Fall Outfit #3: Lunch with Friends

Fall Outfit #3: Lunch with Friends

Happy last day of September, everyone!  Today I am back to showing fall outfits, and here is Fall Outfit #3: Lunch with Friends.

One thing I love about being in charge of my own work life now, is that I am more available to meet up with friends for lunch.

This is one such outfit for those occasions!

Fall Outfit #3: Lunch with Friends

Yesterday, one of the comments about the looks included an observation that many prints and florals look old lady.

While I have experienced that in the past with certain garments, I really believe it has more to do with how the prints are styled which determines if the looks are modern and flattering.

Now that I am wearing more prints, one of my goals is to style those prints in such a way so that I do not look older than I am…I want to be the best at my age…not try to be younger or older…just my best.

With that said, I love to style a great print like this top with neutrals and solids around it.  This top (an older piece in my wardrobe) is a lovely combination of rust, purple, green and cream.

I have no problem with prints being memorable…if the memories are good looks! I think you can do so many different styles with beautiful prints.

I styled today’s print with a Chico’s Travelers long topper I have owned for years in a lovely eggplant purple (picking up the purple in the print)…..it still looks new and has washed so well over the years.  That is one of the advantages of this collection at Chico’s.

And, yes, I am wearing it with “those new pants” again….since I purchased these a.n.a. Women’s High Rise Skinny Fit Jean at JCP, I have worn them often….loving these pants.

Chico’s just released a new fall collection and here are some of my current favorites…..


Fall Outfit #3: Lunch With Friends

Important for any fall outfit for me is to have my hair looking it’s best.

In South Texas, we have lately had many days of heat, high humidity, and even rain throughout the summer.

This often leads to the big hair you see on my blog!

Recently, I told my hair stylist that my hair looks it’s best when I wash it, but in order to keep color longer, I cannot wash it more than twice a week.

Fall outfit #3: Lunch with Friends

She recommended I start just wetting it and using this product Redken: Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Cream. 

I have used it for two weeks now and really like it…I think the beast is tamed!  With the link above, you can buy one at JCP and get one 50% off. 

I have gone from using a flat iron daily to not using it at all…and I let my hair dry naturally.  I really enjoy the new style and now that it is tamed more, I am enjoying it even more!

I previously would get upset if it got wet from rain or any other reason…now…I just let it dry and it still looks it best. 

One more comment about today’s fall outfit.  With this print, I elected to go without a necklace and wore a simple bracelet.  Sometimes prints may age us if we go overboard with accessories as well.

I really believe it is all in the styling and controlling what is going on…and that comes from a bohemian lady!

Now…please join in…are you of the belief that prints are aging?  Please share why you believe that or why you do not?  Thank you for being here…tomorrow one of my favorite months kicks off…see you then and….


By Pamela Lutrell

Fall Outfit #3 - Lunch with Friends



  1. I really notice the difference in your looks with your autumn palette. It really makes a difference! Regarding the prints, I do believe they lean very quickly to old lady, especially florals. I’m a capsule wardrobe person with very curly hair. Plus I’m a small person–prints are awful on me. Maybe that’s why I don’t like them. I was reluctant to comment on this but since you asked…

    1. Don’t be reluctant! I think these discussions help everyone. It is good you explained your size…I can see where prints are challenging for petite women. I appreciate you joining in!

  2. I did not think of yesterday’s patterns as being old lady, but rather not being appropriate colors for me who is an old lady. As I said yesterday, I did like the blouse but in the blue colors, rather than the one shown which was in better colors for you. And the plaid pattern of the coat was just ‘meh’ to me…just dull and unattractive. I have many print tops and third pieces in my wardrobe which I suppose may look ‘old lady’ but I like them so I wear them. However, I know that solids are more interchangeable so I try to have add items that can be worn in numerous ways.

  3. ouch, my poor feelings…lol
    nope, gotta disagree on the florals, I have many pieces and they are some of my favorite items….I do have to be careful with them, though, im a solid size 16, and they can when im trying them on, literally make me laugh out loud…but because they make me look bigger not older…the items that I think make me look older are over sized, boxy, baggy…I don’t do ruffles very often anymore either. and im careful choosing shoes….im to the point where comfort is very important, but the style has to be sleeker and not too clunky or that makes me think of very mature women…all that being said, my body is 64, but in my head im still 40 ish…

  4. Love the eggplant sweater. That is a great color.
    Prints are tricky. Some ladies look terrific in the big floral like you are wearing. I prefer a smaller geometric print. But that’s what works for me. Happy Thursday!

  5. Your outfit looks great! Lunch with friends is the best! I think that is a generalization about prints being aging. Yes, they can be if they are NOT the right print for your colors, body type, and personality style. The correct ones are not easy to find; The fun is the hunt! I also agree that less jewelry is key.

