Would You Wear It – Early Fall Trends

Would You Wear It - Early Fall Trends

Happy Saturday, ladies! Welcome to the Saturday Would You Wear it with early fall trends!

This is the day that my friend Jennifer and I bring to you fashion displays for your scrutiny.

We ask that you give us constructive thought as a consumer as to why or why not you would or would not wear the styles on the displays.

Would You Wear It - Early Fall Trends

The majority of displays I have seen recently are showing early fall trends …such as plaids, florals, and ponchos…..

Feel free to offer styling advice, and also explain why or why not these would work for you….so tell us, ladies….


These styles are from LOFT….and here are more in the slideshow which are currently in store…there are sale prices through Monday!


Would You Wear It - Early Fall Trends

This lovely butterfly I discovered in the butterfly garden at the San Antonio Zoo is right on trend for this early fall season.  

I have seen these colors in several places…here is one display at Dillard’s.

Would You Wear It - Early Fall Trends

This tunic is by Bryn Walker Dimitri French Terry Long Dolman Sleeve Boat Neck Tunic in the color called Jonqull.

Please tell us what you think of the displays…make sure your visit A Well Styled Life for Jennifer’s display….feel free to comment on the nature-inspiration colors…and always, always……


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Beautiful picture of the butterfly! Nature always is the best at combining colors. From this display, I would wear the jeans in the middle, and possibly the shirt because it looks like it buttons at the neck so it could be made more flattering. I do no wear crops, so the other two pant styles would not work for me, the plaid top hopefully buttons a little, can’t really tell from the slide show, and the poncho would be too much material for me. The middle outfit I’d try, the rest would be a pass.

  2. The only item I would consider is the gold plaid shirt. I’m not sure about the puff sleeve tho. The shirt would look good now and later with dark jeans and a jacket. The other items are not styles I would choose.

  3. I do see ne wearing all three outfits at one time or another. I really love the right side tee, crops and Knit topper- I think that outfit is wonderful! I also like the left side – white crops and orangey plaid blouse. Definitely see myself wearing this on those warmer late summer or early fall days ! The center outfit appears a bit drab in contrast but I am still planning a few days of legging-wear with tops thus fall and winter. All three reflect my style !

  4. i had to giggle, finally someone else wanted the mannequins to be a bit different, they put glasses on one…bless their hearts for trying.
    the white jeans rise looks nice and high, im always looking for that…but they would have to be full length. i think though, that there is only one plaid shirt in my closet and that still has the tags on it from last year. the center print is pretty but looks like there are small ruffles on the neck and shoulders, im not a fan of that…the poncho reminds me of all the bad guys in my husbands Western movies and tv shows….so thats a no.
    the dillards display caught my eye…the scarf is pretty, and the tunic is kinda interesting, i might try that on to see if it worked for me.

    1. Hi Sheryl, Thanks for reminding me that I needed to add the link to that tunic…so I did in the post…refresh and you can see the information.

  5. I could not help smiling when I looked at the display because we are freezing here in Paris and I think “about wool jackets” at the moment, not about cropped-anything! The printed top is ok, but would not draw my attention in general. The only thing I would like to test is the Jonquill tunic (not with leggins, but with slim pants), I find it stylish and I hope it is also comfortable (and WARM-ish), a well needed combination these days. Have a nice, hopefully sunny, week-end, Pam.

  6. I am afraid I am in a picky state this morning. None of these outfits appeals in any way. I do not enjoy wraps-too much fabric! The pants I already have enough of and the blouses do not seem to be that special. So That old adage-If you can say something nice, don’t say anything-really holds true here. Keep looking. I do like all your new colors, they are some of my favoriates too.

  7. I wouldn’t any of the first
    photo’s tops because the colors are soooo bad for me, but I would wear the styles. The white jeans are a flare and too tight on the thigh and knee, I never have, never will wear skinnies or leggings, and I’ve learned via pictures of myself, to never wear crops… my very short legs look…cropped! And I don’t
    Like fading or whiskering on jeans. The bright yellow top is way too big and too harsh a color. So no to everything. The butterfly is beautiful.

