Would You Wear It – Eileen Fisher for Fall

Would You Wear This - Eileen Fisher for Fall

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Eileen Fisher for Fall!

On Saturdays, I team up with my blogging friend, Jennifer, to bring you two displays for your consideration….all of the comments are well read on these posts.

Would You Wear It - Eileen Fisher for Fall

We ask that you consider the outfit (s) in our displays and tell us with constructive thought if you would or would not wear the styles.

Of course, you may offer some styling assistance if you like, but do explain thoroughly why the clothes do or do not work so other women can consider what you see.

Would You Wear it - Eileen Fisher for Fall

Recently, I discovered this Eileen Fisher for fall display at Dillard’s.  

Since many of us wear more relaxed styles these days, I thought it would be good for discussion.

Also, please look carefully at the new color by Eileen Fisher for Fall called Espresso…some say it is brown, some say it is black, and some say it is gray. 

Would You Wear It - Eileen Fisher for Fall

So, please look my display over and tell us, ladies………………………………………….


Eileen Fisher for fall includes many new pieces…..


Would You Wear It - Eileen Fisher for Fall

Fun Footwear!  Here is a slideshow of the fun shoes I saw there……

Now, let us know Would You Wear It for today’s display and then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s.  Thanks for being here and have a wonderful fall Saturday!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Yes! Yes, I would definitely wear Eileen Fisher! While I prefer more tailored looks, there is definitely a place for EF in my wardrobe. I love the sweaters especially, but appreciate the relaxed features of her styles. The sweater and pants look in front I’d wear constantly! Love everything about that. Turtlenecks are a staple in my fall and winter wardrobe. I like it all, so this display gets a big YES from me!!

  2. I love Eileen Fisher pants—most comfortable ever!! I also enjoy my black tank dress; it is 3 years old and I frequently wear it.

  3. Very few of the colors are appealing to me. Too much fabric . I seem to be shrinking as time passes and I am not comfortable covered in lots of fabric. So think i would pass on most of these.

    1. Love Eileen Fisher- her pieces are simple and classy, a lovely minimalist look.
      In particular I’d wear the light (white?) outfit just as it is…and I adore the deeper dark brown look too. I wouldn’t change a thing! Have a great weekend!

    2. I like the concept of EF, but I only own one piece, a felted jacket in a lovely maroon color that I bought in a consignment shop. I wear it a lot. Of these pieces, I would choose the outfit on the left. It appears more tailored and I like the color.

  4. Love, love, love EF – my wardrobe has lots of her clothes, some I have had for many years, which helps to justify the price point. Lately, I have found that some turtlenecks just seem to be too much, but the scrunch neck is so comfortable and flattering. Love the soft green color, I think it would be flattering for many “seasons”. Can’t tell if the second picture is a scarf, wrap or ruana, but great idea to give an outfit polish and a little extra warmth.
    Not sure about the espresso color, since I am not a “brown” person – I would have to see it in person (one of the problems of shopping online).
    EF is all about layering and mixing, generally there are no wrong combinations so the clothes are versatile. i will take all of the displays!

  5. I always have to do major alterations on EF pants, so rarely purchase them. And then only seriously discounted. ( the rise is way too high, and hips way too big, even in the smallest petite size. And then the waist, if not stretchy, is too small. ) I like the idea of these elegantly relaxed outfits, but the tops are too long and loose on my under 5’ body. I look better in a shorter top, either tucked in or to the very top of my hips. The long tops just make my super short legs look even stumpier!
    One thought on the dark coffee color- it’s a way those of us with winter skin tones can wear browns. So bravo for that!

  6. I like Eileen Fisher clothing, I like neutral, I like clothes that layer and can be styled with other pieces and will go from casual to work to moderately dressy. But these outfits seem bland, nothing to catch the eye and most of the pieces seem to have a lot of volume, a lot of fabric (her styles seem to run large in general so perhaps the mannequin needs to size down?)) I like the relaxed neck in the green (nice color!) turtleneck but I’m not sure how flattering these pieces would be to my frame

  7. It’s not that I dislike Eileen Fisher clothing as know on the most part it is quality but for my figure type I just find there is too much fabric. In other words, it feels as though the clothing is wearing me rather than me wearing them ….. ☺. With that said though I seldom wear tunic length tops unless they are sweaters; however re the green top which I’ll describe as ‘swing’ in cut, I did purchase two very similar (cut and length) for summer wear (another brand) and found them very comfortable. -Brenda-

  8. The espresso color in the slideshow looks like a deep chocolate (which I think is beautiful), but in the store pics looks like a muddy brown stone color, deprived of all its richness. I would have to see it in person. I don’t wear shawls (too much fussing with my clothes all day), but think that ombré effect in the deep, earthy neutrals is stunning, and in fact, truly special. The green turtleneck I would try on, to see if the neckline is crushed enough and far enough from my skin to be flattering on my slightly shorter neck (I look strangled in a fitted turtleneck). The sweater is a classic and right up my alley, especially in this textured, rather sporty weave. I wouldn’t wear it as shown, because as a blue autumn, I would need to pair it with deep, rich colors so as not to have the outfit wash me out.

  9. Like others, I like EF but often find her clothes too big on me. I would have to try each of these pieces on to check the fit. I really like the green tunic sweater – I am long waisted and longer sweaters mean I’m not constantly pulling my top down. Not sure about the neckline as I’ve developed an aversion to anything that is too tight around my neck.

  10. The pants look nice, & I would likely wear them, but I’m not crazy about the tops. High turtlenecks on my short neck do not look good, & I am not a fan of the oversized look even though it seems to be a trend right now. The colors are interesting, but I prefer more structure even in my casual wear.

  11. I don’t own any EF pieces, but I do like the simplicity of the styling here. I particularly like the ivory sweater over the ivory turtleneck over the ivory pants. I’d probably opt for a different color (camel or ivory) but this look is quite appealing to me.

    The other mannequins don’t feature anything I’d wear — the tops seem a bit too flowy and big for my short frame.

  12. Some nice basics, but the display is pretty dull and lifeless to me so I’d probably pass on by. A beautiful scarf or statement jewelry piece would add a lot. I do like the straight leg of the Espresso pants, and I love some of the sneakers that you feature in the slide show. Have a great weekend! I’m decorating for autumn – yay!

  13. Yes, I would wear 2 out of 3 of the outfits. I like the lighter colored one and the one with the green top. The other one that looks like the top is a cape would be too overwhelming for my body. The other 2 tops are long, so I would wear petite in the tops so they wouldn’t overwhelm.. All look comfortable though. I do like tops that hide the tummy!

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