  6. I’m a tall gal, but I have small features–ie face size, chin, deep set hooded eyes. I do love prints, but favor those done on a smaller scale. Anything large overwhelms me and adds pounds to my face and frame. These days, I’m liking softer prints (ie tiny florals)–they add the splash of color without the print “wearing” me! Tweeds and plaids are great in jackets too, especially when they have different colors to accent different tops underneath!

  7. I don’t think all prints are ageing. For myself, the tiny florals make me feel that way, but I wear lots of prints and find the abstract florals and larger ones are my favorites. This is a lovely look Pam, and personally, I would add accessories to the look for me. My curly hair has a mind of it’s own as well, but I never brush it and only put a large tooth comb through it when wet, then bend over and scrunch it up. When I stand back up I may push some curls into place and then not touch it again until I rewet it with a spray bottle the next morning. Leave in conditioners are a life saver, and I use alot.

  8. I don’t have a problem with prints and enjoy them. You point out that it’s how you style them that makes the difference and I agree. As I’ve developed my own style and know what to look for, I find it very easy to pick out aging prints, and they are definitely available. But you learn how to spot those. It’s the total look, including shoes. Shoes can be very aging if we aren’t careful. I think I’d be bored with my clothes if all I had were solids. I LOVE the scarf in the slideshow. Scarves are high on my accessory list! I find with many prints that it’s best not to add too many accessories. Sometimes gold or silver earrings or a bracelet are all that’s needed. I agree that piling on too much can be aging. It’s all in how it’s done. Very pretty look today, and yes, making your own schedule allows for so much freedom! One of the joys of getting older!

  9. I tend to stay away from most patterns, especially large or bright ones, because they just don’t appeal to me. But, I agree with the commenter above that the shape of clothing combined with the pattern is what makes a garment “aging”. I don’t think one shapeless, patterned item in an outfit would necessarily age someone if the rest of the look was sleek and fitted.

  10. I agree that styling is key to making prints look less aging (looking younger is something I don’t feel political about, and to me, younger just means with maximum vibrancy). That said, I simply do not find most prints to my taste, and confine them to scarves or summer tees. They are useful for tying in disparate colors though, and for hiding some chunky areas. I’ve been experimenting lately with plaids, because in the men’s department of Macy’s recently, I found pure cashmere plaid scarves in various color combos marked down to $29! I raced home to pair them with various sweaters, and can’t wait to wear them. I also have always been a stripe shirt lover.

  11. I don’t think the prints look “old lady”. I am also petite so have found that I can’t wear big prints. I think your color choices and patterns look great on you. I do love the color eggplant purple. I am wondering about your new a.n.a pants and if they are true to size or did you size up? I would like to order a pair but don’t know about the sizing. Thanks.

  12. I like floral prints on scarves. As for garments, I prefer solids excepts for prints that read closer to solids—polka dots, checks, tweeds, small repeating designs……except when I go for big and bold and dramatic. 🤣 The one floral I love is Paisley. I think we associate some floral pastels and cutesy designs with older women, and some of the traditional mature women’s catalogs and departments continue to feature those so choices become limited. But if I loved, them., I’d wear them!

  13. When I look at florals, I think, would my mom wear this? If the answer is yes, I put it back. However, I’m older now than my mom was when she passed away. Most of the time it’s not the print so much as the style of the top. Big, flowy, loose fitting, gathered neckline, polyester all scream old to me, floral or not. On the other hand, my mom-in-law wore florals and looked quite stylish as she wore tops that were more fitted over slim pants or jeans and usually with a nice fitted jacket.

  14. I think what makes florals and prints look old-ladyish is the cut of the garment and the type of fabric. If done correctly, florals and prints can look quite stylish.

    I have several prints/florals in my wardrobe but they fit my style.

    I also agree with several of the women who commented about shoes. I have very wide feet and struggle to find shoes that are stylish and not too clunky or frumpy looking. It’s not easy to find them, but when I do I buy several pairs in assorted colors!

  15. I don’t think all prints are old lady. I agree with you, it depends on the print and how it is styled. I think it also depends on the fabric. Even when I see small (ditzy) florals, to this day, they say old lady to me. If a print is pretty, but on a “cheap” fabric, I think that looks old lady too. If you looked inside my closet, you would see “a million” prints. Many are florals, but no mini florals, patchwork prints, geometric prints, polka dots etc. If I felt they looked “old lady,” I would never have bought them!

  16. I don’t think prints are aging. I’m drawn to ikats, batiks, polka dots, stripes, paisleys but less florals. You look great! Thank you for staying true to your self and showing clothes you already own. Lately some of my favorite bloggers seem to show everything even if it’s really not their style.

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