Something Old and Something New

Something Old and Something New

Happy Fri-YAY!  Today, I want to discuss something old and something new!

No, this is not a wedding post, but I had so many things to show you today that the topic seemed to cover all.

Wednesday, I showed you our new upstairs balcony…today our old little patio off the bedroom.  Needs a fresh touch!


Something Old and Something New

Today’s outfit was styled from old pieces in my wardrobe….but I have never worn these colors together.

Previously, I wore a brown tank or white top under the saffron yellow cardigan…but I am much bolder these days with color combos.

The Johnny Was Markel Scarf inspired this look (this was the scarf I purchased with a $50 off coupon for my birthday)…which I wore over my Talbot’s Sculpt Pull-On Jeggings in Empire Wash, and my Clarks Sara Clover Ballet Flats in Light Brown.

The shoes would be something new from DSW and I am really liking them.  I have always had good comfort and style with footwear by Clarks.

The purple top has been in my wardrobe for awhile, but again this is the first time for me to combine it with the yellow. 


Something Old and Something New

I am still a huge fan of Chamonix Skincare and use their products daily, but was recently sent these three products for the creators of THE ROUTE skincare line and they are something new.

I am impressed with what they sent.  You can read about this FEMALE OWNED BUSINESS here.

Something Old and Something new

I have tested and like these three products:

The Golden Rule – Next Generation Retinoid. (I am using this one at night and it does deliver the results I would want from quality retinol)

The Girlfriend – Skin-Loving Glow Primer. ( I like it under my makeup…very good primer)

The Triple Cleanse – Hyaluronic Transforming Cleanser (an excellent thick, smooth cleanser which removes makeup well and includes “Targeted High Potency Actives: Quartet of Hyaluronic Acids, Award-Winning Passion Fruit Seed Oil, Skin Identical Ceramides, Soothing Shea Butter”

You can currently find these products at Ulta, where the links go and I do highly recommend them based on my using these three for a month.


Something Old and something new

The new fall catalog from James Avery Craftsman is out now! 

I am so pleased to be a James Avery Craftsman brand ambassador.  I have worn and gifted this brand for over 30 years.

Something New and something new

This delicate little Valiant Heart Lariat Necklace which can be monogrammed is lovely. 

Remember to order your Christmas gifts early this year to avoid shipping issues which any and all brands.  James Avery Craftsman always is a high quality, loved jewelry line to use for your gifts…male and female!

Check out the new catalog!


Something Old and Something New

And your favorite colors are on sale now with many new sales in progress through September 19 & 20.

CHICO’S ONE DAY ONLY – Pima Pocket Tunics and Girlfriend Jeans on sale today!

Banana Republic – Friends and Family Event, 40% off purchase with extra 10% off with code BRFAMILY

Loft – 40% off purchase of $125 with code MORE

Ann Taylor – 40% off your total with code ANNVIP

GAP – 20% off your purchase with the code YOURS

LANDS END – Save up to 60% off through September 22 with the code FAMILY

Thanks for joining me today for a look at something old and something new…I hope you found value here for you!  Please join Jennifer and I tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT...and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post to review and the words are my own.


  1. You look gorgeous and true to yourself in that outfit – great colours and scrumptious scarf tying it all together. Congrats.

  2. Great combination of colors! That’s such a good tip to use a scarf to decide which colors to use together. Johnny Was is great at combining different colors in this way with their creative designs and prints. The purple and amber are really so pretty together, and I can see the inspiration in your scarf. I’ll be checking further into the cleanser and retinol. It’s nice to be able to pick things up in a brick and mortar store instead of always ordering online.

    1. I do not why I ever set my scarves aside…I am so glad to have them back my wardrobe choices. It really does help with combining different colors. Thanks Karen!

  3. Your purple top is my very favorite purple color, but I only have one top in that particular color though always on the lookout for more. Your yellow cardigan looks so pretty with the purple, and your new scarf is such a lovely topping to the outfit. I need to investigate new color combinations too among my wardrobe, and not fall back on wearing the same things together. I’m looking forward to wearing my scarves again as I have so many but rarely wear during the summertime. I think that color combinations in scarves are an easy way to realize colors that compliment each other. Hope you have a restful weekend.

  4. You look stunning in that combination. I do love those colours together and the scarf ties it all together. Brava to you for taking that gorgeous step. The close up of your skin shows that the products you are using muct be doing something right, it looks so soft. Thanks for the new recomendations. Happy Friday, and see you on the screen tomorrow.

  5. You look fabulous! I coordinate most of my outfits based on colors in scarves. It is so much fun to explore combinations beyond what I would create without scarves to give me color cues.

  6. I have a saffron cardigan now from Almafi and have gone nuts trying different colors under it. So fun! My favorite combos so far have been an olive/rust/ivory striped tee and a peacock blue turtleneck. Both with chunky amber beads. You are soooo right … if I’d bought this cardigan in my Winter iteration, I would have worn it with black and gold for a bumblebee look (still would be ok, maybe, on a blue autumn, and always so beautiful), but more timidly with white. I so love you in purple and I would also enjoy seeing that top on you with pumpkin, olive, or rust.

  7. Hi Pam! I too am one who must begin venturing out and trying new color combinations and nit just navy and red or pink and charcoal grey. I’m easy to get stuck in these few color combinations- too predictable! I applaud you —and you look great in your pretty marigold and royal purple! Happy weekend!

  8. Thank you for the information on The Route skincare! I am trying the daytime lotion, and like it very much. I am a winter Texan, with a home in San Antonio, and think this light lotion will be great for a warmer climate.

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