Fall Outfit #3: Lunch with Friends

Happy last day of September, everyone!  Today I am back to showing fall outfits, and here is Fall Outfit #3: Lunch with Friends.

One thing I love about being in charge of my own work life now, is that I am more available to meet up with friends for lunch.

This is one such outfit for those occasions!

Fall Outfit #3: Lunch with Friends

Yesterday, one of the comments about the looks included an observation that many prints and florals look old lady.

While I have experienced that in the past with certain garments, I really believe it has more to do with how the prints are styled which determines if the looks are modern and flattering.

Now that I am wearing more prints, one of my goals is to style those prints in such a way so that I do not look older than I am…I want to be the best at my age…not try to be younger or older…just my best.

With that said, I love to style a great print like this top with neutrals and solids around it.  This top (an older piece in my wardrobe) is a lovely combination of rust, purple, green and cream.

I have no problem with prints being memorable…if the memories are good looks! I think you can do so many different styles with beautiful prints.

I styled today’s print with a Chico’s Travelers long topper I have owned for years in a lovely eggplant purple (picking up the purple in the print)…..it still looks new and has washed so well over the years.  That is one of the advantages of this collection at Chico’s.

And, yes, I am wearing it with “those new pants” again….since I purchased these a.n.a. Women’s High Rise Skinny Fit Jean at JCP, I have worn them often….loving these pants.

Chico’s just released a new fall collection and here are some of my current favorites…..


Fall Outfit #3: Lunch With Friends

Important for any fall outfit for me is to have my hair looking it’s best.

In South Texas, we have lately had many days of heat, high humidity, and even rain throughout the summer.

This often leads to the big hair you see on my blog!

Recently, I told my hair stylist that my hair looks it’s best when I wash it, but in order to keep color longer, I cannot wash it more than twice a week.

Fall outfit #3: Lunch with Friends

She recommended I start just wetting it and using this product Redken: Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Cream. 

I have used it for two weeks now and really like it…I think the beast is tamed!  With the link above, you can buy one at JCP and get one 50% off. 

I have gone from using a flat iron daily to not using it at all…and I let my hair dry naturally.  I really enjoy the new style and now that it is tamed more, I am enjoying it even more!

I previously would get upset if it got wet from rain or any other reason…now…I just let it dry and it still looks it best. 

One more comment about today’s fall outfit.  With this print, I elected to go without a necklace and wore a simple bracelet.  Sometimes prints may age us if we go overboard with accessories as well.

I really believe it is all in the styling and controlling what is going on…and that comes from a bohemian lady!

Now…please join in…are you of the belief that prints are aging?  Please share why you believe that or why you do not?  Thank you for being here…tomorrow one of my favorite months kicks off…see you then and….


By Pamela Lutrell

Fall Outfit #3 - Lunch with Friends


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