Reversible garments expand our wardrobes

Reversible garments expand our wardrobes

Happy, happy Friday!  Today I want to discuss how reversible garments expand our wardrobes.

This was a crazy busy week…spending time with grandchildren, experiencing them go to their first day of school, and, yes, decorating my porch for autumn.

Why so early? Because I am a blogger taking pictures of fall fashion and needed a fall-ish background.

The neighbors may discuss me on the Next Door App…we will see!!


Reversible garments expand our wardrobe

I have always enjoyed the reversible garments offered at Chico’s, and this current Reversible Floral to Animal-Print Duster Jacket is by far my favorite.  

Here is the other side just in case you haven’t seen it….

Reversible garments expand our wardrobes

It does expand our wardrobes when we can create completely different looks with one item.  

Here are more reversible items at Chico’s and some are on sale and offered in petites:

Reversible garments expand our wardrobes

Today’s look has many players from my closet:

An Eileen Fisher long tank (I have several if these in different colors that I have collected over the years.  Love them with leggings too!) 

Eileen Fisher washable crepe pants…this color is Aegean. I previously wore these pants for work…and I also have several colors of these.  But they are a nice, comfortable casual pant for now as well and washable.

A necklace I have owned so long and do not remember where it originated…it has a touch of animal print.

Reversible garments expand our wardrobes

My older bronze Cole Haan ballet flats and an older clutch. I will probably wear these flats until they finally fall apart…love the look and the comfort.

I love this outfit so much and I will wear it often!  I think that is why I am smiling so big!!

I could also do something similar to this with the other side. 


Reversible garments expand our wardrobes

Flowers in my color palette capture my immediate attention now and make me smile.  Remember through the end of the month, I am sharing pictures of inspiration from the world around us. 

I found these in landscaping at the San Antonio Zoo. 

Now, do you own many reversible garments….and if so…do you reverse them?  They expand our wardrobes only if we take advantage of both sides.

Reversible garments expand our wardrobes

Do your best this weekend to find reasons to laugh and experience joy…it is a choice…even in the midst of difficulties around us.

Choose Joy and always……………………………………………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography by Leigh Ann Cecil


  1. I have a container of dark orange zinnias with black sweet potato vine in a black container on my porch. Our growing season is too short to plant fall containers, but this one takes me into fall. It’s coming. The 20° drop in temperature yesterday is the beginning.

  2. We are into our hottest time of year so I am really jealous of your cool breezes! Enjoy those flowers!!

  3. In the past I have had reversible garments. One was a skirt from the old Coldwater Creek days that served me well for years. Currently there is nothing reversible in my closet, but I do see the value in them and certainly would add something, especially a topper. Your two looks with the same duster illustrate how we can get mileage from reversible garments and honestly look quite different. While fall is still a long way off, even in Ohio, I am looking forward to the beautiful weather that typically accompanies it!

  4. One of the reasons I really like this duster is because the looks are so different! I love styling options like this in one garment! Dreaming of fall with you….

  5. As always you look lovely in your NEW Autumn colors! Decorating fir fall is beginning around here too I’ve noticed. My daily walks in various neighborhoods
    Have shown me that many households are switching up the summer flowers for autumn blooms.
    I’m not there yet. We’ve got a major hurricane heading our way so other priorities. Batteries and bottled water in cases are on my shopping list.

  6. That was a really great find when you got it. The reversible sides look so much different and it can stretch your looks beautifully. I had a reversible coat at one time, but the suede side grabbed my sleeves the whole time I wore it and was so annoying that I got rid of it eventually. I did have a reversible summer dress years ago and did get more mileage out of that especially when travelling. I like your nature inspirations in the daily posts, and you reminded me that I did want to get to the zoo this summer, it is a 2 hour drive, but will be a fun trip. Our grandkids don’t go back to school until the beginning of September, it is strange how there are so many differences. Have a good weekend, and see you tomorrow on the blog.

  7. I have a few tanks from Chico’s that can reverse front to back, with one side being a scoop neck and one being a vee neck. They are very useful. I have had some truly reversible tanks and shirts, the kind with two fabrics, but found them to be hot and run small. Reversible is not something I look for, though in theory it could be great for travel.

  8. You look AMAZING in your new colors! I like how you incorporated what you kept with the new items. This reversible topper is very nice. Again, your new color and style is beautiful.

  9. I love these outfits. They make you look radiant!
    Fall is my favorite time of year!
    I have one quilted reversible jacket that has gold and rust autumn leaves on black on one side and reverses to plain quilted black on the other side. I have worn it for years.

  10. I don’t have any reversible garments, but I think it’s a great idea. Chico’s clothes, even the petites, are too large. And streamlining reversible clothes is a nightmare! So I need to find some things in extra small petites. With narrow hips ( the smallest size Chico’s petite pants still swim on my hips!) I like the idea of very different colors on each side. I used to have a silk reversible tank – black to hot pink-and wore it out!!!

  11. Hopefully they will see your comment Susan and work on some new styles for women like you. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. I’m so ready for autumn too, Pam! Your front porch looks great! I just bought some pumpkin pillows at Homegoods and can’t wait to put them out. I really like your ethnic inspired necklace – it fits your bohemian vibe and looks terrific with your outfit!

  13. I love your reversable duster on you! I have 3 reversable Chico’s dusters, a evening one that is black velour on one side and a gold pattern on the other (I believe you posted it once on you). I also have a black satin to floral, and an animal print to gold/black/ animal pattern on the reverse. I just ordered their animal to solid black linen reversable jacket. I have 4 reversable tanks that are solid to patterns. I love the reversables for travel and especially on cruises where I take up my daily outfit a notch. I often search Chicos for reversables as they are the only place that seems to carry them often.

  14. Thanks Connie! I do have that one and kept it! I plan to put a vibrant autumn top underneath it this year! Thanks!

  15. I don’t have any reversible garments, but I do have a couple of reversible belts- a black that reverses to gold & a two tone brown. I wear them all the time. The black with gold is fun. I don’t wear a gold belt often, so I would never spend the money to buy one, but it’s nice to have to change things up a bit. I am in kitchen reno mode now with one more week to go. Once the dust from that settles, figuratively & literally, I am planning to start sneaking those fall items into the décor. It’s my favorite time of year, too.

  16. You will love decorating your new kitchen, Becky! Mine was finished just in time for fall decor and it was such fun!! Enjoy!

  17. I’ve only owned reversible light weight tanks. One was ivory and you could see the pattern of the reverse side any way you wore it. I didn’t like that, so I got rid of it. I have one other that I do like, but don’t wear much. It’s obviously a great idea.
    I know I’ve seen reversible pants on QVC from a particular designer, but they looked as if they would be heavy/bulky, so I didn’t purchase.
    It’s something to consider.
    Have a happy weekend!

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