Would You Wear It – Faux Leather or Leopard

Would You Wear It - Faux Leather or Leopard

Welcome to Saturday!  It is time for Would You Wear It, today with faux leather or leopard in my display.

This is the day I join forces with my friend, Jennifer, and we show you displays from our different communities.

We ask that you look them over carefully and with constructive, helpful thought, tell the audience if you would or would not wear the garments and why.

Would You Wear It - Faux leather or leopard

I discovered this interesting display last week while out and about, and it features several trends for this fall.

Remember…don’t worry about telling us if you would purchase the garments, just tell us if you were given the opportunity would you wear them or not.

Also, if you want to comment on how you might style them…please do!  We all love to hear ideas.

Would You Wear It - Faux Leather or Leopard

So, please give my display of three your attention and tell us, ladies…….


Would You Wear It - Faux Leather or Leopard

Today’s display was found at Macy’s and I tried on one of the faux leather trim open cardigans by Alfani…just for you…I do not wear black any longer, but it does come in other colors.

Here are more fall designs from Macy’s…some in colors you requested!

Also, note that the NORDSTROM BIG SUMMER SALE continues through tomorrow, September 12.

Now, make sure you tell us what you think of the display…then go tell Jennifer at A WELL STYLED LIFE what you think of hers…and make sure that you do your best to….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I would not wear any of these outfits. I’m not a huge fan of faux-leather or animal prints and rust is not a great colour on me. However, it’s a good colour for fall and I’m sure one of these outfits would look great on someone else. The black top and ripped jeans would suit my 20-something nieces. However, at 60-something, I think I would look silly in it.

    1. First, there is no way that I would wear those jeans. Actually I would not wear any of the pictured outfits. I do have a faux dark teal green moto jacket that I love. I have a sleeveless mock turtleneck in leopard that I wear under the jacket with black or dark brown pants.

  2. Nothing here that appeals to me. I prefer real leather due to the way it wears and looks compared to “faux”, and I’m just not into animal prints. Still baffled at how distressing is hanging on. I’m afraid I wouldn’t even pause by this display.

  3. oh i do like that black top, but i couldnt get away with that anymore….its like when i pass by very high heels, i stop and look, but know its done…and thats ok, i wouldnt go back.
    the distressed jean trend, i just dont get and i never will.
    the leopard shirt and joggers are a no, maybe around the house.
    i like the black blazer and the mock neck top combo., that i can see myself in…but not faux leather or coated bottoms…..i have to chuckle, with my thighs, no doubt id have worn marks on the inside after the first wearing…and id be afraid theyd be noisy like corderoy.

  4. Like others before me nothing here appeals to me. I do own a Talbots black knit blazer that I love, but faux leather? No. I’ve found it always looks faux.
    I do have small accent pieces of animal print- on a Chicos handbag, on a winter muffler type scarf I wear with my winter coat I have a leopard accented belt. As I said, small bits. The other pieces on today’s display hold no appeal.

  5. I ordered the black sweater at the Labor Day sale. I am expecting it today. I ordered a pair of pewter ballet flats and a gray top to wear with it.

  6. The “holey” trend in jeans continues to make me ask why, but do understand from years of teaching high school that some fashion ideas appeal to the young if only because older folks do not like them. I do like the jogger pants and animal print shirt, but in other colors. I definitely would wear the black jacket, and the turtleneck top, but do not think at 74 I would feel comfortable in the black leggings, whether real or faux leather. However, I do like the black cardigan you are trying on even though there is faux leather on the sleeves.

  7. None of these outfits are for me. However, in the items you featured in the scroll I love the Alfani Faux Leather Trim open cardigan in the ‘red bay’ color and the Karen Scott Duster Cardigan. They are very affordable choices and I would definitely purchase those items to go with existing items in my closet.

  8. I like the leopard top and rust pants, I would wear those. I do not like the distressed jeans or faux leather. I had a faux leather black motorcycle jacket once and I felt cheap in it, so I gave it to Goodwill.
    I think distressed jeans would make me look, at almost 69 years of age, like I was trying too hard to be young. It would make me look like I was not happy with my real age and trying to fake ‘looking younger’. I am happy with my real age and want to look elegant and nice, not phony.

  9. I agree with the other comments so far about faux leather, joggers and distressed jeans. They are not for me. I might try the blazer though, although I do prefer navy or deep burgundy these days rather than black. Black suits me but I prefer to wear it now with some kind of coloured / white pattern to break it up, or under something with some colour.

  10. I don’t think I would even pause to look at the display in detail. The colours are all wrong for me and as mentioned, do not understand the distressed look holding on so long and shown for other than the young shoppers. Personally, I have never liked the addition of leather details to a sweater. Have you ever tried to push up the sleeves? It does not work, and I am a scruncher. Also how do you care for the mix. Anyway, none of the pants work for my style, and perhaps if any of the tops came in different colours, I might try them on.

  11. I have bypassed the faux leather pant trend. At first, I assumed (with the leggings) it was just a fad, and I like my clothes to be more classic. But it’s hanging on, and I like the look of these pants. However, I fear they would make me hot, and also wonder if the seams would wear out quickly. The rust joggers and the leopard top are examples of things I often wear, because they are comfortable and I think look nice for errands, relaxing at home with a book or hobby, or a walk (which is pretty much my day to day life). The distressed jeans with the leopard lining are waayyyy too messy and trendy for me, even younger me. I like the sweater you have on … a nod to a trend rather than shouting one would give the piece a little more longevity.

