Saturday, Spice and Shirts for Jackets!

Saturday, Spice and Shirts for Jackets

Happy Monday and Labor Day (the unofficial end of summer!) Today I am sharing about Saturday, Spice and Shirts for Jackets!

This past weekend was a fun one, so I thought I would share my Saturday outing.

Saturday, Spice and Shirts for Jackets

Mr. B and I stopped by our local Starbucks for our first Pumpkin Spice Latte of fall…it always tastes so good!

Saturday Spice and Shirts for Jackets

While doing a little shopping for fall decorations, I saw this framed graphic and after looking it over, I thought…yes…that would work for a good recipe…even if it has whipped cream on top!!

Then we were off to San Antonio’s famed district called the Historic Pearl to join our youngest son and his lovely girlfriend for lunch at Down on Grayson.

Saturday Spice and Shirts for Jackets

This first picture my son took gave me quite a fancy headdress!  Maybe I should be in one of our Fiesta parades next year…(hoping they return next year!)

During warmer weather, since I rarely go sleeveless, I will often use a shirt for a jacket.

Today, I am wearing the Michael Kors Leopard Print Top which does come in Misses and Petites…it makes a great jacket and has sleeves which will roll down in cooler weather.

Also, it comes in a green cheetah print….The Mega Cheetah Print Zip Shirt...some of you were looking for different colors in animal prints. 

I liked this outfit with my Patricia Nash Yellow Leather Necklace…I think it is sold out at Dillard’s but they do have the orange one…Patricia Nash The Jocelyne Leather Pendant Necklace and it is a beauty!

Saturday Spice and Shirts for Jackets

We took pictures outside but it was actually worse there because of restaurant fans blowing shooting water droplets to cool everyone off.  (We are experiencing our hottest weather right now.)

This shirt worked great for me…I was comfortable and felt confident even in the heat.

Saturday Spice and Shirts for Jackets

Plus I had a super delicious veggie sandwich…half at lunch, and half at dinner later…it was sooo good.

Now, back to clothes…

Some of you wanted to see more animal print options that are not in the traditional browns and tans….so here we go…..


Does anyone else wear a shirt for a jacket sometimes?  Thank you so much for being here and make sure that you always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. HI Pam,
    I just love your outfit on today’s blog. You look so confident and put together. It really suits you well. I just love a great animal print!!

  2. What a great post to start the week. Love everything about what you are wearing with the colours, the silhouette (especially the softer jacket) , and distinctive accessories which lift the whole outfit. No wonder you feel confident. And best of all, we can see your obvious joy at catching up with loved ones. Thank you.

  3. You look great Pamela!
    I love the way you accessorize. You have such good taste.
    I sometimes wear a shirt for a jacket. I have a black shirt with sleeves that can be rolled up with a tab and I wore it recently to a barbecue over a sleeveless long sundress. It gave me a bit of cover but was lightweight on a warm day. I felt comfortable in it rather than going sleeveless.

  4. I saw several items in the slideshow that are better colors for my winter colors so I especially appreciate your efforts to pull together animal prints other than browns and creams. In answer to your question, I probably wear more shirts open as a jackets than buttoned or closed as a shirt. I prefer to wear a third item, especially if I’m wearing a tee shirt or sleeveless top so I usually wear an unbuttoned shirt as a lightweight jacket.

  5. I almost always wear my shirts as a jacket over a tank or tee. I can never get my temperature right and this allows for covering or uncovering. Plus, having a tummy, but a smaller bust, they fit better open and camouflage a bit where I need that. I usually prefer my animal prints in natural tones, but I’m well supplied there, and I like your top in the green. Wondering if you think it’s too cool a green for a blue autumn?

  6. Look very chic Pamela! Do love the more tapered bottoms on you and not to offend but feel the softer bangs suit you more than the way you wore them before as do not compete with your beautiful eyes or smile. As to wearing shirts for jackets; as we had a warmer summer than normal and due to a battle of the thermostat with the air conditioner between my warm-blooded husband and myself, I found myself often wearing such as an overlay just around the house. ☺ -Brenda-
    Footnote: Fantastic animal print options given in your slide show, so thank you.

    1. Thanks Elaine…I knew there is a trendy name for it but wasn’t sure how many in the audience would be familiar with it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. A very nice outfit for what sounds like a fun Saturday outing. A shirt is the perfect topper for those warm summer days. Thanks for sharing some non traditional colors for animal prints for those of us who are in the cooler palettes.

  8. Thank you for that question! I thought I was the only one wearing a shirt as a jacket. I wear an open oversized linen button-down shirt over a tunic and leggings. It gives a pop of color and extra coverage going down my leg. I’m not one to wear a tunic that just covers the essential lady-parts—I have long legs and like coverage to my mid-thigh. It also makes me feel artsy and creative—like an art teacher in a classroom! I was almost ready to donate them because I don’t see many people wearing that combo these days and thought it might be out-of-date. I’ll keep them a little longer. Glad to know you ladies are still out there 🙂

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