Fall outfit #1: To the theater

Fall outfit #1: To the theater

Can you believe it…already the last week of September?!  So… welcome Monday with a smile!  Thanks for joining me for my Fall Outfit #1: To the theater.

Two contacts resulted in my posts for this week…one reader wanted to see me experiencing my life wearing the garments I show on this blog!

Then my sweet friend and online stylist, Annie Castano, got confused when I started posting outfits of me wearing colors that are not MY colors.

I promised to do that for some of you who are not “autumns” and I have fulfilled that promise, but it confused Annie.

So, this week’s post will feature me in my every day life wearing some of the pieces I so often show you!

I needed a complete wardrobe makeover when I accepted the fact I am a VIBRANT AUTUMN and want to live it every day!

So, let’s get started with FALL OUTFIT #1 and why I wore it to the theater!

Fall Outfit #1: To the theater

I feel like every part of my life is now more casual than it was before the pandemic hit.

The most significant changes for me have been to see locals dress more casual for church and for entertainment events like going to the theater downtown.

So I want to look nice, but not be over dressed!  

We began the evening with hors d’oeuvres and wine in the bar area of Bohanan’s…one of our favorite places downtown. (That crab cake was amazing!)

Fall Outfit #1: To the Theater

San Antonio’s Majestic Theatre is exactly that….majestic!  This is why in the past I loved to dress up…but now, would be out-of-place unless in one of the stunning boxes on the sides.

Fall Outfit #1: To the theater

For this evening, I decided to go with a column of black….Eileen Fisher tank and Joan Vas Leggings (I bought these at Marshall’s years ago and just love them)….and top it with a wonderful statement piece.

Statement pieces…pieces with standout color and design…are so beneficial to my wardrobe…it keeps me fresh and interesting.

My Chico’s Reversible Floral to Animal Print Duster Jacket was just the ticket to bridge between theater wear and casual chic.  I topped it with a necklace of cinnamon beads previously found at Nordstrom.

And my gold sparkly loafers….a past purchase. 

As I have said before, I did keep a few black pieces…like these…a column of black is beneficial in many ways…and I can top it with a fabulous piece in my colors like this one!

For a column of black, look at this great tank now on sale: Matte Jersey Everyday Tank.

Here are some other statement pieces currently at Chico’s:

We went to see “My Fair Lady” and Mr. B and I both are still pondering embellishments that were taken with the script.

The music, of course, was wonderful…but they made the professor far more abusive than he originally was…though arrogant…he was not as downright abusive as this interpretation made him out to be.

In this musical, he is not likable at all…and the end just leaves you feeling bad for everyone…so we are not sure why this character was so over-the-top ugly….with not a tinge of remorse.

But, I do love going to the theater…and it always makes for good conversation after!!

Thanks for being here…all comments are welcome…and make sure you …..


By Pamela Lutrell

Fall Outfit #1: The Theater




  1. Congrats. You look great. Love the cinnamon beads. They really pull the outfit together. And, I do think the clutch adds an unexpected but enhancing touch. Brava.

  2. I really like what you chose to wear to the theater. The column of black is so flattering and a perfect base for the beautiful duster. It looks like the weather was beautiful too for your evening out! That crab cake certainly does look delicious, yum!! I love getting dressed up to go out because, as you said, life has gotten quite a bit more casual so it’s fun to take those opportunities to wear our pretty wardrobe pieces!

  3. Your theater going outfit looks perfect and you look so very happy! The smile and the perfect outfit and a wonderful event to attend— what could be better? Yes that crab cake looks delicious!

  4. wow, the theater is beautiful. I envy you, getting to dress up and go somewhere, I feel like sometimes I won’t ever get to again. and you looked fantastic…that duster commands attention.

  5. Your theater truly does look magnificent! What a gorgeous setting for any play. It’s a shame you were disappointed in the abusive nature of the professor. I well remember Rex Harrison in that role with Audrey Hepburn so many years ago. It is somewhat disappointing to me that people have started dressing down to attend a production, especially in your gorgeous theater. But your attire was so pretty. I have seen so many people modeling that Chico’s duster, and it’s color is certainly right in tune with your palette. We winter folks do appreciate your showing us clothing in our colors even if Annie does not understand!

  6. The outfit is lovely. We do appreciate you showing us all colors of clothing as all of your readers and followers are not vibrant autumns like you are. Hopefully Annie understands now! I am a ‘cool summer’ so I cannot wear the same colors that you wear but your ideas are always inspiring. I have tried new brands because of reading your posts.

    1. Annie does understand now. It blesses me that she cares enough to check on what I am wearing…when she doesn’t have to do that. I love my new colors so she need not worry any longer. Thanks for supporting the brands on the blog, Charlene!

  7. I like the idea of even dress up being more casual. One of my big ah-ha fashion moments was to start to buy more quality, versatile basics in lieu of occasion pirchases, and these are now easier than ever to style for evening. As a blue autumn, I kept my black, but seldom wear it near my face, and never in head to toe looks anymore. But I do wear it as a column, with a jacket, long cardigan, or huge scarf in warm colors. I make sure my accessories are warm when I do this. As I continue to retire my black by attrition, I’m not sure what dressy neutral I’m going to end up with … I’m considering tan/caramel/dark camel, chocolate or even navy. Sadly, the right shade of navy is difficult to find and match, and some years, chocolate is absolutely impossible.

    1. You are so right about “navy” being difficult to match. I am still very much a work in progress…but I am glad I kept these pieces. Thanks Linda!

  8. Your theater outfit is perfect and you look beautiful!
    My daughter and I were talking about the movie My Fair Lady a few weeks ago. We both noted that seeing it today, it is very much obvious that Freddie is the man for her. Professor Higgins is a bully.

    1. He was a bully in the movie..but the play I saw was way over the top. It was difficult to enjoy the production at all. Thank you for the outfit kudos!

  9. We have not gone to a concert, a play or a movie since we first got word of the mystery virus.. We have not travelled. All very necessary to protect the health of an elder in care.

    The military about to step in. Combat green is the color of winter 2021? Stranger days ahead.

  10. Your column of black is the perfect backdrop to allow your elegant topper & cinnamon beads to take center stage. Pardon the theatre pun. It’s sad that the play’s Professor Higgins was abusive. We see enough abuse in real life that we don’t need to see it in fictional characters, too. I have seen remakes of classic films, & I’m rarely happy with the changes they make to make it relevant to today.

  11. Hi – I’m very involved with the theatre myself – as a costumer and as a professional usher. So I must say how lovely and appropriate your outfit is. Looks wonderful on you, wonderful colors, and perfectly elegant for theatre. I really love when you share your “real” life outfits with us. It inspires my dressing and my looks. Thank you.

  12. Absolutely love your outfit. The duster is gorgeous. I would love to wear the hole outfit myself to the theatre,

  13. Lovely outfit, Pam! It is so you and appropriate. I like dressing up, and I feel it is respectful of the theatre company to dress like it is a special occasion – because live theatre is special! I lived in San Antonio in the 1990s and the Majestic is a gorgeous venue.

    I love theatre and have come to value different interpretations of a standard play. I think it makes you think about the themes more deeply. Given the events of the last few years, I can see how the Professor Higgins character might be done differently. While not the same as the movie or as previous plays, it is part of the appeal of live theatre for me. I saw The Comedy of Errors at the Utah Shakespeare Festival a couple of weeks ago – the set and costumes were modern day and somewhat unexpected. I thought it was great and the best version I have seen of this play by Shakespeare.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Pat. I can see where this interpretation might result in a valuable discussion. I think I was ready for more optimism…but I still loved the music!

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