Would You Wear It – Fall Prints

Would You Wear It - Fall Prints

Happy Wednesday!!  Welcome to a mid-week Would You Wear It – Fall Prints.

There are many great fall prints on the market right now and much to scrutinize and consider with your style.

Would You Wear It - Fall Prints

As a reminder, these are the days when I ask you to look garments over and consider if you would or would not wear those styles if you had the opportunity.

Please be constructive with your opinions of the display in order to help other women make style decisions.

Of course, you can always offer styling advice as well.

Would You Wear It - Fall Prints

So look these two mannequins over in their fall prints with your best “stylist” eye and tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………


This display was found at Nordstrom.  Here are more fall prints you will find there….


Would you wear it - fall prints

Recently, I told you I would share little touches of fall I have around my home.

A few years ago, I found these little cups for fifty cents on a clearance rack.  I turned them into little candle holders…for more pumpkin spice scent.

I only have two of them…but it is a little touch I really enjoy.

You can see MY FALL 2021 HOME DECOR post in case you missed it. 

Thank you for being here…make sure you tell us if you would or would not wear the garments displayed for Fall Prints…and always, always…


By Pamela Lutrell

Would You Wear It - Fall prints


  1. I am trying to move away from buying so many prints as I think solid items are more serviceable and interchangeable , but I continue to be attracted to interesting prints. I do not care for the pattern of the long coat, nor what to me appears to be a loose weave material. However, I do like the blouse in the blue colors, rather than the coral combo. But it looks like you would have to wear something underneath as it is very low cut in the front.

  2. I really love both pieces you’re showcasing today! I love the printed sweater-coat and have been setting my sights on one that is similar! I also love the top you’re showing with jeans and can imagine it with my great pair of ankle button leggings as well as with jeans, even black jeans?
    Love both pieces and absolutely will wear them!

  3. I would NOT wear either of these prints. I rarely buy prints unless it’s in a scarf. I find prints tend to date garments so solids are best. I love stripes and houndstooth, etc, the classics. Many prints, especially florals tend to look old and dowdy.

  4. These featured items aren’t something I’d wear. The coat is too thin to justify buying it since we go from warm almost straight to winter. I don’t care for the pattern either. The style is okay, but when I buy coats they have to work for winter. The other top is a nice style, would definitely require a camisole underneath, but again, the print isn’t something I’d choose. I do love your little mugs and love the way candles look in teacups and mugs. Fun and a little unexpected. I’m getting some good ideas for next fall when I’m actually living in my new place!

  5. Good Morning Pam,
    Your lovely home touches for Fall are wonderful. Using this subtle cup for a pumpkin scented candle holder, is brilliant!
    I love it!
    Also, I’m admiring all the print clothes you highlighted. Not having your stunning height, I am 5’1” & would be lost in them.
    I’m enjoying your blog! Have a beautiful day..! RPSMc

  6. Interesting choice to display thes two items together. The coat looks like a cosy wrap, but the pattern is not something I would wear with the horizontal emphasis. The blouse looks much better with pants shown in the slide show, and there it shows that it has a waist and peplum shape that is very flattering. The neckline is much too low for me and to wear something under it would take away from the neckline detail. Personally I would not wear either of these items but think they are gorgeous on a more dramatic person. Autumn is a challenging season colour wise and I have to do some digging to find colour and style that fits me. Good thing I am not in need of much this year.

    1. There are so many colors, Diane in this year’s fall collections…lots of pink, light blues, greens, blacks. Something for everyone! You don’t have to dress like the trees…though I do!!

  7. I’m not loving these. The brown top in the multi print does not match my style personality, because I’m more of a sporty, casual classic. I also find it dreary, even though it has so much going on. The shacket/duster is too obviously western in print for northern Ohio, and again, the colors just seem muddy and uninspiring. In more vibrant colors, however, it would be overwhelming on me, so it would be a pass.

  8. I avoid buying prints except for leopard because they are too memorable . The geometric blouse is too busy for me although the colors are in my color family. Living in Texas and loving the Santa Fe style, I would buy that coat in a heartbeat.
    I love a nice suede fringed jacket and boyfriend jeans with a chunky heeled bootie. Hard to say how warm that coat is but I would sure stop to take a second look.

  9. I like patterns but these are too busy for me. I prefer only one pattern and not a mix as seen in the blouse. I also do not understand breast pockets like those on the coat. Even though not heavily endowed, I’ve yet to find a garment that is enhanced by breast pockets.

  10. I have to agree with Diane (above) that the blouse looks much better in slide show than it does on the mannequin. It is quite striking with the gold pants, too, and something I would consider wearing.

    I don’t care for the coat — the print does not appeal to me and the shape would not flatter me at all.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I really do miss mannequins that included accessories. It helps to give me styling ideas!

  11. These are both no’s for me. The top is way too busy with the mixed prints & the ruffles, & the coat is too much like a blanket for my taste, although the colors in the coat are nice.
    You little cups make cute candle holders, & the price was certainly right. I like having little touches of fall scattered about. I do the same thing with Christmas items.

  12. I do like that coat, and I would wear it. It’s a nice layering piece for fall and spring weather. I could see it working over a puffer vest or my lightweight quilted jacket. The colors suit me, and the look suits the terrain where I live.

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