  8. I think I’d like the plaid top worn on the outside, not tucked in, better. I’m not a fan of unfinished hems either. They just look….unfinished. I would love to know where one could try on a pair of white jeans though….now that we’re being told we can wear white all year. A tour through JJill, Chico’s, Talbots and Macy’s this week had only a few sad leftovers in odd sizes, all of them with unfinished hems. I like ponchos on other people, but when I wear them I feel like I’m putting on a costume and I never know how to carry my handbag. That Jonquil tunic is striking, on the right body with the right skin tone it would be smashing.

  9. I guess I would walk past this display, except to notice the glasses on the one on the left. That is a cute touch. The colours are all wrong for me and the cropped pants are a no as well. In the Brynn Walker display I really like the outfit on the right and if it was in another fall colour such as plum or teal, I would have to try that on. Add a chunky necklace or floral scarf and it could work all fall and winter. Still much too hot here to even think of warm clothes but add a beautiful pair of boots and I am all over that look. The butterfly is gorgeous.

  10. The jeans on the right are appealing so I would try those on. I’m liking cropped flares but I don’t think I’d wear white ones going into fall.

  11. The glasses are a nice addition! The center mannequin is the one that appeals to me so I’d give those pieces a try. I’m not a fan of plaids and this one has a strong horizontal line which also isn’t my favorite line. Although I know you can wear white jeans year-round, it’s not my personal style. I usually like ponchos as a third piece but that one doesn’t appeal (not sure if it’s the color, or wide stripe border?) Nice necklace though! The flared cropped pant legs with wider tops seem out of proportion (too much visual width) to my eyes. I’m seeing them so maybe I’ll change my mind, but for now, I’ll pass.

  12. What I like about the display is that it is a nudge toward fall and can remind us what might be in our closets as we transition into fall. Plaid shirts are great with white and beige pants or jeans. Add a lightweight, dark print to denim. Add a cream pullover to jeans and throw on a ruana. While I may not not a fan of these particular pants and tops, I do have the concept in my closet and look forward to wearing my version of fall.

  13. The outfit in the middle would be a maybe for me, but the other two are definite nos. I would need to see the blouse in person to make a decision. I like plaid, but the style of the plaid blouse with its puffy sleeves & tie neck is just not my cup of tea. I don’t wear crops or wide leg pants, & the wrap on the end has too much fabric.
    I love the butterfly. It is such a beautiful creature.

  14. Nothing appealing here. Even the things that are available in black and white have been around for a few years. The sweater with the grey on top is suppose to look better for winters but the other colours don’t appeal and is too much material for me. If I needed jeans the ones on the right might work because they would not be cropped on me but I’m not in need of jeans right now.

  15. The color palette here is very appealing to me. I’d definitely wear the floral top in the middle — the floral print is small and not too bold which I prefer. I might try the plaid top, but not sure it that style of sleeve would work for me.

    Although I love the color of the long wrap on the left, I think the color blocking would be too much for my shorter frame (I’m 5’4″).

    I also like the color of the tunic (that matches the butterfly) — but I’d have to settle for that color in a scarf or something small scale. I can’t do brights, but this is a color I can wear in small portions!

  16. I love the skinny jeans with floral blouse in the !st picture. I have gorgeous sunflower colored suede flats that would look great with that. Not a huge fan of the ruffle on the shoulders since I have big shoulders. Size 8 on the top & 4 on the bottom. I love loft skinny jeans! They are great in the winter with high boots. I am not a fan of the cropped flare or raw edge bottom on jeans. Nice to know that if I find a pair of Jean I really love that are too long… all I have to do is cut them instead of paying to get them hemmed. Lol!!

  17. I may be one of your only readers that like the cropped jeans! I would style them with high shafted booties a structured, casual jacket and a scarf when the weather turns cooler. I like the color palette in the tops, but I don’t wear high necks or puffed sleeves so none of the silhouettes really speak to me.

  18. The lines here are not bad.

    I would wear all the jeans here. I’m not giving up my skinny jeans no matter what the fashion gurus say, but I love the cropped, flare jeans to help mix it up. I think in white they are great for warmer weather. The pumpkin-checked blouse is really cute and looks good with the white jean. I think it would also look good with blue jeans.

    Dark jean skinnies in the middle are a good staple wardrobe item. The floral blouse is ok but would need help to make it stand out.

    .The long cardigan/poncho is too bulky for me personally and gives off a sports vibe but I like the cropped flares. The shirt is meh.


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