  12. Cute jeans. I like the countoured waistband.
    I don’t think I’d get the ones with the brown patches b/c when I go for jeans I usually go blue/green, not brown.
    I have always had good luck with jeans from Macy’s, they’ve been well-priced and usually not cut too small. A winning combination!

    I think leather clothing might do better in climates where it’s cool and dry. The weather in the Mid-Atlantic usually isn’t dry so outerwear that’s leather doesn’t get worn so much.

  13. Yes and yes to faux leather and leopard. Today’s faux leather is breathable vs, the old “synthetic leather” which trapped body heat. It’s also low maintenance as opposed to genuine leather. I feel leopard print has joined the ranks of paisley, menswear plaid, etc., as a staple, rather than a fad. As for the “deconstructed” jeans. It’s just not “my generation” to wear ripped or worn out clothing, not that the next generation can’t have fun with it, mind you. Just not the look I’m going for.

  14. No to the outfits in the display, reasons already stated by others. I must say though that I have a tweed jacket in the closet from my work days with the frayed edges, as shown in the slideshow, that I could never put in the donate pile even though it didn’t come out of the closet. I think I may just wear it this year but with jeans and a white shirt rather than black pants or a straight skirt that I would have in the past.

  15. I agree with Jan! Faux leather is quite different from way back when. Sometimes you can’t tell the difference and with today’s concerns about cruelty to animals, it’s the way to go. And animal print is quite trendy right now. I think there are better looking items available than the ones pictured. Whoever dressed those mannequins needs another job. I just purchase an animal print with matching pieces from Macy’s and love the look!

  16. There is really nothing here to peak my interest. I don’t like leather or faux leather pants for myself. It is just not something that appeals to me. I don’t care for distressed jeans or joggers in any form. I might wear a leather or good quality faux leather jacket or blazer. The rust color of the tops is not flattering to me. The black top is to fussy for me.

  17. Nice fall outfits for someone else. For my personal style, the black jacket and leopard shirt are ‘maybes’. No to leather clothes (real or faux) except jackets. No to jogger pants and cargo pockets, no to distressed jeans, no to the necklines on the two solid color tops.

  18. Well … I like the animal print top on the middle mannequin and it would definitely find a place in my wardrobe.

    Alas, nothing else here is anything I’d wear. I’m not a fan of distressed ‘anything’ and the jeans just seem way too trendy. As someone who still works in an office, I am tired of the “jogger pant’ trend. It’s way too casual for the office … and there are still plenty of us working outside of the home.

    I do like the color mix of rust with black and think it is perfect for fall.

  19. Ok, first off, I would wear a leopard print top to go with the Faux leggings. I would choose leopard over the rust top. And I would choose a black blazer but not this one. I would prefer more of a boyfriend blazer.
    I do not like these particular joggers. They are too baggy and pocket is weird. It looks 1/2 cargo, 1/2 jogger. I have black Zella joggers and I love them.
    And I would not wear the black top. I was tired of that trend last year. As far as the distressed jeans- it looks like they are trying too hard. Too much distressing and adding in the blend of leopard print is not attractive to me. I have two pair of Chico’s lightly distressed girlfriend jean where I roll up the hem and a couple of small distressed areas and it is just enough for me. The older I get , the more moderation is what appeals to me. I still like leopard loafers and booties but I feel I am not myself wearing ballet flats .

  20. Late to the party as usual but thought I’d add my two cent’s worth in case any buyers are interested in what real folk are buying: I wear real leather (jackets, pants, bike leathers), never faux (with the exception of footwear) & while I like animal prints, I prefer them as accessories (a scarf, boots, shoes, sunglass frames, jewelry — I have a pair of big acrylic hoop earrings in a leopard print I get a lot of wear out of, for instance), although I do have 2 blouses ( leopard & zebra) that I also wear quite often. Distressed jeans? Never. I’ve come off motorcycles & distressed more than one pair in real life & have NO interest in the look as a fashion statement (all I see is pain & a lot of money in bike repairs!). Your slideshow is spectacular, btw, Pam! All that hot pink & those boots . . . mmm!

    1. Good grief! That “excluding footwear” was supposed to be “including footwear” — the animal print pattern is faux, the leather real. My fingers work faster than my brain at times.

  21. I’m an outlier here. I do have a pair of faux leather pants. The key is faux leather that is not too shiny or too tight. Also, lining is important for comfort. I wear them with tights, always. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll.

    1. I’ll have to give them another look, Anon — I do love my rock’n’roll, after all, literally as well as figuratively 🙂 ! I guess because I wear the real stuff I’ve never given faux leather garments much credit but maybe I’ve been under-estimating them. I like the look of leather pants with a turtleneck sweater, wool jacket & boots in winter.

  22. I love animal prints and have found that they are becoming new neutrals. If I had the legs I’d wear a faux leather legging, but my thighs do not want to cooperate! Love the hot pink in the slide show, as it’s a good color for me. Thanks so much for sharing!

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