Chico’s Jeggings: Perfect for Fall

Chico's Jeggings: Perfect for Fall

Happy Sunday!! Today I want to show you how Chico’s jeggings are perfect for fall!

I am really in love with these pull on jeggings!  I am showing you two pair today.

When I went out and about with Leigh Ann, I wore the Denim Pull-On Jeggings in Dark Rainier Indigo (presently on sale!).

These are new favorites with me…for fit and comfort!  I paired them today with an older animal print Chico’s mesh top, and I will share with you about the necklace more below.


Chico;s Jeggings Perfect for Fall

Now, this pair of pull-on ankle jeggings comes in four colors, and I am so glad to have it in the Ambered Olive. 

These jeggings are made of Lycra Dualfx Technology, two-stretch fibers which create a fabric that moves with us. 

Chico’s guarantees that they will not sag or bag…no matter how often we wash or wear them.  They are extremely comfy and I personally love the look.

I am also wearing the popular Touch of Cool Denim Tunic in Vintage Wash. 

Chico's Jeggings Perfect for Fall

The tunic has lots of details for a great fit!…

Now, about that necklace….Chico's Jeggings: Perfect for Fall

I am wearing it with almost everything!  I love the length and the design; plus it goes with all my fall colors. 

This is the Beaded Long Pendant Necklace, and it is also on sale!

Something else Chico’s is bringing back for fall….shoulder pads! You read that right and these have such a great design…made to fit easily to our bra strap. 

I decided to give them a try…so I will get back to you with how they look.

Here are a few more pieces you won’t want to miss and I threw in a few petites…



Chico's Jeggings: perfect for fall

I walked out of my front door a couple of nights ago at sunset and was greeted by this sky.

I immediately thought it is a perfect inspiration shot from nature of adding a little rose to your denim styles.  

Hope you all have a wonderful day…thank you for being here…and always, always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography assistance with Leigh Ann Cecil

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post,  but the words are my own.


  1. Absolutely adore the sunset. Thank you for sharing with us. Although today’s post is about jeggings – and they look terrific and would be a great base – I wanted to compliment you on the rust topper and the necklace. They look fabulous on you.

  2. I do like leggings too! Yours don’t fit super tight, they’re more like straight leg jeans. Do you size up to get this look? It is very polished! I’m kind of dismayed to see the mention of shoulder pads. That sounds so 80’s…I had thought they were gone for good! This is something to watch to see where it goes, but this would be difficult to get on board with for me. I had so many suits with shoulder pads (in the 80’s) and looking at photos of those suits, they looked unnatural. Maybe they will be more subtle this time around. Beautiful picture of the sky. Shades of rose so look lovely with denim!

    1. Hi Karen, the shoulder pads look subtle but I am going to try them to see how they are…you guys can decide then. Happy Sunday!

  3. That sky shot is gorgeous and I do like those colours together. I bet that necklace will go with everything. I hope the nasty weather down there is going to miss you. Stay safe.

  4. I really like the outfit with the olive and denim. Those tones are soothing. The shoes are perfect with them.
    I for one am on the shoulder pad band wagon. I never want to re-visit the 1980s football player look, but I find a touch of shoulder pad is very flattering to me. If they’re done right they give you a more defined shoulder without screaming out that you’ve got them on.

    1. I tend to look better with them as you do Rose. I look forward to trying them out. This denim tunic is very soft and comfy.

  5. Your cloudy sky picture is gorgeous. You have me noticing colors everywhere I go now: the other afternoon my husband and I enjoyed a little time at a local winery, sitting outside on their patio. All their umbrellas were your new autumn orange/pumpkin color and I couldn’t help but think how lovely you would look sitting under one of them! 😄

    1. We have a place just like that in downtown San Antonio and I have planned to take a fall picture there! Great minds think alike!

    2. I had these denim jeggings (in a different wash), but recently sent them to resale because they got too big on my weight loss journey. They were the greatest! So comfortable, and since, due to tummy issues, I wear most of my tops untucked, it created a nice, seamless line that protected my tees from those little holes. I second your recommendation, and may use your link to give the olive a try. Also wanted to add that the printed handbag with the printed tank perfectly exemplifies your “pared down boho” style.

  6. The skies up here have been so gorgeous this spring and summer! It’s a very spiritual feel! Hopefully we all get to see these gorgeous sunrises or sunsets or just pretty cloudy patterns!
    I’ll have to take a look at these Chico jeggings! They do look more like straight leg jeans, and it’s a great look!
    On top of that- Your pendant necklace is lovely! It’s so you!! Enjoy this special piece.

    1. Thanks Paulette…something I have loved this summer in South Texas would be the clouds! We typically have blazing hot summers with clear blue skies…that often get monotonous. But this summer has come with clouds and rain and what I would call is heat under control! It has been lovely.
      When I walked this morning it was still hot and humid, but I can feel the seasonal change beginning. Always puts a smile on my face. I am honestly wearing this necklace right now with almost everything…it is a great piece and the jeggings are perfect for my current lifestyle!

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