Chico’s Fall Legging Style #1

Chico's Fall Legging Style #1

Happy September Sunday, everyone!  Today, I am sharing the first of three fall legging outfits with Chico’s Fall Legging Style #1.

The Chico’s Tailored Ponte Leggings are great…and I adore the Cranberry Spice color.

I realize there are times it is difficult to envision all you can do with a colored legging like this one.

So, this week, I will show you three different ways to wear it for fall.



Chico's Fall Legging Style #1

Well the star, of course, is this lovely PAISLEY PRINT PONCHO…packed with all the best colors of the season!

This is such a great transitional garment when the weather has not turned completely cool, but we still want to look fall-ish. It is comfy and easy…such a great piece for a confident casual wardrobe.

I told you that I sized down on the last two ponchos I received at Chico’s, but this one is true to size.  I am wearing the L/XL. 

Chico's Fall Legging Style #1

The details of this poncho are beautiful front and back plus paisley is really in right now.

Paisley Prints were recommended to me for a bohemian to wear. 

Leigh Ann said I looked like a butterfly…I’ll take that!

One day last week, I was greeted as I went out to walk by low humidity, low temps, and the sun looked exactly like “a red rubber ball!” (Remember that song?)

After a perfect walk in coolish, beginning fall weather, it gives me great joy to put on an outfit like this and go out for fun.

Chico's Fall legging style #1

A Chico’s outfit needs a Chico’s necklace as icing on the cake!

I am wearing the GOLDTONE ADJUSTABLE PENDANT NECKLACE.  I really like adjustable necklaces for the options they offer to wear it short or long.

This is a lovely piece with several fall color beads in the design, and with the gold this autumn-girl now mostly wears. 

Chico's Fall Legging Style #1

Let me shine a little fall light on Chico’s current fall collection in this slideshow…. (BTW…this candle is one of my little fall touches in my office!)

I will be back later in the week with two more styles using these leggings!  So glad they are in my wardrobe!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own. 


  1. This is gorgeous!! I love the colors in this outfit and would definitely wear them. I have a huge weakness for paisley in all of its forms…I even bought a gorgeous paisley chair this year! The cranberry leggings will go with so many things. Looking at the slideshow, there are a lot of things that appeal to me for the coming season. I guess I’m really ready for the rich colors. Your poncho is such a statement piece, and I love how it flutters out when you have your arms outstretched. Beautiful look!!

  2. Very beautiful! I like the fact that the white part of the print is lower, and the red/yellow/berry/autumn colors near your face, as I found that sometimes white near my face makes the same effect as black, that is, I look washed out. These colors are really perfect on you. Have a nice week.

  3. I have yet to buy any leggings because I do not feel comfortable in tighter fitting pants. Do these leggings fit more like pants or more like athletic – type, somewhat constricting bottoms? One of my legs is smaller than the other due to my having polio as a child, and I am still, at 74, self conscious about how that leg appears in clothing. I wear skinny jeans, but not tight-fitting jeans. But I do love Chico clothing, and have been tempted to try their thicker leggings. Your poncho is so pretty, and if looking like a butterfly is the effect it has on people, I’d think that a beautiful compliment!

  4. Cranberry is one of my favorite colors, and my closet has a lot of it (it worked in my “winter” coloring phase too). I’ve only had the guts to sport colored leggings since retiring (I used to only wear black ones), and it’s true, they really are versatile. So many prints look better in longer tops, where they seem to have more room to play, and leggings are perfect under them. Your outfit really expresses your style today, and gives that casual, yet put together look that is what I’m always after. To Celia, I would say that all my pointe leggings, from various good brands, fit differently than my workout leggings. They are thicker, don’t mold quite as tightly in the calf, and don’t grip at the ankle.

  5. That is a beautiful look on you, and I love the colour of the leggings. I have a pair of jeans in that colour and find it works well with so many things. It looks like the style of paisley has changed from the look in the 70’s where it was smaller and all over to this gorgeous almost abstract paisley now. I much prefer this. Enjoy the fall weather starting to creep in now.

  6. Today’s look is just wonderful! Love the cranberry tone leggings, and your butterfly top! Leigh Ann has re-named it and it works! It’s an uplifting and dazzling look to be sure!

  7. Aw…it was a beautiful compliment…in a beautiful garment! These are tight fitting, but I will email you so options that are not. Watch for that later this afternoon!

  8. Thanks Diane! We had some wonderful early fall dry weather last week, but a tropical storm is headed to our coast and will bring us high humidity and higher temps…Hope the other returns soon.

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