For those who love pink….

For those who love pink

Hello everyone…today is a special post just for those who love pink!

For those who love pink

Here is an old photo of me wearing pink…before I knew it was the wrong color for me…especially with black!

But, I promised to do posts for those of you in other color palettes and when I saw that pink is a big color for fall and winter this year…I just had to let you know.

There are several different shades of pink at various retailers and more will probably show up soon.

For those who love pink

The beautiful pink bags are new from Patricia Nash.

Rose Tooling Collection Micaela Floral Leather Shoulder Bag

Hand Cut Tooled Collection Charonne Floral Satchel Bag

Cut Out Tooling Collection Zancona Tote Bag

Now, for the clothing….

For those who love pink

Lots of brands are featuring the color going into fall and it promises to bloom even more….

and shoes….

THIS JUST IN…Lots of new pink at JJILL!

Though it is no longer in my warm palette…I do love the vibrant shades and hope that those of you who wear pink are excited too.

Feel free to let me know if there is a color or print you are interested in right now…and I will let you know if I see it.  Hope those of you who love pink had fun!


By Pamela Lutrell

By the way….that was the pink cardigan that I dyed with Dylon Rosewood Red, and turned it to this….(Perfect for an autumn girl!)

Chico's Jeggings: Perfect for Fall


  1. I am definitely a wearer of pink as long as it is vibrant and rich. Blush pink completely washes me out. I have pink in my wardrobe and am always adding more. Talbot’s has some beautiful things that are on my list. I think pink is a perfect antidote to our very long, gray winters. The purses shown are quite spectacular!!

  2. I have several items in the haute pink of Chico’s and the fuchsia of Talbots so you are definitely in my “wheelhouse” today. With a winter palette and my gray hair, brighter pinks are better although pale pinks will work. Thank you again for thinking about those of us who are not autumns. Funny that for years I wore so many autumn colors…yellows, rusts, olive greens that you now embrace …until having my colors analyzed to realize they were exactly the wrong colors for me, and I should be wearing those winter colors you now avoid.

    1. I wanted to do something to inspire those in different palettes and when I saw pink everywhere…I just had to share!

  3. Yes, thank you for the pink. Strange that pink for fall and rust for spring summer. Guess they are trying to mix it up. Just goes to show, when your colours are “in” it is best to grab what you need. That shows quite a difference in you best colours and glad you found out about the dye to change them up. I have phlox in that colour as well, and love them.

    1. I am really trying to heed the warning to get my best colors when I see them, because they might disappear for awhile! It’s good advice.

  4. Thanks for showing all the pink! Especially for those of us who can’t wear any autumn colors. In autumn, I move my winter/summer ( I’m in between the two) colors to burgundies and grays, holding onto the navy blues from summertime. Pinks with all the grays are wonderful!

  5. Pam—Altho’ the pink sweater may not have been in your palette, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way it looks on you. It gives you a softer look, for sure, but it’s not a negative vibe at all. I guess I’m in the camp “if you like it, wear it and be comfortable.” We will always have some things that are more flattering than others and yes, we should strive to look our very best, but it’s not “wrong.” And as far as black goes, some occasions call for black and if we put it on thinking ‘I will look awful in this, it’s not my color. I wish I was wearing something else.’ then we will, indeed, not look our best because we’ve used our inner voice to dictate how our experience will be in a negative way. You look joyful in the pink sweater……..your inner voice was letting you radiate because you felt happy.

    1. Thanks for the kudos, Carol. But I want to look my very best every day and that is wearing the autumn colors. Once I saw the difference on my complexion I knew there was no going back. Life is too short to not wear my very best! I really forced myself to wear pink…and I am not going to do that ever again! It has been liberating. I am happy to posts for cool color ladies who also want to look their best!

  6. I have a pink cardigan in my closet that veers slightly peach. I like it and it works ok, especially when paired with a deep, dull terracotta tank I somehow had lurking in my supposed “winter coloring” closet. I think there’s a pink out there for everybody, though my cooler toned sisters have many more choices. It’s kind of amazing how well pink goes with many other colors.

    1. You may be right, Linda. Now, I look more at the corals than the pinks. But I do agree that pink compliments many colors.

  7. I’m still floundering between Spring and Summer, as I’m not sold on which color season I am. But since pink usually gets be compliments (as does deep navy blue) I will wear pink! Thanks for inspiring me each and every day!

  8. I love a little pink now and then, in lingerie and sleepwear mostly but I have a few pieces hanging in the closet too. They look best when I am at my palest in the middle of winter. For times when I just need a small dash of pink, I have a gorgeous purse and a tweedy pink/peach/cream scarf.

  9. That dyed cardigan on you Pam is so beautiful and such a fabulous color !! Love it. Have a beautiful week and thank you for the sunshine 🙂

  10. Loved all of the pink, thank you. Didn’t you say that you loved purple? Is that a color you can wear as an autumn? Please find some purple clothes for those of us who are winter/summer.

    1. Thanks for showing us pink colors today! I have a lot of pinks and purples in my wardrobe. You can really tell you have lost weight! You look awesome.

  11. I definitely like pink. A medium to bright pink looks best on me. It gives a glow to my face. Thanks for including all of us pink gals today.

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