Fall Outfit #2: Soccer and More

Fall Outfit #2: Soccer and more

Happy Tuesday!  Now, I am going a bit more casual with Fall Outfit #2: Soccer and more.

I am blessed to have opportunities for activities with grandchildren! 

Fall is a busy time with lots of birthdays and other activities…they are all very young…which makes it lots of fun.

You can see that I lead a pretty basic, everyday life in the suburbs…nothing fancy or over the top…and I love it!




Fall Outfit #2: Soccer and more

Soccer with three-year-olds is nothing but entertaining.  Mr. B and I were brought in recently to help with practice…such a joy with them and beautiful weather!

Fall Outfit #2: Soccer and more

This outfit is perfect for times like this with grandchildren.  My Talbot’s poncho from last year is lightweight and pairs perfectly with my new Talbot’s blouse…CLASSIC COTTON SHIRT – LEOPARD.

I am really enjoying the a.n.a Women’s High Rise Skinny Fit Jean from JC Penney’s…I only paid $27!  The cost per wear on these will be super low!!

And, of course, comfy shoes are a must when dealing with little ones…and it doesn’t hurt to have cute ones at that…still loving the Crown Vintage Kalinda Sneaker at DSW.

Here are similar options from Talbot’s


Fall Outfit #2: Soccer and more

These are the same pants and I also wore them with a Chico’s top for one of the birthday parties!

Fall Outfit #2: Soccer and more

My granddaughter told me that it was a “Fiesta-themed party”….in San Antonio, we “fiesta” all year long!

Sadly, my one embroidery top with a “Mexican” flair had an unsightly stain on it when I looked it over…so I chose to go with lots of color!  

Fall Outfit #2: Soccer and More


The head of the piñata fell off before it was strung up on a tree, and the head was almost as popular as the activity itself!

I was pleased with my outfit and felt comfortable and ready to help with the party. 

The types of blues in the top are in my current palette…and “Annie approved!”

Chico’s has lots of pretty tops for fall outfits!  See the TOPS HERE.

I do hope that going to events with me is helping to inspire you with your fall outfits!  We will break tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT…and back to my life on Thursday!


By Pamela Lutrell

Fall Outfit #2: Soccer and more


  1. I do love a poncho! This really is a great fall outfit and perfect for activities on cooler days. I like your colorful blouse too. Such a fun theme for a party, fiesta, and sweet grandchildren! My two youngest grandsons played soccer from age four. One played all the way through high school and it was a joy to be able to travel to see him play through the years. I’m going to miss it. The other one switched to track this year so more fun ahead! A basic, everyday life is a peaceful life and that’s a wonderful thing. It’s good to embrace the changes through the years!

  2. Today’s are your best “autumn” outfits yet. I think I like the casual fun vibe and the smile on your face from enjoying the grands.

  3. When our son played soccer, we called the young kids’ soccer “herd ball,” because the whole of them would just race in a pack with the ball. Here for years, we spent many Saturday springs in the pouring rain, with our main accessory a garbage bag with a hole cut for our heads. Looks like you’ve upped the chic factor a bit!

    1. We haven’t done a rain game with grands yet…but I did many freezing cold rain games with my kids. What to wear only matters for protection then! Soccer and football can be muddy!

  4. Love today’s blog as it reminds me of going to lots of games from fall through springtime! When my two littlest twins are a bit older I’m sure we’ll be picking up where we left off! Cannot wait!
    Love those Ana jeans in light tan? Must find those! Have fun!

  5. Love your fall outfits – perfect for Texas! As I always say, “fall is my favorite season – all three days of it!” I’m going to have to step up my game for the grandkids’ soccer games – you’re making the rest of us look bad wearing actual outfits for those! I’m usually wrangling the baby and three year old so their mommy can focus on the six year old’s game, so leggings and a big t-shirt are my go-to uniform. Here’s to a fun, safe and injury-free season for all our favorite little people!

  6. Thank you for sharing your outfits for everyday living. My granddaughters played softball for many years, & we enjoyed attending their games. I know you are cherishing all these special moments with your grands because it seems like they are all grown up in the blink of an eye.

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