is a colour I cannot wear, prefer floral prints to be more abstract and the designs themselves don’t personally appeal to me. -Brenda-

  7. Wow. This post is a reminder of how much my style and colors have changed in the past few years. I might have worn any of these looks while teaching, with slim black pants, never with joggers or a slacks with ankle interest. Now, as a true believer in natural or artistic classic, deep autumn, the bell can’t be un-rung. I can picture these outfits on a tall, dramatic winter. I love the choices on the warm colors in the slide show. Thank you for the reminder of the importance of correct choices for style and color.

  8. Of the three pants, I would be more inclined to wear the flared. Even then, I prefer my pants straight. I do love the red print blouse and can see it paired with not just black but navy, white or denim.

  9. I really am interested in all three pants. The ones with the slits in the front look like they would elongate the leg, The wider leg pants might be in a light, flowing fabric, and I’ve found I look best in this cut of pants if the fabric isn’t thick or stiff. And I have and wear a pair of simple black joggers, which I think can be dressed up or down. I don’t like large floral prints, and the other two tops look just ok. I might wear them. I would definitely try on all three pant designs. The jury is still out as to whether, as a blue autumn, I’m going to keep replenishing black pants.

  10. I like all three pairs of pants. I like the v-notches in the red shirt and pants – subtle but a nice touch. Depending on what I was doing, the sleeves on the red top might drive me nuts. I want long sleeves on the blue top & a more distinctive neckline to pull the eye up from the wide legs. I was excited about the middle top because I thought it was a sweater but I would pass on it as a blouse.

  11. I can never have enough black pants and I am especially drawn to the wide leg pair on the left. I’ve been looking for a pair of wide leg pants that might suit me and these seem to be a pair that just might work.

    I don’t wear brights, so unfortunately these tops would not be for me.

    Thanks for the slideshow featuring black items — black is a staple in my wardrobe no matter the season so there is a lot to like there!!

  12. Of the three tops, the only one I would consider would be the blue one. I like the color & the style but have concerns about the fabric. I would need to see & touch it in person. I like the style of the print top, but the print is too bold for my taste. The orange/red top is not a good color for me, & I would be dragging those sleeves through everything & knocking things down with them.

  13. The reds still look in the orange/red realm on my computer. The print is pretty but I prefer the other top in the slideshow if they had not added the pockets to it. Large flowing sleeves are not my friend. I have enough black pants in all different shapes in the closet. Glad none got purged during the skinny phase as it seems anything goes right now. I was glad to see eggplant in the black slideshow, saw a similar colour in a window the other day so there may be a reason to shop this fall.

  14. I would wear all three types of black pants just to change it up from plain black pants. I would wear the pants with short black suede boots or a black cuban heeled sandal.

    As a winter I like the blue top and the red top. I like the flowered red and black top but it is probably too overwhelming a print for a petite person.
    I like all of the clothes from Dillards. Peach and beige are not my colors but I like the cutaway jackets and the rust colored top with the small buttons. Also the cream top with the black trim is very nice.

  15. Yes to all 3 tops. Would wear with anything in my closet. No to all 3 bottoms. Prefer black jeans to the styles shown.

  16. Black Basics with Casual Brights….yes please! The blue and red to the left and right appeal to me (I’d add accessories): the floral in the center isn’t my personal style preference

  17. So glad someone asked this. I was trying to recall that brand you’d mentioned earlier.

    Thanks for all your wisdom. Love the blog!

  18. No I wouldn’t wear the displayed clothes. Possibly the blare legged pants. I don’t wear leg-clinging pants nor do I like pants (pj, joggers, etc) that have the snug band at ankle.

  19. I would wear 2 of the tops and all of the pants, which look the same anyway.
    The top I wouldn’t wear is the plain red one. I don’t like bell sleeves at all. They always seem to get in the way. I LOVE the red, black and blue blouse. That is my style and I just bought a top similar to the plain blue one. Black & red together are a classic look.

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